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Tallest NFL Player: Who is the Biggest NFL Player?

The National Football League (NFL) is a one-of-a-kind league featuring legendary players. Some of the players are massive in every way. In this article, we decided to feature the biggest and tallest NFL player ever.

So, prepare yourself to hear the names of notable people from various walks of life and sports. As well as know players that are feared because of their sheer bulk. It will be interesting to see if the large guys can hurl the big skin in American football. Because this game is a game of agility, skill, strength, and speed.

What is NFL?

The National Football League (NFL) is an organization that represents professional football in the United States. The NFL is made up of 32 teams that are evenly split amongst the following divisions:

  • National Football Conference
  • American Football Conference

The season culminates in a championship game with its winner receiving the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

What is the physical qualification to become an NFL player?

Let’s face it, no one in the NFL player is particularly small. Even kickers and quarterbacks are quite large in real life. Although, they do appear to be of average size on the field when compared to their teammates. However, even amid the offensive and defensive line’s these giants, some individuals still manage to stand out because of their height or weight. So, what are the qualifications to become an NFL player?

You should have an NFL playing experience

Most NFL players have kickstarted their playing career in high school. During this time you have an upper hand on how they play this football game. Also, most NFL players are striving to play in college so that they have a bigger chance to play for the elite league.

You must possess the speed and agility

Just like NBA, the NFL is also looking for players with a fast pace, skills, and agility. You should be able to get involved in the defensive and offensive play. 

Upper Body Strength – Tallest NFL Player

Aside from working on agility and speed, you should also work hard to improve your overall physical appearance. Thus, your upper body strength must be ready to go to war.

Who are the heaviest, biggest, and tallest NFL players?

Whether you believe it or not, the five tallest players in NFL history would look down on Campbell. And with their towering heights, there is no doubt that they could form a formidable pickup basketball team. So, let’s take a look at the five tallest NFL players. They can even tell how’s the air quality up to theirs.

Tallest NFL Player #1: Ed Jones with 69 height

Ed “Too Tall” Jones’ legacy is perhaps more closely related to his height than that of any other former or current NFL player. In addition, Jones harassed opposition offensive lines for 15 seasons. And this is the reason why he earns one of the most memorable nicknames in league history.

Ironically, his career-high sack number came in 1985. During his 11th season in the NFL, when he hauled down the quarterback 13 times. Because sacks and deflected passes were not tabulated for the bulk of Jones’ career, his numerical impact on the game is a bit hazy. On the other hand, Jones used every inch of his frame to make influence the game.

tallest nfl player
Who is the tallest NFL player?

Tallest NFL Player #2: Jonathan Ogden with 69

Jonathan Ogden is one of the world’s tallest football players. His height only adds to his mystery as the answer to a unique NFL trivia question.

The Baltimore Ravens selected Ogden as their first-ever draft pick. Back then, Ogden is already known as a giant left tackle who attended UCLA. Apart from being the first Ravens draft pick and having a skyscraper-like build, Ogden is also a fantastic player.

He played in the NFL for the entire 12 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens. In those 11 years, he made the Pro Bowl. Furthermore, Ogden was selected to the All-Pro team four times. In 2013, Ogden was honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Biggest Football Player #3: Dan Skipper with 610

Sadly, as we progress up on this list, the quality of play suffers. While Jones and Ogden are popular as two of the best players to ever play the game, Dan Skipper has a long way to go before he can join them.

He is an offensive tackle with the Detroit Lions, where he has appeared in all but three of his career games. In his career, he has spent a lot of time on the practice squad. However, under new head coach Dan Campbell, he might have another chance to make the active roster.

Biggest Football Player #4: Morris Stroud with 610

Morris Stroud is the first-skill position player on this list. He is a former Kansas City Chiefs tight end. Standing at a towering 6’10”, he redefined the term “red zone target.”

Despite his size, Stroud only scored seven touchdowns during his career, which lasted from 1969 to 1974. In 1971, he had his best productive year as a pass-catcher. Morris was able to catch 22 catches for 454 yards.

Perhaps Stroud’s most recognized claim to fame is the NFL rule enacted in his honor. He is positioned in front of the goalpost to stop low line-drive efforts, as goaltending is known in basketball.

tallest nfl player
Who is the biggest football player ever?

