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Lotto Millionaires Club – Amazing Lotto Winners Stories

Almost everybody has been dreaming of winning the lottery. And how could they not be? Even though the lotto is a high variance game, you cannot blame the people hoping to scoop the million jackpot. Just when you think you have made the right decision and stopped buying lottery tickets, here comes the next big winner. Again, you will still hope to be that lucky one. You will again wish to join the lotto millionaires club and share your amazing lotto winning story.

Do you want to become a lotto lucky winner? Of course, you are. Together, let’s find some inspiration with these inspirational stories from the lotto millionaires club members.

Amazing Lotto Millionaire Club Stories

Kevin Jones hitting the jackpot of £6.1 million

Before winning the £6.1 million lottery jackpot in May 2016, Mr. Jones and his wife had experienced failure and hardships. They lived in Spain for a few years before their big success.

The couple was the victims of two break-ins over the same weekend, leaving them with nothing. They had to gather their belongings and return to England after the crime. As a result, they had to start over. And what a fresh start they had — they won the Lotto jackpot!

Mr. Jones, being the wonderful man that he is, kept working as a bus driver after learning of his good fortune. This is due to the reason that he didn’t want to let anyone down.

lotto millionaires club
Do you want to join the lotto millionaires club?

“It is just amazing that this has happened. To think we had nothing and were working around the clock and now we have this. We really can now start to live the life of our dreams – something we never believed would happen to us.” -Mr. Jones

Kevin Jones also came up with a novel way to commemorate the first anniversary of his great win. He distributed golden envelopes containing lottery tickets to the town’s residents.

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Adrian and Gillian Bayford and their £148 million lotto winnings

If you think that this couple is just some random millionaire lottery winners, think again. Because Adrian and Gillian Bayford are some of Euro’s biggest millionaire lotto winners.

The couple won the record-breaking £148 million EuroMillions jackpot in August 2012. At that time, this is the largest lotto prize ever won. Everything appears to be in order since Bayford’s lucky day. However, 15 months later, the couple divorced. Then, Gillian returned to Scotland with their two sons.

lotto millionaires club
Who has the largest lottery winnings?

Afterward, Adrian met Samantha Burbidge and fell in love with her. What seemed like a fairy-tale at first ended with Samantha taking the £2 million horses, horsebox, and the car he had bought for her. Then, she left behind the squillionaire for a former boyfriend. Sadly, Adrian and Gillian’s friends and relatives fell out with them as well. As it seemed everyone thought they were entitled to a bigger piece of this humongous fortune.

Looks like some guys don’t have all the luck after all. But if you want to test if lady luck will smile on you, then you can try betting on 4d Toto in Singapore. You will never know, you might be the next lotto millionaires club member.

Edwina and David Nylan with their supposed to be millionaire lotto ticket

This couple from Fleetwood, Lancashire thought they bagged the £35 million jackpot for the December 23, 2015 lottery draw. Edwina and David believe they had played all the six winning numbers. So, they were overjoyed at the prospect of joining the lotto millionaires club to kick off the new year.

Unfortunately, due to a technological fault, they never received the £35 million they believed was theirs. The couple said they saw a confirmation of their ticket purchase after playing online using random numbers. They had a dilemma because they didn’t have enough money to purchase the lottery ticket. So, they had to top up first.

Camelot, the corporation that runs the National Lottery, claimed the system had logged their attempt to purchase a ticket. However, it did not record the top-up or the purchase of a ticket.

Since this unfateful day, the couple stated that they would never again play the lotto.

Dave and Angela Dawes- A lotto millionaires club story

Dave Dawes, a former factory worker, and his now-wife Angela Dawes were fortunate enough to win the life-changing £101 million EuroMillions prize in 2011. Winning the lottery had a significant impact on their life. Who wouldn’t be, right? With the £101 million, it allows them to purchase a larger home and ultimately marry.

However, in 2017, Dave’s son Michael Dawes filed a lawsuit against his father. Michael claims that Dave has stopped financially supporting him. Even though, Dave promises him to always transfer money to his bank account.

Michael is allegedly have spent more than £1.5 million since his father’s lottery win. Worst, he expects the pair to continue to assist him financially. However, the court dismissed his claim after reviewing the facts. Regardless of what happened, the pair has aided many of their relatives. Moreover, Dave and Angela Dawes made charitable contributions to a variety of organizations.

Stella and her secret lottery winnings

She started playing Toto, 4D, and Big Sweep lottery when she was 23 years old. For many years, Stella was unfortunate to win big, rather she only gets to bagged a couple of hundred dollars only. So, imagine her delight when she won the six-figure sum.

At that time, she has been married for six years. Intriguingly, Stella kept her lottery winnings secret from her husband. The only people that knew about it were her parents and her two best friends.

Why do you think this is her reason?

Well, her husband Gary was a spendthrift. Before their baby came, he was spending most of his salary and don’t bother to save. Even though he took his financial situation seriously after the baby came, her instinct told her to keep her winnings a secret.

Stella was afraid that Gary will use the money to fund a cushier lifestyle. Moreover, she doesn’t want Gary to quit his job while he is still young, energetic, and productive. Stella thinks that she will probably go to her grave without telling her husband that she won big.

Colin and Chris Weir and their lotto millionaires club story

Colin is a retired STV cameraman while Chris is a former mental nurse. The couple won the record-breaking £161 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2011.

