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Sexy Baccarat Gaming

Sexy Gaming truly steps up the game and stands out from its competitors as a unique and interesting provider in Asia — particularly within Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This top game provider specializes in providing captivating live casino games that are hosted by attractive and skilled live dealers dressed in alluring bikinis and seductive nightdresses. With their cosplay and flirtatious approach to presenting the games, Sexy Gaming dealers can provide a distinctive and thrilling experience that captivates players. Aside from leaving a lasting impression, Sexy dealers also keep players eager for more.

Who is Sexy Gaming?

Founded in 2016, Sexy Gaming (AE Sexy for short) has swiftly established itself as one of the leading game providers in Asia — thanks to its creative approach to presenting its games. Wherein, they stream lived 24/7 from several studios around the region. The company has its largest customer base in Thailand, as it was originally founded there. Since then, their influence has spread to Malaysia, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. Currently, AE Sexy is also extending its fan base to Hong Kong, New York, and other parts of the US and European region.

Sexy Gaming Products

Unlike other online casino game developers, AE Sexy doesn’t offer slot games and they may not have as extensive a collection of live dealer games. Despite that, Sexy Gaming makes sure that you’ll have a fantastic experience while playing their online gambling games.

High Rollers, 288% First Deposit Bonus

Live Sexy Baccarat Gaming

With Sexy Baccarat games, you can indulge yourself in the perfect blend of excitement and elegance as this game can elevate the classic card game to a whole new level. Enjoy a sense of tension, suspense, and anticipation as you watch the sexy baccarat dealers reveal their cards. Explore AE Sexy’s three types of live baccarat rooms – stewardess room, uniform room, and SM room.

Live Dragon Tiger

With Sexy Gaming’s Live Dragon Tiger, you can enjoy a thrilling game of chance but with an interesting twist. The unique and special feature of this game is their sexy dealer that has vibrant personalities and sometimes in cosplay, making the game more special. Like the usual Dragon Tiger game, there are two sides here where you need to place bets – The Dragon Side and the Tiger Side. Alternatively, you can also opt for a tie bet. If the outcome matches your choices, then you win the game. 

Live Sic Bo

If you fancy playing dice games, then Live Sic Bo by AE Sexy is the one for you. The game adds a touch of seductiveness and entertainment to the classic features of the game, giving it a unique twist. Live Sic Bo is easy to understand and is very convenient to play. All you have to do is place your chips on the number you think will come out on the dice roll. 

Live Roulette

AE Sexy’s Live Roulette games offer you a delightful blend of classic casino ambiance with a mix of exceptionally entertaining presentations for sexy dealers. Sexy Gaming employs sexy dealers who are prepared to host games while wearing bikinis and dancing to lively music that accompanies the spinning of the roulette wheel. And because of the captivating and immersive experience that AE Sexy’s Live Roulette offers, players are drawn to return and keep playing the game. 

Why Pick Sexy Gaming?

There are many reasons why you should choose Sexy Gaming for your web casino gaming adventure. From its undeniably attractive, entertaining, sexy, and highly-trained dealers up to the top-notch technology and superb sound recording that Sexy Gaming uses. Not only that but all of AE Sexy’s online casino games are optimized for mobile gaming. 


Overall, Sexy Baccarat Gaming is highly impressive and easy to understand, making it suitable for complete beginners. Furthermore, AE Sexy never fails to deliver a unique and never-before-seen way of producing and presenting live casino content. So, if you’re looking for something unique and entertaining online casino games, you may want to take a look at Sexy Gaming’s offering. Join SG88WIN and explore the world of enticing and sexy live casinos in Singapore today!

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