Tallest NFL Player Ever in History #5: Richard Sligh with 70

Who is the tallest NFL player?

There is no doubt that Richard Sligh holds the title, as he is towering with a height of 7’0”. He was not much more than a flier for Al Davis’ team, but his huge frame made him an interesting sensation.

However, Sligh only appeared in eight games with the Raiders. Still, his limited time in the league was enough to establish a record that may never be surpassed.

Heaviest NFL Players of All Time

Trent Brown of the New England Patriots is the heaviest NFL player today. Brown weighs in at a whopping 380 pounds and he has been in the league since 2015. Furthermore, Brown has spent most of his career in the West, with the 49ers and Raiders. However, aside from a one-year stay in New England in 2018.

Heaviest NFL Player #6: Nate Newton

It is hard to say which offensive line was the best of all time. However, the bunch the Dallas Cowboys had in the 1990s has to be right up there. Moreover, Nate Newton was one of the most feared members of that feared group. He is the guard who played in Big D from 1986 to 1998.

He paved the way for Emmitt Smith and the running game. In addition, Newton weighed a staggering 401 pounds at one time in his life. Even though he had some legal issues throughout his life, Newton has taken steps to put things right.

Heaviest NFL Player Ever #7: Aaron Gibson with 410 lbs.

Aaron Gibson is not just a name that inspires dread in his opponents on the field, but he is also a man who deserves to be dubbed the heaviest NFL player ever. Yes, Gibson is certainly in a class by himself because he kept a massive figure throughout his entire career. He would retain a solid 410 lb, standing at 6’6”, as the heavy artillery for the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bears.

Gibson was heavier in high school, 440 lbs. was his weight back then. Even back then, he was showing signs of becoming the heaviest NFL player. A gentle giant and a great guy overall, Aaron Gibson is the player to take a spot in our list of heaviest, biggest, and tallest NFL players of all time.

tallest nfl player
Who is the heaviest National Football League player?

Biggest NFL Lineman #8: Trent Brown with 380 lbs.

Trent Brown is one of the biggest people in NFL history. In addition, he is one of the highest-paid offensive NFL lineman today.

Brown spent three seasons with the San Francisco 49ers before joining the New England Patriots in 2018. At New England Patriots, he was a member of the Super Bowl LIII-winning team. He then signed a four-year contract with the Oakland Raiders for $66 million.

Biggest NFL Player #9: Zach Banner with 360 lbs

Banner is a well-known offensive tackle in NFL history. He has been gifted with amazing genes that allow him to grow to a towering height of 6’8”. The Indianapolis Colts picked Zach Banner in 2017. Then, he went on to play for the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately, this coupling did not last long, as they split up after eight matches. He signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2018 and is still playing for them today.

Biggest NFL Player #10: William Perry weighing 382 lbs

The Fridge, of course. Because of his adventures with the Bears in the mid-1980s, William Perry became a legendary icon in Chicago and around the world. Despite being a defensive lineman, he scored a touchdown in the Patriots’ Super Bowl XX victory. In addition, this marked his legendary legacy.

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Tallest NFL Player FAQs:

According to Pro Football Reference, while there have been many players who have stood 6’9″ or taller in NFL history, there have only been two players who have stood 6’10” or taller. Richard Slight, is the only 7-foot athlete in American Football history. He was the tallest player ever recorded. In 1967, he spent one season with the American Football League’s Oakland Raiders. The second tallest, Morris Stroud stood at a towering 6’10”.

At Decatur Central High School, Aaron Gibson participated in American football and track. In high school, he weighed 440 pounds, but in the NFL, he weighed 410 pounds, making him the heaviest NFL player ever.

Currently, the National Football Leagues do not have a weight limit. However, authorities are contemplating whether to implement one for the players’ safety. Of course, nobody wants to be run over by a monster like William Perry, who weighs in at 380 pounds. Usually, an NFL player weighs on average 245 pounds these days.

Currently, Aaron Gibson is the heaviest NFL player in history. He weighs 410 lbs. while standing tall at the height of 66. Trent Brown who weighs in at a whopping 380 lbs. follows him.

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