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Free Casino Credits 101: How does credits in casino works?

Do you want to know the nits and grits of online casinos? Then, you might probably be wondering how free casino credits work. A lot of online casino offers lucrative bonuses and promos to attract people to sign-up for their website. And every player is given a chance to try their games for free – thanks to free casino credits.

What are free casino credits?

Others call it a welcome bonus. These are bonuses given by a Singapore online casino when a player registers for the first time. You cannot withdraw from these welcome bonuses. Only if you deposit funds in your account. After that, you can now redeem the deposit bonus as well as receive free spins and credit. Furthermore, here are the different types of free credits in the casino that you might get when you register in an online live casino in Singapore.

What are free casino credits?
What are free casino credits?

Different types of free casino credits

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is a type of casino credit that will be added to your account instantly. This type of free casino credit is the most popular on the list. You don’t have to deposit the amount to claim it. Also, you can get a no deposit bonus through a coupon code.

Yet, you cannot withdraw the money only if you meet the casino’s wagering requirement. With free casino credits, you can play almost any casino game. Thus, there is an exception for a few games.


Oftentimes, the best Singapore online casino offers no-deposit bonus promotions with no strings attached. This is to attract new players to sign up on their website. This means that you can withdraw without worrying to meet any wagering requirements. Although, these promotions are subject to change at any time.

Free Casino Spins

Free spins and credit are given by Singapore online casinos by setting a particular machine up with a certain amount of spins. You can activate this setting to claim these free casino spins. And once you initiated them, the gameplay will begin.

The amount of each spin is pre-determined and you can play until all the free spins are used up. After consuming all the free spins, you can now use your winnings to continue playing in the same slot machine or try other games.

What are free casino spins?
What are free casino spins?

Casino Welcome Bonus

This type of free credit in a casino is very popular with all online casino websites. As the name implies, the welcome bonus is given to the players after registering to the casino site. Most of the time, when you deposit for the first time, you will be given an extra deposit bonus together with your welcome bonus.

However, please do keep in mind to check if you can use a welcome bonus to play a game. Sometimes, there are online casino games that do not accept free credits.

Monthly Deposit Free Credits

You receive a deposit bonus upon sign-up, right? Well, you can receive it again if you are regularly playing on that Singapore online casino site. There is an online casino in Singapore that gives free credits and spins to their regular player. Besides, they also give monthly deposit-free credits for regular monthly deposits.

Free Spins Deposit Bonus

The free spins deposit bonus is one of the most common types of online casino promotion. Oftentimes, you can get a generous amount of free spins for small deposits that you make. We advise that you sign-up for an online casino site that gives promotions with fair wagering requirements.

Also, look for a website that offers fast withdrawals. So, that you can quickly withdraw your winnings. Moreover, a deposit bonus also comes along with a match bonus.

Free Spin Prizes

Aside from giving a lucrative welcome bonus, the online casino also gives free spin prizes as part of their casino credits promotion. This type of credit is commonly given to their loyal player and VIP players. Even so, you can also get these perks if you join tournaments and rank well. Also, you can claim free spins and credit when you unlock certain achievements or challenges.

How can you get free credits in a casino?

We already mentioned the types of free credits that you can get in a Singapore online casino and how you can get one, right? Well, you can also get free credits when you sign up for their newsletter.  You can be updated about their special online casino bonus and free spins through their newsletter. You can be updated about their new casino promotions as well as maximize your chances of becoming a winner.

Why do casinos give bonuses, free spins, and credits?

Aside from enticing more players to register on their website, bonuses and free credits also attract people to gamble more money. By giving prizes, the casino increases its profits by getting more people to play on its website. It is a great marketing strategy that aims to encourage new members and new deposits.

And, it also ensures that their players will come back again to wager. You can receive free spins, free credits, and discounts if you become a loyal player to them.

Advantages of Online Casino Free Spins and Credits

Playing in an online casino is very convenient and rewarding. You can get to choose a wide variety of online casino games as well as receive lucrative bonuses and free spins. Here are some of the advantages of getting free spins and credits in a casino.

What are the advantages of online casino free spins and credits?
What are the advantages of online casino free spins and credits?

1. Chance to practice and try out new games

If this is your first time playing the game, free credits in the casino allow you to practice the game. Claiming and using free spins and credit is a big advantage for you. You can hone your skills without spending real money. You can get a chance to know the game by using your free spins and credit before wagering with real money. Not to mention, you can get to decide if you like the game without spending money on your account.

2. Free spins and credit can make slots better

Slots are the most popular and most played games in an online casino. And these bonuses can make slot machines better.

3. Get real money

This is the best advantage that you can get from free spins and credit When you finally meet the wagering requirements you are now allowed to withdraw the casino bonus that you received. Free spins and credits also allow you to double your money. Besides, you can get to play the games and win prizes without spending money on your account.

Wrap-up: Free spins and credits

Getting free spins, free bonuses, and free credits are rewarding. But do be aware that even though it is free, there are some strings attached to it. The word “FREE” doesn’t mean that you can get it for the takings. You still need to read the terms and conditions of the online casino site. There are wagering requirements that you need to meet for you to withdraw these free credits. But overall, it makes your gambling experience much more exciting.

Free Casino Credits FAQs:

Free casino credits are the perks that casino players get when they register on casino websites. They are also perks that you can get to enjoy when you regularly play on the website.

You can receive free credits in the casino upon sign-up. Or, receive them through other promotions. Also, you can get one when you regularly play the game.

An online casino offers several ways to earn a bonus, credits, and spins. You can earn it as soon as you make an account. Additionally, you can get the reward from the tournaments. As well as earn from loyalty programs offered by the casino.

There are wagering requirements that come along with free credits and bonuses are given away by the online casino. So before you sign-up, do make it a habit to read the terms and conditions of the website.

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