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Splitting 10s: Why Should You Never Split 10s in Blackjack?

Most skilled blackjack players consider blackjack as a game of situational judgments. Splitting 10s is one of those decisions that most expert players would urge you never to make. You should never split 10s, especially when facing a 5 or 6 from the dealer.

However, according to casino gaming specialist Mark Pilarski, there are a “few exceptions” to this rule.

Pilarski has a lot of expertise in blackjack. He worked for seven different casinos for 18 years. However, Pilarski no longer works in the commercial casino sector. Instead, he is now a journalist. Now, he has his own nationally syndicated blog called Deal Me In. Pilarski writes for various gaming journals regularly. Moreover, he offers his award-winning series of audiobooks called “Hooked on Winning.”

What Does “Splitting” In Blackjack Mean?

When a player’s initial two-card hand has two cards with the same value, the split is made available.

It allows the player to divide the cards into two independent hands. Then, the dealer will deal him an extra card for each hand.

To split in blackjack, the player must put an additional wager on the newly produced hand. It must be equal to their initial stake at the start of the game.

Splitting Blackjack: When Should You Split In Blackjack?

Why you should never split 10s in Blackjack online?
Why you should never split 10s in Blackjack online?

In the game of blackjack, there are certain hands where splitting is advantageous. Also, some hands should never be split. Furthermore, there are situations where the choice to split is depending on the dealer’s up-card.

These aren’t rules that guarantee you’ll win every time. Yet, they will increase your chances of winning in the long run.

Always Split Aces

In blackjack, it makes sense to split a pair of aces since there are several cards with a value of 10.

If you choose not to divide your aces, one will be valued at one and the other at eleven.

Only a nine may, therefore, get you to 21 on your subsequent card. Drawing a card with a value of 10 would force you to consider both aces as one, which would return you to 12.

Always Split Eights

At this point, it’s vital to recognize that two eights are regarded as a rather weak hand in blackjack. It does not matter whether you split your opening hand or not.

Furthermore, you don’t have much flexibility when playing your pair of eights with one hand. Thus, you’ll get busted if you score higher than five. Rather, you have a higher chance of having a competitive hand if you split them.

Never Split 10s: Why Is That?

Should you split 10s?

What happens if you do?

It is quite improbable that you would improve your hand with either of your split hands, thus splitting tens is not the best decision. Besides, splitting tens destroys a very strong hand.

Never Split 10s! But, What Should You Do With A Pair Of Tens?

Before making any plans, make sure that the online casino you are playing allows splitting in the first place. Afterward, take a seat and give yourself some time to reflect.

Why don’t you split 10s in blackjack?

To create two hands with a starting card of 10, many blackjack players choose to split a pair of tens. The likelihood of getting another 10 is not that great. You’ll probably wind up with low and losing hands rather than two high hands and double winnings.

For players with more blackjack experience, the earlier blackjack strategy is viewed as unrealistic. Yes, 10 is no doubt a great opening card. A value of 20 is still a respectable hand.

Additionally, it’s not all that uncommon to lose with such a hand. When all is said and done, you will see that having one exceptional hand is always preferable to having two average ones. To put it another way, we encourage you to choose the safer option. Things may take a very different turn after you separate. It is possible to get 10s or anything higher than a 9. But the Blackjack dealer has other ways to beat you, such as 4s and 5s.

Remember that a hand of 10s has one of the best winning odds. Thus,  it makes no sense to divide it up and take a chance on split hands.

When to split in blackjack?
When to split in blackjack?

How Should I Play If I Split The Blackjack 10s?

Blackjack split 10s were suggested historically by two professional players. John Scarne is the first person we have from 1949 before gambling was computerized. The game’s first IBM 704 computer user was Edward Thorp in 1962.

Modern computers will virtually always provide the same results when you perform simulations. Therefore, never split 10s. Splitting is far more appropriate while playing free blackjack online.

Let’s put computers to one side for a while.

Consider a player that can count cards. Then, he can determine that the cards still in the deck primarily have high values and are free to split. Additionally, a blackjack split of tens works well in the next scene as well.

Let’s say a blackjack tournament is taking place, and this is the final hand of the round. Be careful to keep an eye on the other player’s stack of chips. Then, determine if you will win enough with the pair or if you will need to split.

A frequent split on the last hand will draw attention. Furthermore, you risk being caught card counting. One of the major objectives is to advance in a tournament, although not always.

Splitting 10s FAQs:

The closest hand to blackjack is when you have two pairs of tens, which results in a score of 20. Furthermore, 20 always outweighs the dealer’s 6. In such a case, your chances of winning are 40%. The choice is ultimately up to you, literary.

Professional blackjack players are well versed in the game’s guidelines. Furthermore, they are the greatest judges of the best approach to take at any given time. The blackjack 10s might be divided in certain situations. However, you must also be mindful of how to play if the 10s are divided.

Use it carefully and attempt to decline more requests. Make a bad hand into two powerful ones by strategically using the splitting strategy. In the case of two 10s, resist the urge to divide. Don’t worry, the best blackjack players are aware of when to split and do so.

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