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Tennis Betting

Tennis is a lively and exciting sport that draws attention to both men and women, not just in Singapore, but all around the world. And with its strong emphasis on inclusivity, tennis keeps growing its strong following from fans and bettors alike.

Like many other sports, tennis also offers numerous competitions that attract fans to enjoy placing bets at tennis betting sites in Singapore like SG88WIN. Not only that, but SG88WIN players can also eagerly watch as the game unfolds via live stream. Additionally, you can engage in tennis betting on competitive tennis matches throughout the years.

Tennis Events Available For Betting At SG88WIN 


Wimbledon is one of the biggest and iconic competitions for tennis around the world. Every year, the event is held in the elegant neighborhood of Wimbledon, located in London, England. Wherein, top tennis players worldwide are coming to join and compete on the famous grass courts of Wimbledon.

Furthermore, Wimbledon is recognized as one of the four important Grand Slam tournaments, along with the Australian Open, French Open, and US Open. What makes Wimbledon unique from the other three tournaments is that it is played on grass courts, which gives the game a different feel.

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US Open

Part of the prestigious quartet of Grand Slam tournaments in professional tennis, the US Open happens annually in New York City. This competition happens yearly and is the last major event in the tennis calendar. The US Open has five key events, such as:

  • Men’s singles
  • Women’s singles
  • Men’s doubles
  • Women’s doubles
  • Mixed doubles

US Open matches take place on hard courts at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and usually last for two weeks from late August to early September. So, if you’re planning to participate in this tennis event at sports betting online in Singapore, take note of this tennis calendar.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is a prestigious annual tennis event held in Melbourne, Australia. The event started in January and kicks off the quartet of major tournaments each year and showcases a variety of events, including:

  • Men’s singles
  • Women’s singles
  • Doubles
  • Mixed doubles
  • Junior matches
  • Wheelchair matches

The Australian Open is also one of the much-awaited events to bet on at online sportsbook Singapore.

French Open

Also known as Roland-Garros, the French Open happens yearly and is held in Paris, France. Aside from being part of the Grand Slam tournament, it is also recognized as the major clay court championship worldwide. Usually, French Open takes place in late May or early June and lasts for two weeks. Vying for the prestigious title, tennis players across the globe are participating in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competitions.

How to Win A Bet On Tennis Betting Sites In Singapore?

Although tennis is not as popular as football, this sport also offers a range of betting opportunities that can be advantageous to Singaporean punters. Whether you’re into pre-match betting or live betting, you will surely enjoy both at SG88WIN Online Sportsbook in Singapore. To help you get started, here are some top tips on tennis betting:

Consider Using Matched Betting

Often considered the simplest type of tennis bet in matched betting, you’re selecting the outright winner of a single game. If you’re a complete beginner in tennis betting, this one’s for you as it is an easy option to start with.

Analyze The Players’ Behavior

When compared to team sports like basketball and football, you’ll be able to focus on studying the player or two players more deeply in tennis sports. Therefore, you can make predictions that may work in your favor when you’re able to study their records, behavior, and history more carefully.

Keeping Tabs On Your Wagers

Not only in tennis, but this strategy will be very useful to you when betting on various sports at sports betting online in Singapore. By keeping tabs on your tennis bet, you’ll be able to monitor your spending habits as well as extend your betting sessions, too. At the same time, you’ll be able to measure your progress over time.

Experience The Best Tennis Betting Action At SG88WIN

Despite not being as competitive as football and basketball, tennis was able to manage to maintain its popularity in sports betting online in Singapore. If you’re looking for a much more focused sport, tennis betting at SG88WIN is the one for you. Visit the best tennis betting sites in Singapore today!

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