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Casino Cheats: Players Who Cheated the Casinos

Players at online casinos are always searching for new and innovative ways to get the most out of their time gambling online. They use every possible casino cheats at the slots because they want to make more money. The reality is that nowadays, cheating at casinos is far more difficult than it was before when casinos just took coins.

Is there a chance to cheat at an online casino?

Cheating at casino online sites requires complex methods such as game hacking. However, the anti-hacking security measures of online casino sites are top-notch. Thus, it keeps hackers at bay.

How to cheat online casinos?

Some techies have developed more effective methods for promoting online casino gambling cheats. Thus, they are using bonuses and promotions as a strategy to cheat online casinos. Hackers are on the lookout for weak bonuses that will allow them to exploit loopholes.

While this appears to be encouraging, online casino in Singapore is attentive in every way. So, they place strict security measures to fight casino cheats online. The vast majority of individuals want to learn how to utilize hacks in a casino game. If this occurs, players are always prepared to use the bonus to increase their casino winnings.

In fact, for the past years, some people are set out the odds in their favor. Thus, they have used highly unlawful casino cheats to accomplish it. Of course, they virtually never succeed, but the mere boldness of their attempts is enough to leave an indelible mark on history.

In this article, we will present you with the casino cheats that were so brilliantly terrible that was almost good.

Casino Cheats in History

The Ultimate Hacker of Slots

Nowadays, hacking is one of the well-known threats on the internet. That is why online casinos are investing a large amount of money to secure their systems.

Also, it is quite unbelievable that someone will cheat while playing online slots with a huge welcome bonus.

However, this scenario is a completely different story way back in the 1980s. Whereupon hacking a casino slot machine is a very personal affair. Tommy Glenn Carmichael is all set out to use some hardware to hack one of the slot machines in Las Vegas. It all started when one of his friends exposed him to the insides of a real slot machine. Then, he flew to Las Vegas armed with a gadget known as a ‘top-bottom joint. This strange device is made out of guitar wire and a piece of spring steel.

casino cheats
How Tommy Glenn Carmichael cheated the casino?

How Tommy Glenn Carmichael cheated the casino?

This casino cheater uses the top-bottom joint to ‘convince’ people that the jackpot had been won. He does this by flipping a switch in a casino slot machine.

Tommy was eventually arrested and sentenced to prison. By the time he came out, technology had advanced, and his old methods were no longer effective. However, it was here that he established his legacy. Also, he never stops there, he then comes out with new tools to break casino slots for more than a decade. Thus, he developed more advanced sensors to break a modern slot machine. He then produced ‘The Monkey Paw’ quickly followed by ‘The Light Wand.’

To acquire information, this casino con artist would pretend to be a client looking to purchase a slot machine. He gains knowledge about the machine when the makers would describe all of the security mechanisms they employed!

Carmichael was so successful in hacking the slot machine that he was able to sell his inventions on the underground market. He also creates his team to cause mayhem in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Before they got arrested in 1996, he and his crew already made around $5 Million a day.

Since then, this infamous slot hacker has (allegedly) made amends and now works as a casino security expert. He was even working on a new gadget called “The Protector”. This gadget aims to put a stop to slot busting once and for all – or so he claims.

Gambling Cheats: The Intoxicated Gambler

casino cheats
How does Richard Marcus cheat the casino?

Richard Marcus is the infamous drunken man who walks into a casino. Then, he bets $15 on Roulette and wins. If you are not there, you may say that it is completely unbelievable. Truth is, he does a crazy jig and pocketed almost $1000. Thus, anyone who is even vaguely knowledgeable about roulette odds will be confused.

Richard Marcus is one of the few people who managed to cheat the casino and get away with it. It is because he relied on basic sleight-of-hand and left no proof behind.

Richard’s trademark technique was known as “The Savvanah”. He used it to assault casinos all around the world and Marcus was supposedly winning over $5 million.

How he cheated the casino?

His Roulette strategy was very simple. First, he would place three red $5 chips on a Roulette table while concealing a $500 brown chip beneath them.

The plan was to arrange the chips in such a way that the dealer wouldn’t see the brown chip at the bottom.

If Marcus won the game, then he is very lucky and would pocket more than $1000. However, if he lost, he would replace the brown chip. Then, Marcus will simply have to pay $15.

To make sure that his stunt is unnoticeable, he had to seem too intoxicated for the whole operation to work. Being drunk, allowed him some freedom with the puzzled dealers.

The cleverness of his scheme lay in the fact that he was cheating when he lost and not when he won. Even though, there were surveillance cameras in place during that time. Yet, the casino officials would only look at the tape during his victories. Also, not to mention the fact that his technique was incredibly difficult to spot.

However, his act was finally discovered and prosecuted. After that, he chose to change careers and ‘retired’ in 2000. He now publishes books on fraud and gives casino security workshops.

Casino Cheat: The famous Cigarette Pack Scam

Another Roulette casino cheat in history happens in 1973. The authorities at Casino Deauville were surprised when a lucky gambler won 5 million francs on the Roulette table over a week. As you may be aware, Roullete is a famous game of chance. Thus, even the best Roulette strategy cannot yield big winnings like that.

