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WM Gaming

On the hunt for an amazing online casino gaming experience in Singapore? Why not explore the online casino games developed by WM Casino? WM Casino takes great pride in being a highly-respected casino provider in Singapore. Their live casino services are, in fact, one of the best at SG88WIN. As a top-notch software development and gaming company, WM Casino offers a wide range of thrilling games that are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

Who is WM Casino?

Established in 2003, WM Casino (World Match Casino) is a respected software development company based in Malta that specializes in creating software applications, including a wide range of online casino games. Their services are available to players in various countries, such as Canada, Australia, Austria, France, and Cyprus. Additionally, the company is expanding its presence in the Asian online gaming market, including online casinos in Singapore.

WM Casino Products

WM Casino is emerging as one of the leading providers in the online casino Singapore market and stands out from the crowd with its emphasis on developing high-quality web casino games. By harnessing advanced technology, this top live casino provider was able to deliver an immersive gaming experience complete with stunning high-definition visuals and captivating audio. 

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Live Baccarat

When it comes to live baccarat games, WM Casino providers always come on top, which offers an impressive RTP of 98.10%. In this game, the live dealer plays a crucial role in distributing cards to both the Player and the Banker. 

Just like the RNG version of the game, the cards with values from 2 to 9 are valued at their face value, while aces hold a value of one point. Additionally, the banker has a 1:0.95 chance of winning the bet, and when there is no commission involved, the payout for the Banker is one-to-one.

Live Roulette

WM Provider’s Live Roulette is a highly popular table game at SG88WIN. This live online casino game offers generous payouts that make it even more attractive to many Singaporean players.

A winning wager for street bets has a payout ratio of 1:11, while winning straight bets offer a higher payout at 1:35. On the other hand, split bets that turn out to be winners may pay out at a ratio of 1:17, and winning Odd/Even, High/Low, and Red/Black bets each have a payout ratio of 1:10. Based on available data, the Live Roulette game at WM Casino currently has an RTP of 97.98 percent.

Live Sic Bo

The Live Sic Bo of WM Casino also has its charm that attracts many Singaporeans to play this game. The truth is, this live dealer game allows online casino players to experience the excitement of an ancient Chinese dice game. What’s even great about it is that Sic Bo presents a variety of betting options, including Big/Small, Any Triple, One Dice, Two Dice, and more.

Beyond the dice cup holding three dice, this top WM Casino online gambling game incorporates various other elements. To play the game, the dice are shaken by a machine, while, the player must correctly predict the resulting number displayed by the dice. Bets are placed using chips on designated betting grids. 

Why Pick WM Casino?

Aside from providing you with the best quality gaming experience and top-notch customer service to Singaporean players, there are still hundreds of reasons why you should choose WM Casino at SG88WIN. Although their main focus is on live dealer games, they are also offering a wide range of online gambling games like lottery games, slot machines, sportsbooks, and more. 


WM Casino is truly one of the providers that gaining widespread recognition in the Asian region today. With its high-quality and immersive live dealer games and other online casino offerings, you’ll always have reason to choose them – excellent quality, impressive visuals, and rewarding payouts. With the strong partnership between SG88WIN and WM Casino, there will always be a reason to play their games. Sign up for an account with SG88WIN and experience for yourself why so many Singaporeans enjoy playing WM’s online casino games.

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