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Gambling Laws On Online Gaming Around The World

Online gambling is increasingly popular nowadays. With the wide availability of the internet, it is very easy to access online gambling sites. Gambling is not legal in other countries. Thus, if you are planning to gamble online, you need to know the prevailing gambling laws in your country.

There are no single laws that cover the legality of online gambling. Moreover, online gaming around the world. Each country has its local regulations and laws that deals with gambling. In this article, we will discuss major gambling jurisdictions in online gaming. 

What are gambling laws on online gaming?

When it comes to online gambling law, every country has its take on the subject. Moreover, most of the time it is immensely complex to explain. There are parts of the world where online gambling is legal. Besides, some completely ban any gambling activities both online and offline. 

There are specific gambling laws in place that allow gambling regulation. As well as, licensing gambling sites to operate in the country. Furthermore, there is also specific legislation for casino operators to provide industry services. 

Within the country’s jurisdictions, some organizations are responsible for license issuance. Licensing authorities are also the ones responsible for regulating the licensees. With online gambling, the licensing authority issued a betting or gaming license. 

Online Gambling Laws Around the World

USA Online Gambling Law

In the United States, the legality of online gambling operations is a bit unclear. Back in the day, online gaming sites can provide gambling services without any issues. 

Yet, the Wire Act of 1971 makes interstate telephone wagering to be illegal. Today, the act made no specific reference to online gambling. 

What is the online gambling law in the USA?
What is the online gambling law in the USA?

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 changed the Wire Act to some extent. However, it still does not specifically refer to online gambling to be illegal. Yet, UIGEA did make it illegal for banks to process transactions between the gambling site and US residents. That is why many online gambling sites stopped taking customers from the USA. 

Nowadays, many USA states issued gaming and betting licenses. They allowed operators who wish to provide their services within those states.

Online Gambling Law in Canada

The law on online gaming in Canada is a bit confusing and straightforward at the same time. Casino gaming and sports betting are legal in Canada. As long as the casino provider is licensed to operate within the country. 

Furthermore, there is no law saying that it is illegal to use offshore online casinos and Sportsbook. To make it more complex, provinces in Canada allow regulating gambling in their regions. A lot of local gov’t in Canada operate their gaming outlets and online betting sites.

Online Gambling Law in the United Kingdom

The online gambling laws in the United Kingdom are very clear and well-regulated. Also, gambling sites can operate within and outside the region. Provided that Gambling Commission license them. 

With this clear legislation, the UK attracts many casinos. Moreover, gambling companies can legally operate in the country. Nevertheless, there is a big downside to 100% legalization of gambling. The government charges high tax rates both offline and online. 

Online Gambling Law in Europe

Europe is a big continent and each country has its online gambling law. That is why it is a bit challenging to keep up with the legalities of online gambling. 

For some countries, the gambling law is well regulated and for some, it is less. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is the one responsible for regulating the online gambling market. They are also the ones implementing a fair and competitive market for gambling in Europe. Yet, each country still has its jurisdiction and laws for gambling. 

Online Gambling Law in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the online gambling law is a bit technical. Hosting internet-gambling operations is illegal in the country. However, it is unclear if playing in gambling is illegal. 

The Betting Act of 1953 outlaws all forms of gambling. Moreover, it prohibits all other forms of communication and bet transmissions. While Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 says sports, betting, and bookmaking are also illegal. Additionally, the Sharia Law clearly forbids gambling.

So if you are planning to gamble in Malaysia, make sure to stick with an international site. Because if you find local sites based in Malaysia, then it is 100% sure illegal. There is no guarantee with your money if it suddenly shuts down. 

What is the online gambling laws in Africa?
What is the online gambling laws in Africa?

Online Gambling Laws in Australia

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA) covers all the laws about online gambling in the country. This act makes certain gambling services illegal for Australian people. Although, there is no specific law that specifies the prohibition of overseas online gambling. Moreover, it only allows lottery games and sports betting. 

Online Gambling Laws in New Zealand

Online gambling laws are refreshingly clear and straightforward. The Gambling Act of 2003 clearly states the prohibition of all forms of online gaming and gambling. In addition, this only applies to gambling companies operating in the region. Furthermore, the Gambling Act of 2003, explicitly makes offshore gambling is legal for New Zealanders. 

Online Gambling Laws in South America

In most South American countries, gambling activities are legal but not in all forms. Some countries have regulations when it comes to online gambling. 

Online Gambling Laws in Africa

Land-based casinos and other forms of gambling are legal in Africa. The National Gambling Act of 1996 legalized the operation of land-based casinos and bingo. It also legalized the national lottery, LPMs, and sports betting operations. 

Still, in 2004, the revised act is to address online gambling laws in South Africa. It distinguishes the difference between betting and website-based gambling. 

Likewise, the law clearly states that online betting is for sports and horseracing. Wherein, online gambling is everything else including casino games, bingo, and poker. Moreover, the revision clearly allows online betting. Nonetheless, online gambling is illegal. 

Gambling Laws FAQs:

With the prohibition of online gambling in countries, some gambling sites banned in the country. In addition, some international gambling sites do not allow registration. This is for players coming from countries where gambling is illegal. Although you can get away with it by using a VPN, you will get a problem claiming your winnings. Therefore, it is very difficult to circumvent these online gambling restrictions.

It depends on the site that you register. With reputable gambling sites, it is perfectly safe to gamble. Otherwise, you need to be cautious when dealing with illegal gambling sites.

The legality of online gambling depends on the country you are residing in. As mentioned in this article, some countries completely prohibited online gambling. Besides, some allow operation. To determine if it is legal in your country. Read the online gambling laws in your area.

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