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Rise to the Dragon’s Weekly Fun Rewards!

Answer the Dragon’s 3 Trivia.Unlocked $20 Voucher (from 88WIN Shop)Must deposit at least a minimum of $300 to participate in each trivia
Enter the Dragon’s Playhouse!Claim 3,888 Riches Points!Must have at least 8 deposit transactions this month (current month)
Chasing Dragon’s Luck, Deposit.Get up to $208 Rewards (3x) turnoverAccumulate Deposit
Deposit a total of $888 and get $28
Deposit a total of $8,888 and get $88
Deposit a total of $88,888 and get $208
Dare to Dragon, Triple the HuatGet up to $88 (3x) turnover + $10 Grab + $10 ShengSiongAccumulate Turnover
Deposit $888 get $8 + $10 Grab Voucher + $10 ShengSiong
Deposit $8,888 get $58 + $10 Grab Voucher + $10 ShengSiong
Deposit $88,888 get $88 + $10 Grab Voucher + $10 ShengSiong


  1. All members of SG88WIN are eligible for this promotion. Not yet a member? SIGN UP NOW!
  2. Members must have the requirements for each weekly challenge to participate.
  3. Members can participate in all different trivia, and Dragon Playhouse challenges as long as the requirements are met (1) requirement per challenge.
  4. Credits and VIP Points will be issued right away if the challenges are already completed.
  5. Vouchers are usually processed during weekdays only, with no time frame.
  6. Members must reach out to the VIP Manager or Customer Support to participate in each weekly challenge.
  7. All credit rewards have a turnover requirement before a withdrawal can be processed.
  8. Our customer service is open 24/7 to answer any clarification in this promotion.


  1. Only one account per player is allowed. No IP address, Bank Account, and Contact Number are allowed. Players with multiple or fraudulent accounts will not qualify for this promotion.
  2. SG88WIN reserves the right to revoke all bonuses given to any member if they are found abusing this promotion.
  3. SG88WIN reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time.
  4. General SG88WIN Terms and Conditions apply.

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