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Gambling Terms: Ultimate Guide to Casino gaming terminology

If you are new to the gambling world, you can easily get overwhelmed by gambling terms. Most especially if you are trying out a game for the first time. There are chances that one can easily grasp the games, but the terms used to talk about them are hard.

However, do not be afraid. Once you learned the common gambling phrases and terms. Eventually, you can make yourself look like a professional gambler.

What is casino gaming terminology?

What exactly is gambling terminology? The gambling industry uses so much slang, jargon, and gambling terms. Moreover, it can be confusing and intimidating for new players to understand them. Thus, can lead to struggles when playing the games.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most important responsible gambling terms that you should know before you step into the world of gambling. Here, you can acquaint yourself with gambling terms, definitions, and other gambling phrases.

What are the casino gaming terminology?
What are the casino gaming terminology?

Most Important and Common Gambling Terms


This term could mean two things. First, it could pertain to the total amount of money that has been put into play. Alternatively, it is a dealer’s expression, “The action is on you”. That could mean it is your turn to act. Oftentimes, you will find action on casino table games. This includes how to play blackjack, roulette, or slots.


This casino gaming terminology refers to the money available for any casino activities. Bankroll is the amount of money you set aside for gambling. For most gamblers, this refers to the total cash that you are willing to risk when you play in a casino.

For professional gamblers, it is important to have a dedicated bankroll. Because this ensures that, they are only gambling with money they have set aside for gaming.

Bet/Betting limit

Also called a wager. This gambling term is the amount you need to stake in a casino game. Moreover, it could be a single bet or players can make several bets in a single game. In addition, there are casino games that have betting limits.

Popular Gambling Terms In Singapore Online Casino


This poker term refers to the amount of money needed to enter a table game or tournament.

When you visit a casino, you need to convert your cash to poker chips. Moreover, you needed poker chips to join a table game. Here, the total you spend on a table game is called a buy-in. In tournaments, buy-in pertains to the cost you needed to enter the tournament.


Cage is a crap terminology that is used to shake the dice before you roll it. But, this term could mean other things as well. Cage also refers to the secure area of the casino. Wherein, you can convert your casino chips into cash.

What are the common gambler terms in casino?
What are the common gambler terms in casino?

Card Sharp/Card Shark

Cardsharp is what you call a skilled and expert player at card games.

Card Washing

This gambling terminology refers to the action of the dealer when she spread the cards face down. Then, mixes them up before shuffling. Although, today this casino slang is rarely practiced because of automatic shuffling machines.


This casino term pertains to the currency of the gamblers. Casino chips or poker chips are equal to money. Moreover, it can come in different colors and denominations. In casino table games, you can use chips to wager your stakes.

Common Gambling Phrases And Terms


This could mean two things in the casino industry. Cold may pertain to the player who is on a losing streak. Moreover, cold is a slot term that describes a slot machine that is not paying out. On the other hand, when the slots are not paying out at a high rate. The opposite of this term is “hot”.


This casino term refers to reward points. When you visit a land-based casino, ensure that you sign up for their rewards club. The casino gives incentives to lure their players in the form of gifts. Therefore, when you are playing, you are also earning points. Over time, you can convert comps into tangible rewards like:

  • Free hotel rooms
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Cash
  • Gifts
  • Bonuses and other merchandise.


This is a roulette French term for table dealer. Croupier pertains to the person that operates the roulette wheel and collects the wagers. Although, this term is not commonly used in the United States. Instead, they used the word Dealer.

Other casino gaming terminology

Double or Nothing

This blackjack terminology means a bet that pays out the amount of the original wager.

Others call this type of bet even money. Therefore, when you win, your money will be doubled. Yet, if you lose, you will get nothing. You will normally encounter these gambling terms in roulette.

En Prison

This roulette term refers to the stake that will remain on the roulette table for another spin. This follows an Even Money Bet. Wherein, the outcomes were either zero or a double zero.

Face cards

Also known as picture cards or paint. This is a slang poker term for playing cards with a face. This includes Jacks, Queens, and Kings of any suit in a 52 deck of cards.

What are the common casino gaming terminology?
What are the common casino gaming terminology?

Gambler’s Fallacy

This event is less likely to occur in the future than has already existed in the past.


This gambler term refers to the player who offers a generous tip. Every dealer loves a George because this player is a big tipper.

Common Singaporean Online Casino Terms

High Roller

High Roller is a casino gaming terminology that pertains to the player who plays at high stakes. This also refers to a gambler with a large bankroll that risks more for much bigger rewards.

House/House Edge

This is another gambling phrase for a casino called the house. Every slot machine and casino table game is programmed in the house’s favor. When you play in a casino, you will always come across the phrase “The house always wins.” House edge refers to the probability that the casino will win money. Oftentimes, it is expressed in a percentage form.

Irregular playing patterns

These gambling phrases are often associated with bonus abuse. Wherein, the players will do the bare smallest to claim their bonus prizes. When players are doing irregular betting patterns, the casino forfeits their winnings.

Additional gambling terms that you should know


Also known as Vig. These gambler terms are often used in baccarat, craps, and Sportsbooks. Wherein, it refers to the commissions that the bookmakers earn.


This poker term refers to the high card in a hand that does not make up the fill. Usually, this occurs in a draw or a poker tournament in the form of an Ace or King card.

Layoff Bet

One of the gambling terms is that means when a player is betting that a seven will be rolled before the point. In addition, it is a sports betting term that refers to the money bet by a house with other bookies to reduce its liability.

Pit boss

This refers to a high-rank casino employee that handles supervising many tables. Normally, when you sit down at casino table games, you will notice him standing near the dealers. His job is to oversee fair play at all times.


One of the gambling terms is for a tip. It is good and polite etiquette to tip the dealer during a winning streak. On the other hand, when you get a good pot in poker games, you can give a tip to the dealer.

What are the gambling terms that you should know?
What are the gambling terms that you should know?


One of the gambling terms refers to a bet that the player does not want to make. Because underlay may cost more money than it is worth. Normally, this is a type of bet that favors the house more rather than the players.


Another gambling term for high rollers. Also called for super-wealthy gamblers. Whales go to casinos carrying a vast amount of cash to gamble. In addition, they do not care whether to win or lose. What they wanted is to only have fun.

Common Gambling Phrases

These are just some of the gambling terms that you should know. And there are still tons of them that you will encounter. After a few visits to the casino, you will surely get used to the gambling lingo.

Gambling Terms FAQs:

There are different gambling terms for a big gambler. Other casino-goer calls them high roller while called them whale or cheetah. Either way, these gamblers are willing to stash large amounts of money in the casino. In addition, they do not care whether they lose or win.

Duece is a casino gaming terminology that refers to a number two. While you may hear it in your everyday life, this gambling term is often used in a casino. Furthermore, it can be used in many ways. This can refer to a single card with a value of two. Alternatively, when you are playing dice and someone rolls two 1’s. Here, you can say they have rolled a deuce.

Comp points and VIP programs are some of the gambling phrases that refer to casino reward points. The casino gives incentives to their regular and VIP players to lure them into playing. Here, when you play, you are also earning comp points that can be converted into tangible rewards.

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