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Casino Blackjack Strategy: What are the ways to win at Blackjack?

Have you ever dreamed to have a perfect in Blackjack? Well, it is possible although there is no guarantee for it. What is certain is a casino Blackjack strategy can help you to increase your odds of winning. If you manage to do this, then you will walk away as a winner.

Did you know that the basic Blackjack strategy has an order of operation?

Yes, it has. In this article, we will delve into details what are the winning strategies that you can use to beat the odds. First, you must read this before we proceed.

Casino Blackjack Strategy: Learning the basics is not enough!

Yes, the basic strategy in Blackjack can help you win some money. However, they are not enough for you to overcome the house edge. Even if you get lucky from time to time, still, you will need counting, deviations, and a winning betting strategy.

You need to memorize the basic strategy chart

For you to win at Blackjack using the chart, you need to memorize it by heart. However, memorizing all the conditions and decision is never easy. Because it was easy, then you wouldn’t be reading a guide about casino Blackjack strategy.

casino blackjack strategy
How to play Blackjack and win?

Life Fact: The basic strategy chart you start with, will not about the chart you end with

After learning, understanding, and memorizing the chart, you still need to learn the rules and deviations of Blackjack. You should know all these things so that you know what to do in every situation.

Perfecting your gameplay

To increase your odds of winning, you need to know all the nits and grits of Blackjack. Also, you need to learn the basic strategy chart forwards and backward.

Basic Blackjack Terms That Should Know

Blackjack: Sometimes it refers to the game, but most of the time it pertains to the best possible hand that you can have in Blackjack. Blackjack consists of an Ace and a card value of 10. At most live casinos Singapore, you will receive a payout of 3:2 when you hit a Blackjack. Therefore, when you bet $10, then you will receive a $15 payout.

Bust/Busting: This Blackjack hand goes over that total hand value of 21. So if the total value of your hand is 21, then you automatically lose against the dealer.

casino blackjack strategy
What is the casino Blackjack strategy?

Doubling/Double Down: You place an additional stake equal to your original stake. Then, you will receive an extra card if you double down. It is important to note that you can only double down with your first two cards. For instance, you bet $5, then your hand total value is 11. You can double down and place an additional $5 stake and receive one more card. Nevertheless, you cannot hit again whether you get a 10 or a 2.

Hard hand/Hard: This refers to any hand that does not contain an Ace that can still count as an 11. Therefore, it is a hard 17 if you have a 10 and a 7.

Hitting/Hit: This is a Blackjack action where you are asking for another card to be dealt with.

Insurance: If the dealer shows an Ace, then you can wager a side bet (insurance bet). This could be up to half of your initial bet. So, when the dealer has a Blackjack, then you will receive a 2:1 payout from the insurance bet. However, if the dealer does not have a Blackjack, then you lose your insurance bet. It is advisable to never take insurance when playing Blackjack. Based on probability, this is the worst betting option that you should not make.

Push: When you push, you can keep your initial bet while your hand ties with the dealer. Let us say, you and the dealer both have a hand total value of 19. Then you should push.

Push: If you and the dealer both have the same hand value, then it’ll be a push. If that is the case, then your hand ties with the dealer. At the same time, you can keep your original bet. If this happens, then the dealer will return your stake.

Soft Hand/Soft: This refers to a hand that includes an Ace with a value of 11 instead of 1. For instance, you are dealing an Ace and a 6, then you have a soft 17. This is great news for you because you can be aggressive without the risk of getting busted. Therefore, if you hit on a soft 17 and then get a 5. Then, the value of your Ace will be at 1. Thus, you now have a 12.

Split: If you are dealing with two equal cards, then, you can split them into two separate hands. By doing so, you need to make an additional bet equal to your original bet. For example, if you bet $10 and are dealt two 7’s, for another $10, you can then split your hand into two separate hands, each with one 7.

Stay/Stand: It means that you are sticking with your hand and do not want to deal with more cards.

Surrender: Basically, when you surrender you are giving up your hand before you see the dealer’s hand. It means that you are abandoning your hand when you surrender. Thus, you will be receiving half of your initial stake. You can surrender when you know that you are going to lose against the card of the dealer. Unfortunately, not many casinos offer surrender options.

casino blackjack strategy
What is the Blackjack winning strategies?

Casino Blackjack Winning Strategy: The order of operations

Can you surrender or should you surrender?

Some live casino Singapore will allow you to surrender (late surrender). However, you can only surrender on the first two cards you are dealing with. Therefore, you cannot surrender once you take a hit card. That is why this moves is the first thing that you need to consider when playing a hand. Then, you must first ask yourself whether to surrender or not.

If your answer is NO, then you cannot surrender. On the other hand, NO also means you shouldn’t surrender your hand.

Casino Blackjack Strategy: Can you split or should you split?

After considering your first step, the second most important decision that you need to make is whether to split or not. You can consider splitting if you have two 10-valued cards. Likewise, you can also split when your first two cards into a pair. If your hand both don’t have these conditions then you should split.

Can you double or should you double?

Being presented with an opportunity to double is a good thing. It means that have greater odds to win the hand. However, some live casino in Singapore restricts their players to double on certain hands. So, double will not always be possible when playing Blackjack. Still, make sure that you are aware of the Blackjack rules before you move on. If you are allowed to double, then do so.

Should you stand or should you hit?

This decision is the last thing that you should consider when it comes to casino Blackjack strategy. Do you need to take another card or not? If the mentioned options above are not appropriate, then you should stand or hit.

Blackjack Winning Strategies

Memorizing the basic strategy rules will help you get ahead of the game. Although following these rules will not guarantee 100% perfect gameplay, it helps in minimizing the house advantage. Here is the basic Blackjack strategy chart.

*Notably, you should double when the dealer shows 9 or less and at the same time you have a 10. Likewise, if you have 11 then you can double when the dealer has 10 or less. Furthermore, hit when the dealer has an Ace.

*You need to treat your hand like a hard hand when you do not split.

Additional Blackjack Rules To Remember

  1. If you have a 16 and the dealer shows a 10, then you need to surrender. However, if this option is not allowed then you should hit.
  2. Hit, if the strategy chart says that you should double, yet you are not allowed to do so. Alternatively, you should hit with a soft 18.
  3. As mentioned earlier, do not take insurance. Do this only if the dealer shows an Ace. Then, you can place a side bet that can amount to up to half of your initial stakes. You win if the dealer has a blackjack. However, when the dealer does not have a Blackjack, then you lose.
  4. Likewise, never accept even money when you have Blackjack. The dealer will offer you an even money payout when you have a Blackjack and the dealer shows an Ace. For instance, your bet is $10 and you accept the even money. Then you will receive a payout of $10 instead of the $15 payout by having a Blackjack. If you decline the even money and the dealer has a blackjack, then it will be a push. Here, you will get your initial stake back.

Casino Blackjack Strategy FAQs:

Practice, practice, and more practice. Even if it may sound easy but hard to do, still, practicing regularly will help you memorize your Blackjack strategy chart. By doing so, little by little you will memorize all these by heart.

Yes, the Blackjack strategy may slightly vary from different Blackjack variants. The strategy you use in a single deck Blackjack may have small differences to multi-deck Blackjack.

If the dealer shows an Ace, then you will be offered insurance. The insurance bet is a side bet that you can wager when the dealer is dealt an Ace. If the dealer has a Blackjack, then you will receive half of your initial bet.

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