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Gamblers Good Luck Symbols and Charms around the World

Almost every gambler believes in good luck symbols or charms. These items are seen in practically every culture around the world since ancient times.

Good fortune symbols are still in use today, and they’ve evolved to keep up with the times. Of course, some are so well-known that there is no way you’ve never heard of them. This includes four-leaf clover, horseshoe, dream catcher, rabbit’s foot, and plenty of other Chinese good luck symbols.

Humanity has always had a strong connection to the mystical parts of reality. That is why good fortune symbols can be found in practically any ancient culture around the world.

Do you want some good luck symbols to accompany you on your gambling nights? If so, then stay with us and we’ll show you some of the world’s most popular lucky charms.

What are the most popular good luck symbols around the world?

As we said, there are far too many good luck items from many cultures and throughout history to list and discuss. That is why we compiled the top ten list based on their popularity within their culture and cross-culturally.

In addition, we also consider whether or not they are still in use today. There are some lucky charms that you may have seen before and perhaps owned. Also, there are others that you may have never heard of. Nonetheless, some gamblers tend to believe in these lucky items whether they are playing at land-based or online casinos in Singapore.

Four-Leaf Clover Lucky Charms

What are the best good luck symbols for gamblers?
What are the best good luck symbols for gamblers?

This Irish lucky symbol is one of the most well-known good luck charms of gamblers. They think these plants possess supernatural abilities that enable people to prevent misfortune. Moreover, the four-leaf clover is also the symbol for:

  • Faith
  • Love
  • Hope
  • Luck

Nowadays, these lucky charms have evolved into the most potent good luck charms that symbolize wealth.

However, there are so many varieties of clover that have four leaves. Thus, many people frequently confuse them with the magical lucky clover. You should know that there is only one type of clover that is thought to have magical properties.

It’s the white clover plant, commonly known as Trifolium Repens in Latin. These are extremely rare, and the chances of discovering one with four leaves are 1 in 10,000. Because the four leaves are a rare mutation in the plant’s genetics.

Have you found one with all four leaves of the same size? If so, then you’ve undoubtedly discovered one of the other varieties. The true four-leaf clovers, which are the well-known good luck symbols for gambling, have a fourth leaf that is smaller than the other three. Finding one would be a good idea to try your luck at one of the best live casinos in Singapore.

Horseshoe Good Fortune Symbols

This is the second good luck item that is well-known throughout the world. Since the beginning of horse domestication, people have devised various methods to protect their horses’ hooves. Moreover, this evolves into the horseshoe that we know today. They are said to be lucky since they are mostly made of iron, which is said to keep off evil spirits. Furthermore, iron was once a very valuable metal that is used instead of coins to pay taxes or buy items.

What are the money symbols around the world?
What are the money symbols around the world?

According to ancient history, a Blacksmith named Saint Dunstan was ordered by the devil to shoe his horse. However, he deceives the devil by placing a horseshoe on the devil’s foot rather than the horse. He refused to remove them until a commitment was made to never enter a house with a horseshoe on the door. This ensures Saint Dunstan his good fortune and this is the reason why people placed horseshoes on their front door.

On the other hand, many people believe that kissing the horseshoe is lucky. Whatever it is, they all portray the horseshoe as a good luck and wealth charm.

Good fortune symbols?

If you have a horseshoe at home, you might strike it rich while playing at the best casino sites in Singapore.

Rabbits Foot – The North American Good Luck Symbols

This lucky charm originates in North American folklore hoodoo magic. If you want to be lucky during your visit to the casino, you can wear the rabbit’s foot on a keychain or a belt.

Many people are using these good luck symbols as a talisman from all over the world, including:

  • Chinese
  • Africans
  • Europeans

To receive a magical lucky rabbit foot, most legends state that the animal must exhibit certain qualities. In addition, it should be slain in a specific manner or location. This lucky charm is also thought to be linked to the European “Hand of Glory”, which was removed from a hanged man and made into a sign of good fortune.

Fortunately, fake rabbit’s foot lucky charms are now available. Also, no animals are harmed in the process.

Rainbows: An Interesting Symbol of Good Luck

Over time, these magnificent natural processes of light refraction have served as symbols for a variety of things, including peace. The most common belief is that it brings good fortune and luck.

Legend has it that if you dig to the end of a rainbow, you will find a pot of gold and other amazing riches. An image of the legendary Leprechaun is also occasionally presented in these good luck symbols. This is why it is considered one of the most well-known good luck symbols for money around the world.

Lucky Coins: Chinese Good Luck Symbols

Do you know the old sayings that if you discover a coin on the ground, you should pick it up? This is because it will bring you good luck for the rest of the day. This charm for good luck is seen in many cultures, including the Chinese. Truth is, they offer I-Ching coins as gifts on New Year’s Eve as a Chinese symbol for luck. Chinese people believe that it brings good fortune to the recipient.

According to certain stories, if you want your coin to be lucky, you must find it face-up before taking it. To fend off trouble, some individuals even build complete decorations out of such good luck symbols.

