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Casino Money Laundering: What Does It Mean To Clean Money?

Casinos are frequently characterizing as places with a bad rep. Also, many accused this place of alleged links to organized crime and money laundering. Casinos are associated with gambling’s moral conflict with virtue. Also, this place is often associated with well-known social consequences of addiction. But, what does it mean to clean money?

Organized crime uses legitimate gaming establishments to launder their money. They do this by gambling, and then they take the money back out of the casino. Authorities fight back to protect casinos. They also reassure the public that organized crime does not use them as a way to launder their money.

What is money laundering?

Money laundering is a term that describes the process of making illegally obtained money and makes it look like it was earned from legal work. This tactic hides the true origin of the funds.

Also, money laundering makes it difficult for law enforcement to detect illegal activity. The launderer will make a transfer from one bank account to another. Usually in increments over time, with each transfer being less than $10,000. By carefully executing this act, it will trigger any suspicion or require any reporting by banks.

What Does It Mean To Clean Money and Why Launder Money?

Many criminal activities can be extremely profitable like casino money laundering. Yet, the amount of money earned attracts the unwanted attention of tax officials and law enforcement.

You must be able to explain your wealth’s origins credibly. It will not help you if you admit to making millions via illegal gambling, extortion, or the use of controlled substances. Thus, criminal organizations go to a lot of pains to conceal and hide their illicit financing sources.

what does it mean to clean money
What does it mean to clean money?

What does it mean to clean money?

Dirty money refers to the money earned via illicit behavior. Money laundering is the process of ‘cleaning’ it.

How do casinos are often used for these transactions?

Why do land-based and online casinos are such attractive options for criminals looking to launder their dirty money?

The most common way criminals launder their money is by using it in legal businesses and casinos around the world. Oftentimes, these places are the “fronts” for illegal activities. Money launderers usually use them. Because they can move large amounts of cash without attracting the attention of tax officials and law enforcement.

How To Clean Illegal Money – A Brief History of Famous Cases of Money Laundering

Al Capone purchased many laundromats (known as launderettes in the UK) in the 1920s. And this became one of the most famous cases of money laundering. They permitted the entry of illicit money. Which was then portrayed as fair income from a legitimate firm since they were a cash-driven enterprise.

During prohibition, the booze trade provided a significant chunk of Capone’s massive fortune. Later, it was discovered that laundromats are a poor front. Because the volumes of alcohol smuggled were abnormally large compared to what a coin wash can produce. And this raises suspicion.

Later on, Capone was convicted of tax evasion in 1931. This is kind of ironic. The authorities had been unable to show his involvement in the illegal enterprises he was conducting for years. To simply say, Capone was able to amass more wealth than he was able to conceal or launder.

It is also worth noting that there is no clear relationship between Capone’s laundry decision and the term “money laundering”. When later on the term “money laundering” became popular.

Furthermore, Meyer Lansky is widely regarded as the first maestro of genuine money laundering. He is a very notorious man from the Prohibition era. Lansky realized that he could not have a ground-based business that equals the size of the criminal empire he had. He was a pioneer in financial scams using Swiss institutions. Moreover, he essentially brought money laundering to a whole new level of sophistication and size.

Why launder money?

Money laundering is the second most coveted type of casino crime. Besides, it is considered a crime if the person earns money from illegal activity. This means that if they can convert their earnings into legal funds, then it will not be a crime. For many years, gambling was utilized to do this. Organized criminal syndicates would use the revenues from other industries. It includes drug or gun trafficking, to fund their accounts on legal casinos.

what does it mean to clean money
Why launder money in the casino?

Money laundering has not been a big problem in the gaming business lately. It’s not something that people have reported when people are arrested. Many people who use gambling as a cover bet little amounts of money to avoid being discovered.

What Does It Mean To Clean Money and How Does it Work?

Money laundering has changed in the past few years. It is more difficult and people are using different ways to move money around. That is why criminal gangs look for new ways to transport money secretly while rules are updating daily. This also always leaving law enforcement one step behind them. The following are typical phases in traditional money laundering:

3 Phases of money laundering

How to Launder Cash Stage #1: The Placement

Due to the cash-intensive nature of the underlying crime, it required money laundering of illicit proceeds. Let’s consider drug trafficking wherein the payments are frequently small monetary sums. First, the money launderers are collecting dirty money. Then, they are smuggling money to another nation. Alternatively, money launderers deposited them into the banking system or retail market. This stage includes depositing cash into a bank account tied to a genuine or fictitious business or a middleman.

The primary goal is to escape discovery by authorities and subsequently convert illegal gains into other assets. Most newbie money launderers are discovered at this stage. It is because depositing huge sums of money into these accounts out of nowhere appears suspicious if not done correctly.

How to Clean Illegal Money Stage #2: The Layering

By constructing numerous layers of financial transactions, layering attempts to obscure or confuse the source and ownership of illicit gains. The audit trail is hidden and this level provides this anonymity. The goal of layering is to separate the proceeds of illegal activity from the criminal behavior that created them.

To construct layers in cleaning the money involves moving in and out of accounts. Then, they employ electronic fund transfers to obscure illegal activity. In short, the dirty money should be layered or traded over numerous transactions.

Money launderers typically accomplish this in a variety of methods. This includes:

  • Cash distribution to many different bank accounts
  • Purchasing expensive assets like houses, cars, jewelry, etc.
  • Financial investments
  • Commercial or industrial investments

What Does It Mean To Clean Money Stage #3: The Integration

The integration is the final stage of cleaning the dirty money. It is the process of integrating illegal revenues into the legal economic and financial system. Then, it will be combined with other assets.

