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Betting The Moneylines: What You Need To Know About Moneylines?

Your ultimate guide on betting the moneyline. Everything you need to know about the world’s most popular type of betting.

Moneyline bets are the most simple and direct type of bet in sports betting. So, if you are new to sports gambling, moneylines are perhaps the best place to start. Moneylines are simple to calculate, unlike other types of wagers like totals, spreads, parlays, or propositions.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you want to start betting on sports but aren’t sure what a moneyline is or how to place a wager. To help you get started, we’ve answered all of the most frequent questions concerning moneyline bets in this guide.

Money Line Betting Explained: What Are Moneyline Bets?

Have you ever made a bet with your friend on who can achieve the highest score on a video game? If so, then you already have been betting the moneyline unconsciously.

In a moneyline bet, you are betting on the side you believe will win a game. If your pick wins, then you will receive the payout on moneylines. If the side loses, then you lose your bet, too.

When betting the moneyline, there’s no covering the points spread or anticipating the game’s result. Also, there is no guessing which player will score first. Rather, you are betting on which team will win. Moneyline bets are popular among those who are new to sports betting because of their simplicity.

When it comes to betting, American gamblers have always favored spreads. Although outside of the US, moneylines are the most popular option. That doesn’t mean moneylines aren’t popular. The truth is, many sportsbooks provide this type of wager on just about any sport you can think of.

Furthermore, moneylines are popular in low-scoring sports like:

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Football

Besides, moneylines are ideal for use with free bets supplied by sportsbooks because of their simplicity.

What Are The Three Components Of Money Lines?

In sports betting, a moneyline wager has three main components: The favorite, the underdog, and “even” or “pick ’em.”

The Favorite

In a game, the favorite refers to the player or team who is seen to have a better chance of winning.

To win $100, a punter needs to risk the amount specified by the sportsbook, which refers to the moneyline odds. For example, Man City has -150 odds. In this case, a bettor would have to stake $150 to win $100. If the bet is successful, the sportsbook will pay $250. This includes the risk ($150) and the profit ($100).

On the moneyline, a favorite is usually denoted by a negative sign (-).

What are moneyline bets and how does it work?
What are moneyline bets and how does it work?

The Underdog – Betting The Moneyline

This refers to the player or team that is thought to have a lower chance of winning a match. Using $100 as the normal betting unit, a bettor would have to stake $100 to win the amount stated (i.e. +150) for an underdog victory.

In this case, a bettor needs to risk $100 to win $150. If the underdog wins, then the bettor will win for a total payoff of $250. When betting the moneyline, an underdog is always symbolized by a plus sign (+) and will pay out more money than the original bet.

Even or Pick em

When two teams are so close in terms of skill level, the bookmaker may price them as equally likely to win or lose. Then, the game is called an ‘even’ or ‘pick ’em’ game.

In this case, bettors on both sides would earn the same amount of money if their stake were successful. Therefore, punters may earn $100 on a $100 stake, for a total payoff of $200.

Three Possible Outcomes When Betting On The Moneylines


Punters will win their wager when they accurately predict the winning team. In addition, they also win on a draw if it is expressly presented as a possible outcome.

In a soccer/European football match, the draw is usually a possibility.

Loss – Betting The Moneyline

When bettors fail to correctly predict the winning person or team, they will lose their stake. In a game that finishes in a draw, bettors will also lose if they did not choose “draw”.

Draw or Draw no bet

A “Draw No Bet” happens when a draw is not available as a possible outcome on a moneyline bet. Usually, you will encounter a “Draw No Bet” result in soccer and European football matches. This is because a moneyline bet only allows one team to win.

If a draw occurs with moneyline betting, bettors will receive their whole stake back. It is as if their wager resulted in a “push”.

Oftentimes, a draw is presented as an option on a moneyline bet. However, bettors can only win their wager if they choose a draw as the outcome. Otherwise, punters will lose their stake.

Handicapping Moneyline Bets

A skilled and professional sports bettor would conduct a thorough study of the game before making any moneyline bets. Handicapping sports requires dissecting:

  • Matches
  • Odds
  • Specific team advantages

Even then, it isn’t a precise science for long-term success.

In the sections below, we’ll go over some of the most important aspects of a matchup that all bettors should be aware of. Moreover, we will discuss why they are so important in determining the outcome when betting the moneyline.

Sports Betting Money Line: The Tracking The Opening Odds

When a game in football, basketball, or any other sport is announced, bookmakers will provide moneyline betting odds for the game. In this case, you need to scrutinize the daily matchups. So, you can determine if there is a difference in odds from prior games. Also, these figures will change after the market has had a chance to respond.

It is important to monitor the odds from the time they first open to the time you place your bet to the start of the game. This is because it may reveal important clues about what the betting public is thinking. It also helps in determining how oddsmakers perceive a game unfolding.

Why you should track the opening odds when betting on the moneylines?
Why you should track the opening odds when betting on the moneylines?

Moneyline Bets: The Home Vs. Road Performance

The popular belief in sports is that teams perform better at home than they do on the road. Despite that, some clubs prosper when they play away from home.

So, what do you do as a bettor?

This is the time to look at how each club performs in various scenarios. So, you can see if recent performances at home or on the road are relevant to a future clash.

You could discover that a club like Tottenham has lost five consecutive games at home. And they are currently facing West Ham, who have won five consecutive games in this matchup.

This information may or may not be the deciding factor when betting the moneyline. Still, you must consider this factor.

Betting On The Moneyline: Identifying The Matchup Edges

It takes a lot of knowledge and study to research a specific matchup and how it can affect the game. However, for new bettors, it might be as easy as looking at offensive vs defense.

There are several player matchups in each sport that might influence a game. Then, it can also impact your moneyline wager.

Sports Betting Money Line: The Recent Play

Throughout the season, every sports team experiences highs and lows. Except for the Patriots and Dolphins, there is no such thing as an unbeaten team.

Yes, previous performances are no guarantee of what is to come in the future. Yet, they are a good sign of how the team is doing in general. By looking at their recent play, you can discover a vital factor to examine if one team is soaring and the other is floundering.

Betting The Moneyline: How To Place Moneyline Bets?

As we always said, it is very simple to wager on the moneyline. All you have to do is choose a sporting event to wager on. Then, pick a team to support. Afterward, you need to pay the bookie and wait for the game to begin. You will be paid if the team you choose wins; if it does not, you will not be paid.

For the same wager, various sportsbooks in Singapore may provide different odds. This implies that for the same stake, you’d win more money with one bookie than with another. As a result, it’s wise to shop around for the best deal before you play at Singapore online casino.

Betting The Moneyline FAQs:

The favorites get a negative number (-) while the underdogs get a positive number (+) based on a $100 wager. With a favorite at -140 moneyline odds, a $140 successful stake nets you $100. At +140 moneyline odds, a $100 winner wins you $140.

Yes. On the moneyline markets, you may regularly make money by backing the favorite over time. You may also hedge your bets by comparing odds at several sportsbooks.

It’s practically difficult to tie in most sports. This may depend on the sporting event. Usually, there are overtime periods, quarters, or extra innings. In soccer, when bookmakers provide Three-way Moneylines, the only time a tie is conceivable.

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