That is why officials at the casino became suspicious of an inside operation. Thus, they kept a careful eye on the lucky winner and the croupier – but to no effect. Also, they even recruited an independent team of specialists to disassemble the roulette wheel. So, they can inspect it piece by piece for any signs of tampering. However, they came up empty-handed.

casino cheats
How to cheat casinos using a pack of cigarettes?

So, how does this lucky player cheats the casino?

During this time, the casino’s owner was dealing with personal issues. Thus, he had developed feelings for one of his clients. This stunning brown-haired woman began to frequent the casino every evening. However, the attempts of this casino owner were turned down. At the same time, he made an astounding discovery. This mystery woman will always sit one table away from the lucky roulette player. Aside from that, she hardly ever put any bets.

Strangest of all, she always had a pack of cigarettes on her person although she never seemed to smoke! With the chief of security in tow, the casino owner finally approached the woman of his dreams for a cigarette.

The cigarette pack turned out to be a decoy radio transmitter intended to tamper with the roulette ball.

The casino staff’s first suspicions were accurate – the croupier had been in on the plot the entire time. Each time his colleague sat at his table, he would change the ball with a specially produced replica that included a receiver.

How to Cheat Baccarat Online: The Edge Master

This casino cheat is one of the most recent gambling scandals in history. It involves Phil Ivey who is a proud owner of the 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. However, he was not found cheating poker instead he was caught red-handedly playing Baccarat.

Phil Ivey was involved in two separate million-dollar disputes with famous casinos. In 2012, Ivey won $9.6 million at Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. He also bagged a total of £7.8 million at Crockfords in London. Even though these huge winnings may seem staggering, but it is very common in the world of VIP gambling.

Not to mention, Phil Ivey is a welcome customer at most casinos around the world. However, this time both operators accused him of using a method known as “edge sorting”.

During that time, edge sorting is considered irrelevant in terms of cheating because it was not widely known. Cheung Yin Sun, a Chinese woman, had taught Ivey how to use it.

Casino Cheats: What is edge sorting?

Edge sorting depends on detecting minor printing flaws on the backs of cards.

Furthermore, this approach relies on tiny printing defects on the backs of cards being detected. If the pattern on the back of the card is incorrect, then the design on the front will be different. You could sort the cards into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ throughout a game if you have enough patience. Also, you can have a significant advantage over Baccarat if you are a VIP who can demand to play with the same deck.

This case has resulted in a long legal battle that lasted several years. To add to the heat, Ivey was also involved in a separate case against Crockford, this time as an accuser. He argued that edge-sorting required talent and that he was entitled to his prize money. In the end, the official authorities were united in their rejection of his (brave) allegation. Because of Ivey, edge sorting is now seen as cheating.

Can you use edge sorting in an online casino?

If you want to know how to cheat Live Baccarat online and use edge sorting, you will fail. Yes, you can use edge-sorting because you are free to use any ideas to improve your odds of winning. On the other hand, no because you cannot request the live dealer to rotate the card for you.

casino cheats
How does Ivey cheat the casino?

After all, many players are watching and playing live dealer Baccarat in Singapore. Thus, you cannot merely tell the dealers to shuffle the cards because you requested them to. Furthermore, all casinos are well aware of Edge Sorting.

Casino Cheating: The Cutters Gang

Shortly after Ivey and Sun made almost $20 Million from edge sorting in London and Atlantic, another Asian group was touring one of Las Vegas Baccarat tables.

It looks like people trying to cheat the casino will never stop. Thus, the simplicity of Baccarat attracts many con artists. These Asian gentlemen have made a fortune by shaking the Las Vegas casinos for over $1 million. Thus, they chose to take advantage of the rule in Baccarat wherein one of the players can cut the deck before the game begins.

Unless you have anything up your sleeve, there’s nothing unique about this. The ‘something’ in the cutters’ case turned out to be a tiny spy camera.

The chosen cutter would constantly have his camera pointed at the cards. He’d then get up from the table, double-check the photos, and relay the information to his coworkers. The group made a tidy profit by playing with perfect knowledge.

The authorities finally caught on, however ‘the cutters’ were never formally captured in Las Vegas. It is because the cameras were so small that they couldn’t be seen. That is why casino cops had no legal reason to conduct a full-body search. The Asians, on the other hand, chose to change the environment and try their cheating scheme at other casinos. After some time, they were eventually caught in New Zealand.

Casino Cheats FAQs:

What happens when a math professor walks into a casino and tries to alter the good old game of Blackjack? Well, Edward Thorp happens. He is the founder of the famous card counting system. This strategy gives the player an edge over the casino.

Many players are attracted to use different casino cheats to beat the casino. However, if you are discovered cheating, you might lose all your winnings. Also, you will face legal cases if you get caught cheating.

When a casino officer catches a suspected cheater, the case will be turned over to the police. Then, it will be turned over to the financial crime unit. As a result, any type of cheating is unlawful and hence a crime.

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