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Dice Odds: What is the Bitcoin Dice Game Strategy?

Are you planning to play a Bitcoin dice game? Then, you should know what the dice-winning strategy is to beat the dice odds. Playing Bitcoin dice games is simple and fun. Even though it may look easy and simple, the betting casino strategy is layered with complexity. It is important that you know the pros and cons of each Bitcoin dice betting strategy.

Bitcoin Dice Game Strategy

Like any other traditional strategy in dice games, Bitcoin dice primarily focus on the selections a player can bet on. In addition, it focuses on how much a player wagers for each bet. In this article, we will discuss the Bitcoin dice-winning strategy. 

Dice odds: What is Bitcoin Dice Game?

What is a Bitcoin Dice Game?
What is a Bitcoin Dice Game?

Bitcoin casino games are widely available online. Moreover, Bitcoin dice is the most “pure” type of crypto gambling game. The game is very easy to learn because of its straightforward rules. However, Bitcoin dice casinos are difficult to master.

Bitcoin Dice Casino: How does it work?

As mentioned, learning how to play Bitcoin dice is very simple. Usually, all Bitcoin casino platforms offer Bitcoin dice with a 1% house edge. It means that 99% of the money will go to the winner. Moreover, the buy-ins for the Bitcoin dice games is very flexible. The truth is it ranges from a few mBTC to larger bets in full BTC. However, you have to carefully plan your betting strategy to increase your bankroll. 

BTC Dice Odds

The Bitcoin dice game is a game of chance. By using mathematics, you can generate the difficulty levels of every event. Then, assign a value to each event. The value of the BTC dice game is called the odds of that specific event occurring. 

Therefore, the dice odds will tell you how likely a number is to be drawn. So, if you chose it, the amount of your bet is multiplied by the dice odds to output winnings.

Expected Winnings = Amount of Bet Placed × Dice Odds

What is the Bitcoin dice odds?
What is the Bitcoin dice odds?

What are the betting options in the BTC dice game?

Although some Bitcoin casinos do not give you this option, instead they integrate it into the game. Chance refers to your chosen number. Therefore, your “chance” is either higher or lower than the rolled number as pre-empted before each draw.  

BTC dice betting options:

Roll HI – The number of the roll must be higher than your chosen number.

Roll Lo – The number of the roll must be lower than your chance.

How to play a Bitcoin dice game:

  1. First, the player will choose a number between 1 and 100. You are predicting that the roll will land above or below your chosen number.
  2. Next, place your bet amount on that number. 
  3. Then, press the roll button.

Playing dice games with Bitcoin sounds easy, doesn’t it? 

Well, it is easy and at the same isn’t easy at all. 

Although the rules are very simple and straightforward, the dice odds of winning change dramatically. Thus, it depends on where you place your bet. 

If the potential payout is higher, then, you have a lower chance of predicting the roll correctly. It means that the dice odds of winning are higher if you wager a position closer to 50. However, the winnings are very small. Con

The odds of victory are higher if you stake a position closer to the number 50, but the winnings are smaller. On the other hand, betting on a long odds position like 5 makes it harder to win. However, the payout is much higher.

So, how do you make a winning bet? That is where the best Bitcoin dice strategy comes into play.

Dice Odds: The 5 Winning Bitcoin Dice Strategies

The most common dice-winning strategy focuses on watching the previous rolls. Then, you need to identify its pattern. This strategy is more on probability prediction. For example, you notice that the last 10 rolls landed under 50. Then, most likely, you can expect that the following rollover 50 will happen soon. 

Likewise, if you see that your rolls land over 50, then under 50, then over again. Then, this pattern is more like an alternating pattern. Thus, you can expect that it will end soon. When the player notices this alternating pattern, they are predicting that it will end soon. Oftentimes, most players will then place a bet on the opposite of the last roll.