Their lives have shifted immensely for the better since then. The couple purchased a massive, gorgeous mansion in Troon for themselves. In addition, the lotto millionaires spent more than £3 million for the Frognal House. Their estate offers large, bright rooms, and stunning vistas.

lotto millionaires club
What is your lotto millionaires club story?

However, Colin and Chris are not selfish. They donated £1 million to the National Theatre of Scotland. Moreover, they also donated three £1 million gifts to the Scottish National Party since 2011.

Furthermore, Colin Weir purchased a £1.5 million beachfront property, too. The Weir family also made large donations to numerous charitable organizations.

Some may think that they are too generous by sharing their good fortune with others. But for the Weir couple, sharing is caring and there is nothing worse for sharing their good fortune.

The mysterious winner of the S$ 9.7 million Singapore lottery

One lucky person in Singapore just won the largest lottery prize of S$9.7 million on January 3, 2019. There are photos of the lottery winner cheque that started circulating online on January 5. In addition, the winning slip combination’s picture matched the day’s winning numbers. Many people on the internet praised the lucky man. While some people were astounded to learn that someone had won a massive S$9,731,377. It will be one of the most talked-about Singapore lottery winning stories for a long time.

Are you intrigued about who is this lucky winner?

Unfortunately, the person wants to remain anonymous. If you want to try your luck, you can check out the best lotto site in Singapore.

Jane Park and her £1 million lotto winning story

When she won the million-pound EuroMillions jackpot in July 2013, she was just 17 years old. Therefore, Jane Park is the youngest lottery millionaire ever in Britain.

Lucky as she is but she struck gold with her very first ticket. After claiming her winnings, she splurged on:

  • Expensive designer purses and shoes
  • Mansion
  • Numerous exotic vacations
  • Plastic surgery

It also includes an £18,000 custom Range Rover in the color purple. So, she can pay tribute to her favorite team Hibernians.

However, as her friends returned to school or their jobs, her carefree life began to feel lonely. Thus, she felt left out of normal life and regretted her victory. Perhaps she should have kept playing for a few decades even if she didn’t win much. Because this will teach her to appreciate her successes more.

Even though Jane Park is young, wealthy, and well-known, she is lonely and sad. She can’t seem to stop complaining about how winning the lottery has made her life so tough.

John and Linda Kutey: A lotto millionaires club member in Singapore

The office lottery pool of John and Linda Kutey won millions of dollars in the Singapore lottery. This was their most significant victory to date. However, they didn’t want to keep the entire sum to themselves, though. Instead, they wanted to honor their parents by giving back to their community. So, they used the money to build a summer park for the kids.

Lotto Millionaires Club: A single mom wons the jackpot

This is the story of a single mother who had to raise her five children on her alone. She was all alone with her kids after her brother was killed by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, it was a difficult time in her life. She was living with her family in 2007, wherein, she was struggling to provide for them. But she persisted in trying her luck and purchased a lottery ticket.

She won the lotto and received a massive $112 million reward, much to her astonishment. Moreover, she tried various methods to win the jackpot before ultimately succeeding.

David and Kathleen Long: Lotto Millionaires Club Amazing Story

Winning the lottery once is more than enough, but what more if you win £1 million twice? Is it just sheer luck or fate? This lotto millionaires club story is truly one of the kind. Theirs will surely be written in the millionaire raffle numbers history.

What are your winning millionaire raffle numbers?

The billionaire lottery couple won for the first time in July 2013.

Did you know that they nearly missed out on the prize because they tossed the ticket away into the garbage can?

Yes, they did, a good thing that they were able to cash out their winnings.

Lucky people as they are and you may think that they are holding some gambler’s lucky charm. Because they did it again in March 2015. David and Kathleen long won £1 million for the second time around.

The chances of winning the EuroMillions twice are 283 billion to one. Therefore, winning twice is far less likely to happen than being killed after asteroid kits the earth. But the couple did.

Well, some people just indeed have all the luck.

Despite earning a million pounds, the couple chose to stay in their static caravan. After a 12-year engagement, they decided to give David’s mother a house and have a fantasy wedding. In addition, the colors of the event were white and red, as Mr. Long is a great Liverpool FC supporter.

On the other hand, their second million-pound triumph convinced them that they needed to relocate. They didn’t need a mansion, according to David. As long as it contained a game room and a bar, it is enough for them.

Surprisingly, Mr. Long stated that he believed he would win the first and second times and that winning a third time would not be too difficult.

Lotto Millionaires Club FAQs:

Colin and Chris Weir are the lucky couples that won a massive £161 million jackpot. This is the EuroMillion’s jackpot when they won it in 2011. The couple used the large prize money to purchase the mansion of their dreams.

The youngest person to win the lotto in the United Kingdom was only 17 years old. Jane Park, an outspoken skeptic, wins big the first time she buys a lottery ticket. She reveled in pushing the envelope and purchasing a personalized Range Rover. Aside from that Jane also enjoys buying high-end purses and pretty much anything else that piqued her interest.

You need to pay your tax obligations after winning the lottery. Then, you need to determine whether you will transfer the funds to your bank account in one or numerous transactions over time. However, the most crucial element is to party like there is no tomorrow. In the same way as Dave and Angela Dawes are.

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