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Slots Bonus: Which slots have the best bonus features?

When you visit a casino, do you select which slot to play based on the bonus features that it offers? Because when you hit the jackpot, you will surely become an instant millionaire. Thanks to the lucrative and wide range of slots bonus features offered by casinos today. To learn more about a welcome bonus, read a full online casino bonus guide here.

In every slot machine, the slots bonus round is the best highlight. That is why casinos offer more innovative ways to keep their players entertained.

What are the best slot machines with bonus features?

slots bonus
What are the best slot machines with bonus features?

Many people love to play casino games for different reasons. Moreover, slot games in Singapore that give the best bonus features are one of them. In addition, bonus features are the ones that will help you win big prizes. From free spins up to pick and win features, you are eager to have this bonus triggered, right? Nevertheless, you have also become disappointed because you are being unlucky. So, let us check the list of the best slot bonus out there in the casino.

The best slots with best bonus games

  1. The Invisible Man Slot Machine

Aside from the lucrative jackpot that it offers, this slot gives a bonus round with free spins. The Invisible Man boasts a wide array of special bonus features. Most especially when the police and griffin walking wilds are merging. This will activate the ten free spins.

In this game, as the wilds work their way off the reels in the free spins, it will adds up to the police meter. Moreover, when the meter is full, it will activate the police spin bonus. At this point, you can get three free spins. Wherein, you can also get five randomly placed flaming wilds appearing on the reels. In this game, free spins are the most popular slot bonus that they give.

When the Griffin meter was the first to be filled, it will trigger Griffin’s rag bonus game. Here, three bonus round will take place in three locations:

  • The Lion’s Head Inn
  • The Mansion
  • The Epping Station

And in every location, you can pick from five items. Alternatively, you can the slot bonus will award you various coin wins. In addition, you can get increasing win multipliers or police hats.

  1. Pharaohs Fortune Slots Bonus

Here, you can take advantage of the wonderful two-stage bonus round offered by this slot. This slot machine stands out among the other Egyptian-themed slots.

Pharaoh’s Fortune slot is boosting with a unique and exciting bonus round. Here, you need to get the golden Pharaoh’s head (bonus symbol). Moreover, the three paylines that activate the free spins slots bonus. However, before the bonus begins, you need to enter the Pharaoh’s tomb. Here, you have a chance to boosts the number of free spins that you can get. In addition, you can win a multiplier by picking from the different tiles.

Furthermore, the slots bonus features a different set of symbols. Wherein, you can see the hieroglyphic-style characters are dancing around the reels. In addition, with every single spin of this slot, you are guaranteed to win at least three times the activating bet.

slots bonus
What are the slots with best bonus games?
  1. Rocky Slots

Do you love the legendary Rocky movies? Then, this one is perfect for you. This slot machine offers an amazing knockout slots bonus that is the highlight of the game.

Here, you need to get a white boxing glove on your first reel. In addition, you need a red one on your fifth spin to trigger the best bonus feature in these slots.

To play this game, you start by selecting the opponents of Rocky to fight in the bonus. This opponent includes Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang, or Apollo Creed. The fight will be shown in video footage taken straight from the film. Wherein, the fight takes place for over 10 rounds each. Thus, every time Rocky wins in each round, you will get a coin.

Aside from that, the slot offers a special Rocky slots bonus feature. You need to spell out the word R-O-C-K-Y across the reels to get a five times the total bet win. Besides, this best bonus feature in slots, Rocky also boosts free spins. Moreover, extra wilds and double payouts.

  1. Jurassic Park Slot

Take advantage of the free spins enhancing slots bonus features.

This Jurassic Park slot machine is inspired by the Epic dinosaur movie of Spielberg.

These slots with bonus features include a 5-level bonus feature. In this game, you need to land three ambers scatter symbols. After that, you will get a twelve free spins reward. In addition, when one of the 5 dinosaur features is chosen, it adds enhanced free slots bonus features.

Additionally, T-Rex can appear in the T-Rex bonus features wild reels. Then, it will turn up to five reels. These slots with the best bonus games feature running wilds from Triceratops bonus. In addition, you can get a multiplier bonus and split wilds from the Velociraptor bonus. Not only that, take a chance to activate the winning wilds from Dilophosaurus bonus. Here, the dinosaur will turn into random positions wild.

  1. Best bonus feature in slots: The Avalon II Slot

In these slots with the best bonus games, you can get a variety of eight bonus games. Avalon II offers an exceptional slot bonus that you should not miss. Then, you go through the quest, eight possible slots bonus are waiting for you. Every time you trigger the grail bonus, you can look at the maps where all the slots bonus rounds are located.

These slot machines with bonus features include:

  • Reforging of the Excalibur in the Lake of Legend bonus
  • Spinning the Wheel of Fortune at the Isle of Avalon
  • Free spins with extra wilds
  • Trailing wilds
  • Rolling reels
  • Pick and win features

Besides, the unique Avalon II multi-level bonus has the feel of a story. So, it will surely captivate you to play.

slots bonus
What are the best bonus feature in slots?
  1. Rainbow Riches slot machines with bonus features

These 5-reel slots offer 20 paylines. That is why it surely captures the attention of slots playing the public. Although this game does not offer free spins bonus round, this slot is packed with other bonus features. This includes:

  • Pots of Gold Bonus
  • Road to Riches Bonus
  • Wishing Well Bonus

Moreover, not only that, the jackpot that you can win in Rainbow Riches is insanely huge. That is why this is one of the best bonus features in slots.

  1. The Walking Dead

Everyone loves the hugely popular US TV show “The Walking Dead”. That is why Aristocrat (slot developer of this casino game) grab the chance to license and produce this 6-reel slot machine. Here, you have a chance to win free games and the mega jackpot of $500, 000.

Play slot machines with bonus features

The bonus features offered by slot machines can be very entertaining. Aside from the amazing storylines, these slot machines offer remarkable gameplay elements. Is this the first time you will try a slots machine? You can play the slots free to get a hold of the game. In addition, you can also learn the different paylines offered by each slot.

Slots Bonus FAQs:

This gives you a chance to play the game for a few rounds without the need to spend your own money. Many online casinos give their players free spins to test the game. In addition, this is the most common type of slots bonus that comes with multipliers for your wins.

The slot machine is a game of chance. Besides, you will never know what would be the outcome of each spin. Besides, the slots bonus is dependent on the volatility of the game. Oftentimes, you can get incredible bonuses from high volatility games. Though, this is very hard to get. We suggest you play low volatility slot machines. Although the winnings are low, the odds of winning are high.

Slot machines offered bonus features that can go with bonus games to get more rewards. This can be in a form of multipliers or other wilds in every slot. Some bonus features show up in the base game.

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