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Low Variance Slot Machines: Volatility Slots Explained

Volatility and variance are two new gambling terms that refer to the same phenomenon. Yet, information on variance might be difficult to come by. When it comes to slot machines, the term “volatile” simply refers to the level of risk involved. It’s a term that describes how frequently and how much you may expect to win when playing. So, what do high and low variance slot machines mean?

What does “volatility” means in slots? Long dry stretches with significant wins are common in several games. Similarly, these games might have a lot of major wins in a short amount of time. High-volatility slots are what they are called. Low-volatility slots are the polar opposite. With low variance slots, you’ll regularly hit winning paylines with them. Yet, expect that your winnings are usually smaller compared to high volatile slots. Meanwhile, you can check out the best casino bonus for Singaporean players.

What Exactly Is Slot Machine Volatility, And Why Does It Matter?

Slot variance, or volatility, refers to the frequency of a slot game’s payouts. It also measures the game’s overall level of risk. Slot machine volatility is significant since it informs players about what to expect from a slot game. Besides, it assists them in selecting a game that fits their playstyle and budget.

What Is Low Variance Slot Machines?

Low volatility slot machines (or low-risk) slots appeal to players with modest budgets. It allows players to play for extended periods without risking large money. Also, low variance slot machines can be a lot of fun and provide regular little wins.

High volatility (or high-risk) slots, on the other hand, are preferred by players who are willing to spend more for a better chance of winning big.

The beautiful thing about volatility is that it gives everyone a choice. Additionally, understanding the principle is a good start. But studying the volatility of slots before playing is just as vital. With this knowledge, you’ll be better able to select a slot that suits your playstyle. Also, it keeps you on a budget while avoiding unpleasant surprises.

What are low variance slot machines?
What are low variance slot machines?

Different Levels Of Slot Machine Volatility

  • High variance slots
  • Medium-high variance slot machines
  • Medium variance slot machine
  • Low-medium variance slots
  • Low variance slot machines

Let’s take a closer look at each category and see what it has to offer:

High Volatility Slot Machines

Are you a natural risk-taker who believes that tremendous returns are worth the wait? Then, high volatile slot machines are perfect for you. These games are set to offer big payouts, but less frequently. Thus, you can experience long game sessions without getting any prizes.

This isn’t to say that high-risk slots aren’t enjoyable. Let’s take NetEnt’s Jungle Spirit as an example. Besides, this slot game frequently incorporates extra bonuses like free spins and growing symbols. Some of the most volatile slots may even incorporate fascinating mechanisms like Megaways. This includes slot games, like Raging Rhino or Bonanza Megaways. Thus, high variance slots with the best payouts may also have big jackpots.

Still, special features do not guarantee a win. Despite that, they do increase your chances of winning large sums of money. Thus, it’s a good idea to combine high volatility and a high RTP to optimize the value of your payouts.

Medium-high Variance Slot Machines

A famous hyphenated subcategory, medium-high, exists halfway between high and medium volatility positions. As you may assume, a lower level of volatility means lower rewards. On the plus side, these payouts should occur more frequently than in a high volatility slot.

Moreover, medium-high volatile slots are ideal for Singaporean players who don’t want to take on too much risk. Yet, they still want to win big. Are you new to medium-high volatility slots? Finn’s Golden Tavern by NetEnt is a wonderful place to start for beginners like you.

Medium Variance Slot Machine

In addition, medium-volatility slots online in Singapore combine the best of both worlds. You should expect medium-sized rewards at a medium frequency while playing this game. Also, combine that with a few lucrative extra features, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

NetEnt’s Asgardian Stones is an excellent example of a medium volatility slot with a wealth of extra features. This includes slot features like:

  • Progressive multipliers
  • Enormous symbols
  • Bonus wheel

Also, Cleopatra by IGT and Gemix by Play n Go are strong competitors for the best medium volatility slots prize.

We recommend choosing a medium-risk slot with a high RTP. So, you can lessen the volatility of its rewards for better bankroll management and peace of mind.

What does volatility mean in slots?
What does volatility mean in slots?

Low-Medium Variance Slot Machines

Furthermore, this type of slot machine is a balance between those who can’t decide between low and medium volatility. It is also suitable for slot players who just want the best of both worlds. Are you comparing low-medium volatile slots to medium volatility slots? Then, expect lesser payouts and a higher hit frequency in this slot machine.

A low to medium volatility slot may be your best choice if you have a larger budget and are ready to risk it for big payouts. If you want to try out a low-medium volatile slot, Quickspin’s Sevens High is a great option for you.

Low Variance Slot Machines

Do you want to have a good time without having to win big but on a tight budget?

If so, then low volatility slots are a great option for you. Low-risk slot machines usually pay out small amounts, so you won’t be bored.

What’s more, low variance slot machines have a low level of danger. And, these are one of the best things about low volatility slots. You can play them for a long time with very little money.

Low variance slots are also a good option for beginner players. They can get some practice with low-risk games before trying their luck with higher-volatility slots.

Are you a newbie slot players who want to learn the basics of slots? You can also check out our guide on how to pick a slot machine.

Fans of low-variance slot machines will like Microgaming’s Wild Scarabs. This slot game makes up for the tiny size of its jackpots with unique features. Also, Betsoft’s Reels of Wealth and NetEnt’s Guns & Roses are other excellent choices.

Popular Low Variance Slot Machines

Online Slot Game


1429 Uncharted Seas




Holmes and the Stolen Stones


Thunderstruck 2


Tomb Raider


Telly Reels


The Mummy


So, look for a slot machine with greater rewards to increase your chances. Also, reduce your bets as much as possible as quickly as possible to get the most bang for your money in the long term.

Volatility Slots FAQs:

In slot games, slot volatility is a statistic that forecasts the amount and frequency of payouts. Knowing the volatility of a slot machine provides you with a good notion of how much you’re risking throughout a game.

These two phrases relate to the same measure. Thus, you may use it interchangeably. Volatility refers to the distribution of rewards within a single gaming session. On the other hand, variance typically refers to the same distribution over a longer period.

A player must examine the paytable, bonus features, and minimum bet value closely to estimate the game’s volatility. In most situations, high-volatility games feature a larger minimum bet and paytable. Free spins, bonus games, scatters, and x2 gamble games will all be included. A low volatility game, on the other hand, will be devoid of some extra features and will have a smaller minimum bet amount.

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