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How to play Blackjack in casino and win? (Beginners’ Edition)

Do you want to learn how to play Blackjack in Casino? Then you are at the right place because we will tackle everything about Blackjack.

Blackjack, often referred to as “21”, is by far the most popular casino table game. And its popularity roots in the fact that it is fun to play and almost available to all online casinos. Aside from that Blackjack gives the player some of the best odds to beat the house as well as winning big.

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Also, Blackjack rules are not only easy to learn. But it is easy to make an optimal strategy to give yourself the best odds of winning. So, if you are a beginner to the game and do not how to play Blackjack, we’ve got you covered. And before we delved deeper into details, let’s talk first about what Blackjack is.

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most played table games in the casino – both online and live casino in Singapore. In this card game, the players will get two cards. And depending on the casino, sometimes the dealer will customarily deal with two cards. The one facing up and the other one facing down. Also, Blackjack often refers to achieving a perfect score of 21. And with the combination of a 10-point card and an Ace.

When playing Blackjack in a casino, it comes with many rule variations. And it also uses a different number of decks. Usually, 6-deck or 8-deck is one of the most common games of Blackjack.

How to play Blackjack in casino?
How to play Blackjack in casino?

Types of Blackjack

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • Spanish 21
  • Super Fun 21

Cards Value

  • Cards 2 through 10 will be their pip price.
  • Face cards are Jack cards, King cards, and Queen cards has the same value often.
  • The Ace card value is either one or eleven.
  • And the hand’s worth will be the summation of all the card values.

To expand the hand’s value, the players will then get the power to draw an extra card. A hand holding an Ace card is valued at 11 and is termed as “soft” for the reason that it will not be smashed by taking an extra card. And the Ace card value will only turn out to be 1 to preclude the hand from exceeding the total value of 21. If surpassed, the hand will then be termed as “hard”.

The dealers will kick at the moment that all the players finalized their hands. And the broker hand will not be finished when all the players have smashed or received Blackjacks.

What are the Blackjack basic strategy or betting options?

You need to learn how you are going to invest your money once the dealer gives you the initial two cards. And as early as the card reaches you and the dealer opens one of their cards, you have to make your first choice.

And this means you need to pick one of these options:

Hit – This means you would like to have another card. But do not go over 21 because you are going to get busted. In Blackjack, hitting is often considered risky. Especially when you have already got a high-ranking number or card.

Stand – This means that you would like to stick with what you have. And hoping that either the dealer will not reach 21 or else you are going to get busted. Standing on lower numbers will only work when you are confident that the dealer’s next hand is a bust.

Double Down – You are going to double your initial bet in exchange for one card from the dealer after standing with what you’ve got. Doubling down is quite temptingly profitable but a risky move.

Split – Do you have matching pairs of cards? Then this option will help you split them into two separate bets. Keep in mind that you can only “split” a hand only once and you cannot double down on a split. Just like double down, this is a risky move.

How to play Blackjack in a casino and beat the dealer?

For the broker, he needs to disclose the concealed card and hit until the cards overall to 17 points. The dealer will then have to stay if the minimum of 17 points or higher. Always remember that when playing Blackjack, you are gambling with the expectation of getting a superior hand than the dealer. You will only get a superior hand if the summation of your card value is nearer to 21 minus surpassing 21.

How to play casino Blackjack and win?
How to play casino Blackjack and win?

Here is the comprehensive outcome of the hand in playing Blackjack:

  • When the player is given an Ace plus a ten-worth card termed Blackjack or Natural. If the dealer is not given, then the player will win and gets a bonus.
  • When the player has surpassed the summation value of 21, then the player will lose even if the broker has also surpassed the value of 21.
  • The player wins when the broker has outstripped 21 and the other participant does not.
  • The participants win when the player reaches a final summation. And it is greater than the dealer and does not get busted.
  • Nobody will win when both brokers and participants collect a Blackjack. In the same manner, whichever hands with the identical sum and termed push.

Please bear in mind that the other player’s hands at the table have nothing to do to win the Blackjack game. To simply game, it is all about you and the dealer. And you need to beat him.

4 Tips on how to play casino Blackjack and win

1. Only play games with Liberal Playing rules.

The bottom line of a single or double deck Blackjack game is that it has more odds for a player. Rather than playing a six or eight-deck game. So you need to scout for Blackjack tables to find the most liberal playing rules. You need to play only on tables where a Blackjack pays 3-2 and avoids the one that payoffs a 6-5 Blackjack.

For some liberal Blackjack rules, the dealer stands on Soft 17. And some allow the players to double down on any two cards and double after pair splitting.

2. Learning the basic Blackjack playing strategy.

One of the most optimal Blackjack strategies is by knowing the basic playing strategy. It will help you to minimize the house edge for up to less than 1% when the player plays every hand. The bottom line here is you need to learn the proper basic playing strategy for the rules set that you are playing.

3. Avoid making an insurance bet.

No matter how much money you wagered on your hand, do not ever make an insurance wager. Simply because it is a sucker bet. Even if you have a Blackjack, remember that you are betting that the dealer has a ten-value down card. And it goes with her Ace up card.

Although you may win, the winning insurance bet only pays 2-1. But the odds of winning are pretty much worse than 2-1.

4. Avoid having a progressive strategy.

It is a losing proposition to size your bet according to whether you won or lose on the previous hand. The only thing you need to keep in mind is betting only when there are more high-valued cards.

Wondering how to play Blackjack Singapore?

Playing Blackjack in Singapore online is fun and fascinating. And it often comes with a lot of bonuses and recompenses. One of the benefits of playing Blackjack in an online casino will help you get a privilege deposit bonus. Likewise, you’ll get VIP rewards, accelerated cash-outs, and greater-table limits.


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