The money launderer makes ‘clean money’ look lawfully earned or received, allowing it to be integrated into the economy. Other transactions will re-direct funds back to the money launderer. This might be in the form of a salary as the CEO of a new firm or organization. Also, it can be even be invested in genuine businesses. Plus, it is complete with faked invoices to prove the money was generated legally.

what does it mean to clean money
What is integration in money laundering?

Common Money Laundering Techniques

Each stage of the process has its own set of difficulties. That is why criminal organizations must use many tactics to assure faultless completion. Some instances are as follows:

What Does It Mean To Clean Money: Structuring

Structuring is the process of reducing cash to quantities below the reporting limits. To prevent discovery, the money will be deposited in several small financing. Although structuring makes it easier to stay hidden, it also makes placement more difficult.


Money is smuggled out of the country and deposited in a bank account in a nation with lax regulations. However, this is a more dangerous form of installation. Also, it has a larger possibility of being discovered.

What Does It Mean To Clean Money: Cash Driven Businesses

Using cash-based companies to hide illicit earnings as revenue from legitimate firms. Just take Al Capone for example. He uses his laundromats to hide his illicit earnings. Targeted companies have a strong cash flow and a high revenue-to-variable-cost ratio by nature. The most common cash-driven businesses that are used as fronts are:

  • Casinos
  • Exotic dance clubs
  • Car washes
  • Pubs
  • Nightclubs

Over or Underpricing The Traded Items

How to clean illegal money? You can use items that are subjected to dispute worth to launder money. Money launderers profit from the huge possibilities for overpricing or underpricing these sold goods. Furthermore, tight anonymity benefits both buyers and sellers on the art market. It allows huge quantities of money to be moved between unknown parties in apparently legitimate transactions.

What does it mean to clean money using Shell companies?

During the layering process, shell corporations are commonly utilized. They just exist on paper and do not have any workers or an actual office location. However, these shell companies can also possess property and engage in commercial operations. Money laundering or transferring money is easy when you are in the casino. You can do this between companies that are not connected to any person. So, it is hard for someone to find out who owns the company.

Casino Money Laundering: Pretended or Real Gambling

At licensed casinos and other facilities, you can pretend or gamble for real. The first method relies on casinos acting as transaction layers. By doing so, it does not need players to participate in gambling. First, the casino chips are purchased with soiled cash. Then, you can spend them on the casino floor without actively gaming. Later on, you can swap the chips for cold cash. By doing so, it is subsequently delivered as wins.

The latter method is making actual bets on all possible outcomes in a high-probability game. This includes betting on red and black in roulette games in online casinos in Singapore. In addition, online games are a new choice for money laundering.

what does it mean to clean money
How to launder cash using transactions laundering?

What does it mean to clean money using transaction laundering?

The processing of electronic payments by a firm on behalf of another entity is known as transaction laundering. This hides the true reason for the payments. Commonly, money launderers use phony internet stores to handle payments for online gambling. It aims to make transactions between online casinos and players in countries where gambling is prohibited.

Why do casinos are susceptible to casino money laundering?

As previously stated, casinos can be used to launder money in a variety of ways. Gambling establishments are said to be appealing to organized cleaning dirty money for three reasons:

  1. Huge cash flows are typically normal both in land-based and online casinos. Casinos can provide simple financial services while maintaining a reasonable amount of secrecy. It includes using cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods.
  2. Normally, the casino accepts people with a poor reputation. In short, reputation won’t keep the casino door shut for you. You are always welcome if you go to a casino and spend your money responsibly. The casino does not care whether you’re famous or not.
  3. The casino’s bottom line demands that the venue be lucrative and profitable. In this sense, high rollers are the clientele that most casinos are desired as well as well taken care of. Also, suspicious transaction reports are made at the discretion of responsible individuals. They may choose not to report particular conduct so that they can retain a positive customer relationship inside the casino.

It’s worth noting that regulatory agencies are well aware of gambling establishments’ vulnerabilities. As a result, a great deal of effort has gone into establishing an acceptable legislative framework. Then, puts it in place to regulate gaming enterprises. Modern live casinos are also being scrutinized. That is why large-scale money laundering schemes are becoming less probable to occur.

Casino Money Laundering FAQs:

Money laundering may take various forms in casinos. Dirty money is sometimes turned into chips, played with for a brief time, and then paid out as a check.

Money laundering involves 3 basic steps to conceal the source of their illegal funds. Then, they make them usable. First, the Placement involves funds introductions into the financial system. It can be done by breaking them up into numerous deposits and investments. Then, the Layering involves moving in and out of accounts. Then, employing electronic fund transfers to obscure the illegal activity. In short, the dirty money should be layered or traded over numerous transactions. Lastly, the Integration. This involves a process where you put illegal money into the legal system. Then, it will be combined with other assets.

A lot of money launderers are very evasive and very secretive. Also, if the investment actions do not make sense. It is a clear indication the person in question is doing something else. If two people are trading lots of money, there might be a reason. Maybe they are trying to hide their money, so the person who got the money might be suspected of being involved in something bad. In short, the transaction is inexplicable. Money laundering is also apparent to shell companies. Money launderers use shell companies to hide money. They transfer the money from one shell company to another without employees in question.

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