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Things You Thought You Knew About Poker

Poker has long been a part of our lives and has also become one of the common pastimes among our friends. In fact, common poker lingo like “Poker face”, “keeping cards close to the chest”, and “cashing in” have pretty much become common expressions of many people. In fact, some songs and movies are inspired by poker.

And with all this exposure, many of us feel like we know a thing or two about the game. Some even consider themselves quite knowledgeable about poker but are a bit hesitant to play it regularly because they know about the complexity of the game. But even though we are confident with our poker knowledge, many of us know less about poker than we think, especially if we started playing it at SG88WIN. This is often because of the three things we know about poker, such as…

1. Reading Your Opponents Is The Key

Many newcomers to online poker believe that poker revolves around reading the expressions of your opponents as a way to win in the game. Maybe Kenny Rogers shares some responsibility for this notion because of his iconic song “The Gambler” wherein the lyrics tells about how he made a life by reading the faces of people and knowing what the cards were just by looking at his opponent’s eyes.

Although this may work for some cases, with online poker tournaments, the same players are consistently winning the game even though they can’t see the eyes of their opponents. The same goes for when you’re playing live poker at the SG88WIN betting site, even though you can communicate with other players, you’re not personally seeing their faces or reactions. So, instead of relying on reading your opponent’s poker face, why not improve your poker skills by practicing regularly and understanding the game better?

2. The Best Poker Players Keep Winning

A lot of poker players believe that they shouldn’t play the game with the pro poker players because they’ve already made serious money out of poker. In fact, they are even sure that seasoned poker players will only beat them — no questions asked. But actually, this is only a misconception.

Professional poker players are also getting the cards from the same shoe as you do. Sometimes, they are also experiencing defeat because their hands are not good. Seasoned poker players also have their downs and experience bad beatings when luck is not in their favor.

Yes, it can be risky playing with a pro for big money. But if it’s money that you can afford to lose, why not take the privilege to play with a professional? Besides, you might win if lady luck smiles on you. Plus, you can always learn a lot of things from playing with the best players.

3. Poker Games Online Are Rigged And Cannot Be Trusted

Just… no, it’s not true. It’s strange that people even get this idea to start with. Poker sites, trusted online casinos like SG88WIN, and casino game developers have to prove the randomness, fairness, and credibility of the game before they can get a license. So, if they were all cheating and manipulating the outcome of each poker game, they’d be caught.

If you keep getting bad sets of cards in RNG-based poker games or even in live poker, it’s just because bad cards do happen sometimes. What’s important is you keep your head cool and concentrate on making your hands stronger to beat the others. This is also the reason why you should learn how to maintain your composure when luck is not on your side. Then again, only engage in online poker games at reputable and regulated online casinos such as SG88WIN.

Final Say

These are just some of the things that we thought we knew about poker. But actually, there are still many things to learn about the game. What’s important is you keep practicing and playing the game regularly to improve your poker skills. You’ll never know, maybe you’re the next pot winner at SG88WIN’s Live Poker games. Sign up for an account at SG88WIN Online Gambling Singapore today!


What Is The Best Way To Win Online Poker Games?

Since poker is a game of skills, it’s best that you have good plans to boost your winning chances at online poker games. You must first understand the basic rules of poker and which hands are best. Then, learn the tricks of bluffing and keeping an eye out for how your opponents are behaving and how they make a decision. Also, don’t forget to manage your bankroll properly, and don’t play too many hands when you’re just starting. You must practice playing online poker more often to improve your skills.

Can I Play Poker Games At SG88WIN Using My Tablet Or Phone?

Absolutely. Yes, you can enjoy and have the same gaming experience through your mobile. In fact, you can switch from desktop gaming up to mobile gaming without any hassle because all of SG88WIN’s online casino games are optimized for mobile playing.