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Basketball Betting

Like many other countries, Singapore possesses a thriving gambling sector that focuses primarily on basketball. In fact, basketball ranks among the two most popular sports in Singapore, alongside football, and Singaporeans tend to favor online betting.

Actually, this strong fascination of Singaporeans for basketball is very evident through the achievements of the Singaporean basketball team in the SEA Games and ASEAN Basketball Championship.

Given its widespread appeal, it comes as no surprise that basketball betting has been a staple offering of the SG88WIN Online Betting Singapore platform. SG88WIN not only offers betting options for the NBA but also extends the coverage of basketball betting in Singapore to cover various international tournaments.

A Brief History Of Basketball

The rich history of basketball started back in 1891 when James Naismith introduced a team sport that aimed to minimize the risk of injuries compared to football. Naismith recognized the limitations of playing outdoor sports during the winter months and sought to create a team sport that could provide an authentic and energetic experience while being played indoors.

This has led to the establishment of the National Basketball Association (NBA). And since then, the sport has gained massive popularity, spreading rapidly throughout America and even beyond its borders. The growth and impact of basketball have been significant, making it a number and cherished sport as well as in the online betting industry.

Popular Basketball League To Bet On At SG88WIN


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is certainly one of the most significant organizations for this game, not only in America but also it was spread all over globe specially Singapore. Actually, even individuals who are not fans of the sports know about the NBA League. The playoffs feature 16 teams split between the Eastern and Western conferences. And when the 2019-20 season was revived, the play-in rounds were added to the format. 

Additionally, the finals for the NBA will feature the best of seven series between the winners of the regular seasons, which is the most sought-after game of the season. It was also during this time, when many punters, especially in Singapore, were betting on the spreads, moneylines, outright winners, totals, and props bets like who will be the MVP of the season. And with SG88WIN, you can take your NBA Betting Singapore.

FIBA Basketball World Cup

This prominent international basketball competition is the counterpart of the prestigious FIFA World Cup. Several nations strive to earn the privilege of hosting this tournament. Despite its quadrennial occurrence, the FIBA Basketball tournament never fails to captivate the passion and interest of basketball enthusiasts and bettors alike.


The European country has a basketball league that closely resembles the Champions League in football. In this annual competition, basketball teams from different European nations compete to establish themselves as the strongest contenders in European basketball.

ASEAN Basketball League

The ASEAN Basketball League (ABL), also referred to as the Asian equivalent of the NBA, is a highly anticipated basketball league in Asia. It features a total of 8 teams, including 6 clubs from Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Additionally, the league includes representatives from Hong Kong and Macau.

Pro-Am SBL

The Pro-Am SBL, or Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League, is a popular basketball league in Singapore that showcases the talents of both professional and amateur players. Established in 2014, The Pro-Am SBL consists of twelve clubs from all over Singapore. Aside from offering basketball fans a thrilling and competitive platform to showcase their skills, it is also a great opportunity for basketball betting in Singapore.


The National Basketball League (NBL) is a professional basketball league that features teams from Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region. With a total of ten teams, the league boasts nine teams from Australia and one team from New Zealand. This basketball tournament also serves as a platform for Singaporean punters to place bets on talented players and teams in online betting in Singapore.

SG88WIN – The Best Betting Site For Basketball Betting In Singapore

Basketball tournaments are an exciting activity for many Singaporeans and SG88WIN Sportsbook is a great platform to place bets on various basketball leagues around the world. nd SG88WIN Sportsbook is an ideal platform to place bets on various basketball leagues across the globe. By creating an account at SG88WIN, you gain access to a numerous betting opportunity, not limited to NBA betting in Singapore, but also extend to various sports, including, horse racing, tennis, football, and more.

FAQs For Basketball Betting:

Can I Legally Participate In Basketball Betting In Singapore?

Sports betting has long been legal in Lion City for some time, and basketball is one of the major sports that has a strong following in the country, too. In fact, the Singaporean national basketball team frequently achieves notable success in regional competitions.

What Is The Best Bet To Place In NBA Basketball Betting?

To make the most of your NBA bets, it is always best to keep your bets simple. You can also combine these simple NBA bets with an accumulator bet. More specifically, you can focus on a small number of teams and possibly invest in ACCA insurance to safeguard your bets.

In Basketball Betting, What Exactly Does +1.5 Mean?

For newbies in NBA basketball betting, you might be wondering what does “+1.5” means. When you see this, the bookmaker thinks that these two teams are not evenly matched. And to give the underdog some advantage, the bookies give them a +1.5 handicap.

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