Notably, the outcome of Bitcoin dice is purely random, and past events do not influence the results. However, the patterns do not continue indefinitely. That is why playing the Bitcoin dice game and beating the dice odds is so much fun.  

Dice-winning Strategy: The Martingale

How does Martingale’s strategy works?
How does Martingale’s strategy works?

The Martingale Strategy originates in France during the 18th century. Here, you are progressively increasing the amount of your bet every time you lose. If you win, then, your winnings will cover the losses incurred from your previous losing streak. 

How does a Bitcoin dice Martingale strategy work?

If you lose a 10m? bet to roll under 50, then you will stake a 20m? bet to roll under 50. 

When you lose that bet, then you will again place a 40m? bet to roll under 50. 

This betting pattern will continue repeatedly until you correctly predict a roll. 

Dice Odds Betting Strategy: The Break-Even Martingale

This betting strategy is similar to the standard Martingale system. However, you are staggering the betting process. Thus, it is slowing down the rate of increasing your bet. 

How does a Break-Even Martingale dice strategy work?

Let’s say you lose a 10m? bet to roll under 50. Then, you are wager another 10m? bet to roll under 50. If you still lose your bet, then you will get another 10m? bet to roll under 50 again. In case you still lose your stake that is the time, you will increase the bet to 20m?. Then, continue betting using the Martingale betting system. 

In the break-even Martingale dice strategy, it helps you hold out against your losses for longer. 

The Bitcoin Dice Inverse Martingale Strategy

This betting strategy is the complete opposite of Martingale. Here, you are increasing your stake when you win and then do not if you lose. 

When using the inverse Martingale in Bitcoin dice, you can stake the 50% bet of the winnings from successful rolls. Even if you lose the 50% stake, it allows you to keep half of your winnings from the previous roll.

How do the Inverse Martingale Strategy works?
How do the Inverse Martingale Strategy works?

Bitcoin Dice Betting Strategy: The DAlembert

Do you want to beat the dice odds? Then, you can use this betting strategy to win the game. D’Alembert’s dice betting strategy is very straightforward. Here, you are only increasing the amount of your stake by 1x. You will only do this after each consecutive roll.  

Beat the Dice odds with the Paroli Strategy

Paroli is another progressive betting strategy that you can use in a Bitcoin dice game. It is designed to take advantage of your winning streaks. 

Double Dice Bitcoin: How does a Paroli dice strategy work?

Here, you determine your initial stake, then will double your bet after winning. After that, you will stop raising your bet after a 3 consecutive wins streak. When you lose, you are going to place only your initial stake. 

This dice-winning strategy helps you minimize your losses. At the same time, Paroli helps you capitalize on your winning streaks. 

Bitcoin dice: Things to consider when choosing a Bitcoin Casino

  1. The BTC casino should provably be fair. 
  2. It offers a small house edge. 
  3. The casino provides fast deposit options and instant withdrawals.
  4. What is the highest amount you can win from a single stake?

What is a Bitcoin with a faucet?

Bitcoin with a faucet is similar to free spins offered by online casinos. Instead of free spins, you will receive free small tokens of coins. You can use these tokens to try playing the Bitcoin dice game. It helps you to experience the thrill even if you do not have the BTC. In addition, BTC with a faucet helps you improve your betting strategy without spending your own Bitcoin.

Dice odds FAQs:

Bitcoin dice casino game is a very simple and straightforward game of chance. Here, you are placing a bet between 1 and 100. You are predicting whether the dice will roll over or under your chosen number. Thus, riskier bets come with higher winnings.


To win in a BTC dice game, you need to learn how to use a dice winning strategy. As this is a game of chance, it requires some sweet luck as well. The dice odds of winning are higher if you wager in a position closer to 50. However, the winnings are smaller compared to high-risk bets.

Martingale, Inverse Martingale, Break-even Martingale, D’Alembert, and Paroli Strategy. These are the most common but best betting strategy that you can use when playing BTC dice.

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