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Most Beautiful and Hottest Football WAGS 2021

Every year, fresh faces join the ranks of the beautiful and hottest football WAGs. And it is no surprise that the majority of them are models and actresses. We’ll name some of the hottest football WAGs in 2021 in this list, along with a brief biography for each of them.

What are WAGs?

WAGs is a short term for wives and girlfriends of high-profile athletes. The British tabloid press was the first to coin the phrase WAGs. WAGs refer to the spouses and girlfriends of prominent football players of the England national team. The term Football WAGs gain popularity during the 2006 World Cup. Since then, it’s been used to describe the female partners of football stars. However, some people find this phrase sexist and unpleasant. Still, many young women today aspire to be football WAGs rather than princesses. If you want to try your luck in sports betting, you can visit the best Sportsbook in Singapore.

Most Beautiful and Hottest Football Player’s Wifes and Girlfriends

The Queen of all Football WAGs – Victoria Beckham

There is no other way than to start this list of football WAGs than Victoria Beckham. She is the wife of one of the world’s most famous and well-loved ex-football players. The fashion queen Victoria Beckham is the original WAG. She was born in Harlow, Essex. Then, become popular as a member of the all-female pop group Spice Girls. They dominated the pop charts in the late 1990s, selling over 85 million records. They also become the best-selling girl group of all time.

football wags
Who is the first football WAGs?

Victoria Beckham or Posh Spice has established herself as an internationally recognized fashion designer. She is also a style icon for the past years. In addition, she appeared in many reality shows, TV series, and official documentaries. Moreover, Victoria Beckham walks the runway at famous fashion shows including:

  • London Fashion Week
  • New York Fashion Week
  • Milano Fashion Week and others

Throughout her career, Posh Spice appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines including:

  • Vogue
  • W
  • Elle
  • I-D

Furthermore, she founded her fashion company in 2008. Victoria Beckham married David Beckham in 1999. They had four children together. After conquering Europe, this couple chooses to take their glamour overseas. Then, go to Los Angeles. Since then, this football WAG focuses more on her personal life and her children. While David Beckham became rather busy. He recognizing that football is gaining popularity in the United States. So, he decided to form Inter Miami CF, a brand-new football club.

As expected, starting a new football club from the ground up is complicated. Thus, it needs full dedication, knowledge, and millions of dollars in capital. But if there is one family who can afford it, it is the Beckhams.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Only True Love – Georgina Rodrigues

Cristiano Ronaldo has almost 210 million Instagram followers. He is one of the most followed individuals on the platform. CR7 is noted for several aspects outside of football, including his:

  • Exceptional athleticism
  • Intense hard-working attitude
  • Flawless body

He is without a doubt the most famous football icon today. That is why millions of women all around the world want to be around him. Thus, it would take a very exceptional lady to tie him and make him devote his life to her. And that lady is none other than Georgina Rodrigues, she is also one of the hottest football WAGs today. Needless to say, many girls are dreaming to be in her place.

Georgina Rodrigues – Hottest Football WAGs:

Georgina Rodrigues is a model, born in 1996 in Jaca, Spain. In 2016, this beautiful WAG met CR7 while working as a shop assistant at a Gucci store in Madrid. It was love at first sight, as the Spanish beauty put it. Since then, it has been nothing but a “rainbows and butterflies” love story. The couple secretly married in a small Moroccan wedding, according to Italian media. However, this has yet to be confirmed by Ronaldo himself. Even if this is just a rumor, Georgina is CR7’s, only true love.

This lovely football WAG gave birth to a baby girl which is Ronaldo’s fourth child. Needless to say, she appears to get along well with the rest of CR7’s children. She not only gets along with Cristiano Jr. but also with his mother.

Furthermore, Georgina is frequently photographed with the kids in obviously intimate moments. What’s more, the couple recently stated that they are considering having more children. Georgina Rodrigues is now arguably the most well-known football WAG. In addition, she is considered one of the sexiest and luckiest women on the planet.

Alice Campello – One of the hottest football wives

Born on March 5, 1995, Alice Campello’ is the stunning wife of Alvaro Morata. Her hometown is Mestre, Venice, Italy. And her parents are Andrea Campello and Maria Campello.

This Italian beauty is a model and a fashion designer, but her talents aren’t confined to these. Alice Campello is also one of the famous social media influencers today. When it comes to her social media, it’s worth noting that her Instagram account has over 2.4 million followers.

football wags
Who are the top 10 hottest WAGs?

But first, let’s take a closer look at Alice Campello’s love life. According to reports, their connection began when Alvaro Morata commented on one of Alice’s Instagram pictures in early 2016.

This lovely couple took about a year to take their relationship to the next level and decided to get married in 2017. They are blessed with three gorgeous children namely:

  • Leonardo Morata
  • Alessandro Morata
  • Edoardo Morata Campello

Antonella Roccuzzo – Top Ten WAGs

Antonella Roccuzzo is one of the top ten WAGs that remain childhood sweethearts with her partner throughout his football career. She is the wife of six-time Ballon d’Or winner Leonel Messi.

This lovely couple knew each other since Messi was five years old. They are both born in Argentina’s third-largest city, Rosario. Also, Antonella’s cousin was one of Messi’s childhood buddies. In addition, they stayed in touch after the footballer moved to Spain when he was 13 years old. Their love relationship became public in the late 2000s.

However, it is still unknown how long they had been together behind closed doors before that.

