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Casino Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonus: A definitive guide to casino bonuses

Singapore online casino players often look for a casino non-sticky bonus. However, they end up on sites where casino bonuses are mixed which confuses them. They do not know which one is a sticky bonus or a no sticky bonus. Not until they check the terms and conditions of the website. Read a full online casino bonus guide here.

Sadly, this process can be annoying for most players. If they are searching for no sticky bonus, they should only present the one they are looking for.

As newbie players who are not familiar with casino bonuses, then, they might look the same. Because some bonuses may only have:

Yet, when you take a closer look, you will see the term “sticky bonus” and “no sticky bonus”. So, what is the difference between the two? In this article, we will discuss each of them as well as guide you on which one to choose.

What are the difference between sticky and non-sticky bonus?
What are the difference between sticky and non-sticky bonus?

What is a casino sticky bonus?

A casino sticky bonus is a bonus that you can wager but cannot be withdrawn. The bonus is locked in your deposit together with the acquired bonus. It is different from the normal deposit bonus that is cashable. Deposit bonuses and sticky bonuses have wagering requirements that you need to meet. Yet, you can never cash out your sticky bonus.

So, when the terms and conditions state that the welcome bonus is for “Wagering only”, then, it is sticky.

A casino sticky bonus is worth just as much as traditional bonuses. Yet, you will not be able to withdraw this bonus alone. Instead, you must play the sticky bonuses differently. So that you can take advantage of their full potential.

If it is not cashable, why choose a sticky bonus?

Choosing a casino sticky bonus gives you a chance to boost your bankroll before the game starts. Mainly because this bonus will give you a lot more money compared with a casino non-sticky bonus. Oftentimes, a sticky bonus provides up to 300% to 400% match deposit on top of your initial bonus. Of course, this will increase your chances of winning.

However, you need to be careful in staking your money. Only if you have a large amount of money to start with. Or else, you may end up losing more than you plan to win.

For an instance, a Singapore online casino offers you a $50 sticky bonus when you make an initial deposit of $50. So, you can start playing with a bankroll of $100. So, when you decide to bet all your entire balance (which is $100), chances are:

  • You may win an additional $100
  • Alternatively, you may lose all that you have – which is $100.

Granted that you win and decide to quit playing. Then, you can withdraw your entire balance from your bankroll ($200) minus the bonus amount ($50). This means that you are only withdrawing $150. Because you only win $100 on your $50 initial deposit. The $50 sticky bonus is only there to boost your money, but you cannot withdraw it.

In case you lose and want to stop playing, you are only going to lose your deposit amount. The $50 sticky bonus will remain on your account.

Casino Sticky Bonus Strategies

Sticky Bonus – Never Cash out Method

Most of the time, Singapore online casino players gamble until they run out of money. They are making a deposit but never cash out. Only if they win a big amount that is the only time they withdraw.

With this type of player, the casinos are willing to let you play with big sticky bonuses as long as you want. Therefore, you need to take advantage of this. In case you run out of money and are willing to make another deposit. These casinos are also willing to give you another big casino sticky bonus.

Chasing the Big Slots Jackpot Dream

Before you play, determine what progressive slots game offers the big jackpot. Next, deposit the amount that you are willing to lose. Then, claim the biggest casino bonus that you can find. After that, play all you want until you empty your bankroll as well as the bonus.

The sticky bonus gives you more chances to try the jackpot than you can get with just your deposit.

NOTE: You need to watch out for the sticky bonus terms and conditions. There are times that this term limits the amount of money you can win or cash out. Although, not all sticky bonuses have terms that limit the amount you can cash out.

Therefore, it is important to read the casino’s terms and conditions always. This is the best way to avoid nasty surprises when you win big and wants to cash out your winnings.

Can I withdraw my casino sticky bonus?
Can I withdraw my casino sticky bonus?

Video Poker Casino Sticky Bonus Strategy

Perhaps, most gamblers never think of this video poker sticky bonus casino strategy.