Maneki Neko: Japanese Symbol For Luck

This is another Japanese good luck symbol that has grown popular all over the world. “Neko” means “cat” in Japanese, while “Maneki” means “beckoning.” The charm has a cat with a raised left paw or a raised right paw in two varieties.

According to popular belief, raising the cat’s left paw will attract more customers. As a result, these good luck charms for money helps in increasing your sales. This is also the reason why many Japanese stores have a display of these good luck symbols.

What is the lucky charm for gambling?
What is the lucky charm for gambling?

Furthermore, when the right paw is raised, it is thought to bring wealth and fortune to the home it resides in. The Maneki Neko is also available in a variety of colors, each of which represents something distinct.

  • White cat represents happiness.
  • Black cat represents protection
  • Green cat represents health
  • Calico’s cat is thought to bring extraordinary good luck.

By the way, you can buy a Maneki Neko and give it to a friend or family member. This will be a great Christmas gift for your friends who loves gambling.

Pig Charms: German Good Luck Symbols

Do you own or see a piggy bank?

Then you will be familiar with this one. Pigs are often associated with riches, good luck, and fertility in Germany. In addition, Germans called them “Glücksschwein”, which means “lucky pig.” This is also the reason why you often find these lucky symbols on greeting cards, sweets, and other items.

The lucky pig is also popular in Norway and Sweden. Both countries have their versions of these pig charms. People often put their cash in the belief that it will secure their wealth from harm. Moreover, the idea of piggy banks represents the second prevalent association to wealth.

Are you ready to embark on your virtual casino adventure with your “Glücksschwein”? If so, then grab this lucky charm and test its power at one of Singapore’s best online casino sites.

Jin Chan – Chinese Symbol For Luck

This is a well-known feng shui charm that is thought to bring good fortune and success. The Jin Chan, also known as the “Golden Toad,” is one of the most popular Chinese good luck symbols.

According to folklore, this frog comes on a full moon to provide good luck and fend off evil spirits. It’s characterized as a three-legged frog with a coin in its mouth, perched on top of a pile of coins. This is also the reason why you will often see this Chinese symbol for luck placed in many business establishments and stores.

According to legend, Daoist God Liu Hai wished to preserve a fox. Then, transform it into a beautiful woman to aid him in his quest to become a god. To do so, he had to persuade a frog to jump into a well and use its power, which he did. Now, many people thought that Jin Chan is the Daoist God himself.

Elephant – Indian Good Luck Symbols

The elephant is a powerful symbol in Indian and Thai culture. It symbolizes:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Luck
  • Fortune
  • Stability
  • Wisdom

So, it is no surprise that an elephant appears as a symbol in some of Singapores’ top online slots.

You can find this elephant lucky charms all around Asia especially in India and Thailand, wherein, they considered this animal holy and sacred.

If an elephant stands in front of your door, many people believed that good fortune will come your way. For good luck charms for money, these animals can be found at the entryway of many Asian businesses.

In general, good luck animals are a popular gambling superstition. Moreover, many Singaporean players believe in them. So if you want to put this lucky charm to a test, play at top online casinos in Singapore.

What are the most powerful good luck charms for gambling?
What are the most powerful good luck charms for gambling?

Scarab – Good Luck Charm in Egypt

Since 2345 B.C., Egyptians believe that the scarab beetle is a lucky charm. This beetle’s amulet symbolized new creation and eternal life. Also, it was associated with Khepri, the Egyptian God of the Rising Sun.

The origins of this good luck charm can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. The scarab was observed rolling dung over the ground. Also, Egyptians equated with the sun’s journey across the sky. The Egyptians associated the scarab’s ability to lay eggs in the bodies of deceased animals with the creation of life from dead stuff.

Cornicello – Italian Good Luck Symbols

Since ancient times, this Italian horn called “Cornicello” has been used to ward off the evil eye. Even today, this is still a popular good luck symbol in Italy. Nursing moms and pregnant women frequently wear it.

Many people believe that the evil eye can harm relationships and marriages. So to keep the couples happy, they use this Italian good luck symbol to ward off the evil eye.

Many different sources inspire the horn shape. Many believe that the shape of a chili pepper served as inspiration for several horns. However, historians disagree and cite that the African elkhorn is the source of inspiration for the Cornicello. In addition, this symbol of good has evolved. Moreover, it can now be found in a variety of shapes, some of which don’t even resemble a horn.

Good Luck Symbols FAQs:

There are many good luck symbols and charms that people believe to be lucky. Most of them are items, plants, animals, trinkets, and other objects that they thought to bring luck, good fortune, and other positive results. Check out our list of top ten lucky charms for gambling.

Many trinkets and lucky charms can be found in Japanese culture. Some of them may be traced back to ancient Japan. Many people believe that the Maneki Neko Cat is the most ubiquitous Japanese good luck sign. That is why it can be found in homes, workplaces, and even public places.

China is one of the places where many good luck symbols and charms are derived from its culture. There are several, but the lucky coins and the Jin Chan are two of the most popular.

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