Antonella is a successful entrepreneur as well as an Instagram celebrity. She and Sofia (Luis Suarez’s wife), manage a footwear business in Barcelona. Also, she works as a professional model and is currently under contract with Ricky Sarkany.

In the middle of 2017, she married Leonel Messi, and the two of them already had two children together. Their family grew by another member the following year when their third son was born. Antonella Roccuzzo estimated net worth is $20 million. She is another successful WAG, with a love story and devotion to her husband that is truly admirable.

Shakira – Footballers and Their WAGs

If we were to choose one football WAGs who is far more successful and well-known than her husband, it would undoubtedly be Shakira. Shakira’s estimated net worth is more than $300 million.

She is married to Barcelona’s Gerard Pique. Shakira first met her husband during the making of the official video for the 2010 FIFA World Cup song “Waka Waka” in the spring of 2010. Their relationship began, and they now have two children. The fact that the Spanish international is ten years younger than Shakira is amazing. However, it is not a problem when it comes to love.

Who are the sexiest wife and girlfriends of football players?

Shakira is regarded as one of the best female vocalists of all time. Many of her songs are being recognized around the globe. Wherein, more than 75 million records are sold globally. In addition, she is also the most-streamed Latina musician on Spotify. This hottest football WAG is one of only three female artists with two YouTube videos that have surpassed two billion views. Furthermore, she is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Shakira is well-known for her charity endeavors.

Her most recent appearance was during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show, where she performed alongside Jennifer Lopez. The halftime act drew more than 103 million viewers, according to Billboard.

Coleen Rooney – Top 10 Hottest Football WAGs

Coleen Rooney is dubbed as “the nation’s favorite girl next door”. So, there is no doubt the is also one of the most famous football WAGs at the moment among UK-born players. She is the wife of England’s greatest football player – Wayne Rooney who is a Liverpool.

These love couples first met at the age of 12 and began dating at the age of 16. In 2008, they married in Portofino, Italy. Coleen has made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman and media figure.

In addition, she hosted her TV show “Coleen’s Real Women” which looked for non-models to lead commercial campaigns. Aside from that, this most beautiful football player’s wife writes columns for national newspapers and magazines. Also, Coleen has written a few books and starred in a best-selling workout DVD. What’s more, she becomes the face of major businesses including ASDA and OK! magazine.

Coleen’s net worth is reported to be 15 million pounds. Also, the celebrity pair has several multi-million-pound residences across the world.

Footballers and Their WAGS

However, her relationship with Waza has been strained. Most particularly when the national media exposed the ex-England captain’s private life. And it was reported that Rooney had gambling issues. Despite that, she always stood by her husband in good times and bad. Their relationship became stronger than ever.

According to reports in the UK media, she is the primary reason for Rooney’s decision to leave his previous club DC United. Then, he return to the UK because their life in the United States failed to satisfy her expectations.

Coleen’s feud with Rebecca Vardy, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, was one of the most recent headlines involving her. She alleged on Twitter that Vardy had sold stories about Rooney’s personal life to the press without her permission. Various stories about the Rooney family have surfaced in the media throughout the years. So, it is understandable that they are one of the most well-known couples in the United Kingdom.

Even some of the UK’s most popular sports betting in Singapore have previously given betting options on their relationship. Coleen is now enjoying the final years of her husband’s illustrious career as a footballer. And the two of them are delighted to be back in the United Kingdom.

Edurne Garcia Almagro – Top 10 Football Girlfriends in the UK

Edurne Garcia is a well-known football girlfriend in the United Kingdom and Spain. She is dating David De Gea, the goalkeeper for Manchester United and the Spanish national team. She was born in Madrid, Spain, and has worked as:

  • Singer
  • Actress
  • TV personality
  • Model and more

At a young age, Edurne Garcia began attending auditions and exhibiting her musical talent. Her relationship with De Gea began in 2010, but they have yet to determine whether or not to marry.

Who is the hottest football girlfriend in the UK?

Edurne rose to prominence after appearing in the Spanish reality show Operacion Triunfo in 2005. Also, she appeared in several of the most well-known Spanish fashion shows as a result of her natural attractiveness.

Furthermore, this football WAGs competed in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest for her country but came in 21st position. Edurne has released six studio albums.

In 2016, the blonde beauty recorded and released a video for the hit song “Taste the Feeling”. Her song became a part of a Coca-Cola campaign in Spanish-speaking countries. Also, she was nominated for the 40 Principales Award. Edurne is also a judge on the popular national TV show Spain’s Got Talent. She and her boyfriend live in Manchester. Although, she frequently travels to Spain and spends a lot of time in Madrid.

Edurne memorably described Manchester as “uglier than the back of a fridge” in 2015. And this ignites a lot of negative criticism from Manchester United supporters and goalkeeper David De Gea.

Football Wags FAQs:

Wives and girlfriends of high-profile athletes are referred to as WAGs (or Wags). The word was coined by the British tabloid press to describe the spouses and girlfriends of high-profile footballers.

When it comes to WAGS, Shakira is one of the most well-known and attractive football WAGs. Shakira met her fate in 2010 when she sang the World Cup theme song in South Africa that year.

The term WAG was first established when Victoria Beckham, Elen Rives, and Louise Owen strutted their thing in Baden-Baden during England’s 2006 World Cup campaign. However, it wasn’t until the Premier League was established in the 1990s that footballers in England became a hot item.

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