We all know that royal flush in Jacks or Better video poker is hard to get. However, when you hit a royal flush, the machine can pay you 4,000 coins on a 5-coin bet.

Sounds good, right?

Before you play, you need to read carefully the terms to know how much you need to play before you can withdraw. Also, check at how much you are going to win when you hit a royal flush depending on how much you bet for each hand.

Therefore, when you play video poker for $1 per coin and bet $5 every hand, granted that you win $4,000 by hitting the royal flush. Here, you can withdraw all the $4000 assuming that you met the wagering requirements.

The casino sticky bonus gives you more opportunities to hit the royal flush. You are playing the casino money while playing the game. Overall, the sticky bonus is not that bad. The truth is you can use them to chase a big win while having a profit, too.

What is a casino non-sticky bonus?

A non-sticky bonus or no sticky bonus is the exact opposite of a sticky bonus. This type of bonus can be cashable once you met the wagering requirements.

In addition, a non-sticky bonus can have a different meaning. Some call it a “Forfeitable Bonus”. Wherein, your cash balance and bonus balance are both separated.

So, when you start gambling with your own money first, then you hit a jackpot. You can instantly go to the banking lobby to lose the bonus as well as withdraw your winnings.

In case you deplete your cash balance, then, you can dip into your bonus balance instead. By doing so, all your bets and potential winnings will be regarded as bonus money until you met the wagering requirements.

How does a casino non-sticky bonus work?

We will explain how this no-sticky bonus works by giving you an example.

For an instance, a casino gives you a 100% non-sticky bonus of up to $150. So when you make a $150 initial deposit, then, you will get a $150 no-sticky bonus as well. As mentioned earlier, you will have two separate balances:

  • Cash balance (real fund)
  • Bonus balance

Then, you can start playing with your cash balance. Here, as long as you wager with this balance, you can forfeit your casino non-sticky bonus anytime.

Let us say you hit $300 with your cash balance, then, your cash balance will be $450. Then, you can forfeit your no-sticky bonus in case you withdraw your real money. This gives you a profit of $300. Thus, you will not lose it while betting on your bonus.

What is the best casino no sticky bonus?
What is the best casino no sticky bonus?

Benefits of Casino Non-Sticky Bonus

  1. You can play with a bigger balance when you collect a no-sticky bonus.
  2. Thus, you have a bigger opportunity to win big or hit the bonuses because you have more money.
  3. Provided that you are playing with your cash balance, you don’t have to mind the max bet or games that qualify for the wagering requirements.
  4. At any moment, you can cancel your casino non-sticky bonus. So that you can withdraw the remaining balance from your account.
  5. It is very easy to calculate the expected value of the casino’s non-sticky bonus.

How to Find the Best Casino with a Non-Sticky Bonus?

Finding the best casino with no sticky bonus is easy. Thanks to the fast-growing online gambling industry. Many online casinos are offering non-sticky bonuses to their new and existing players. So, make sure to play with top Singapore online casinos to find many generous no sticky bonuses.

Sticky Bonus Casinos FAQs:

There are two main types of no-deposit bonuses: sticky and non-sticky bonuses. Sticky bonuses are not redeemable, thus they will be deducted from the bonus winnings. While a non-sticky bonus allows players to collect their bonus money anytime. That is, provided that, they are wagering with their cash balance.

There are two popular types of sticky bonus namely: Phantom sticky bonus and Expiring sticky bonus. Phantom sticky casino bonuses are added to your deposit money immediately. So that you can wager and play with them. However, once you decide to withdraw your winnings, the amount of the sticky bonus is deducted from your balance. Expira sticky bonus has an expiration date. Thus, it will only remain in your account for as long as the online casino permits.

These are types of no deposit casino bonuses. Wherein, your real money is different from your bonus money. Thus, the wagering requirements only apply to the bonus money. So anytime you wish to withdraw your reel money, you can. In addition, you can cancel your non-sticky bonuses.

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