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Online Live Casino Academy: How to become a casino dealer?

Do you want to become a dealer in a casino? Then, you should enroll yourself in an online live casino academy. By doing so, you can learn the tricks of the trade. Aside from that, you can apply yourself to one of the best live dealer casinos in Singapore.

Working on an online and land-based casino looks pristine and glamorous. It feels like you are just having fun and not working at all. Aside from that, you can come across thousands of different people including high rollers and celebrities. If you are interested in this career, then you should enroll in a top online live casino academy.

What is an Online Live Casino Academy?

Online Live Casino Academy is a live dealer and croupier academy where you undergo croupier training and live dealing workshops. By enrolling in this academy, you can learn two croupier careers in just a single course such as:

  • Croupier
  • Live Dealer

Do you want to undergo live dealer croupier training SG?

online live casino academy
How to be a casino live dealer in Singapore?

Online Live Casino Academy provides you with croupier training and workshops at the highest standard of the casino industry. Therefore, you will be able to meet the ever-growing demands of both live casinos online and land-based casinos.

All the trainers have more than fifty years of collective experience in the industry. Therefore, they can ensure that you will get the best education and bright future of becoming a dealer in a casino.

Are you searching for casino training SG?

An online casino school is an innovative educational center online. It is dedicated to helping aspiring casino dealers like you learn all the things you need to know about the online gaming world. At Online Live Casino Academy, you will be able to learn a wide range of resources like:

  • Practice and real money wagering
  • Gambling advice and tips
  • Legal information about online casinos
  • Casino games – rules, strategies, regulation
  • Responsible gaming and more

All of this gambling information is arranged in different classes and lessons. Therefore, it will be more convenient for you if you are a complete beginner in the online gambling world. You can apply for casino dealer training in SG. Learn about the History of Gambling.

How to become a live casino dealer?

Becoming a casino dealer is no easy task. To apply for a role at the best online or land-based casino, you should have a casino dealer license. Yes, you read it right, a casino dealer license. A casino dealer by law possesses a license to work in a casino. The state gaming boards should issue it.

You can easily apply for this. You only need a photo I.D. and proof of your residency. When you are applying for the position, having a license will give you an advantage during the interview stage. It could mean that you can start working as a dealer straight away.

online live casino academy
What is an online live casino academy?

There are also training workshops and courses that you can apply to gain deeper insights into the casino gaming industry. You can apply to an online casino school to gain valuable knowledge with the croupier training in Singapore.

If you are interested to become a dealer, then this article will help you learn what it takes to become a live casino dealer in Singapore. Nevertheless, before that, let us distinguish the difference between land-based casinos and live studio casinos.

What is the difference between a live studio and a land-based casino?

In a land-based casino, you are working in a lively environment that is socially energetic. As a dealer, you can professionally chat with your players. It is very rewarding to enjoy social contact with all types of players in the casino.

In a live studio casino, the ambiance is completely different from a land-based casino. Here, you are working in a calmer atmosphere instead of the rowdy players of craps. As a live dealer, you can also speak with your player. The only difference is that you are speaking via a camera. Live studio casino also has a chat facility wherein you can formally communicate with your player. In addition, you will not be able to hear the rowdiness and excitement of the players at a craps table.

What are the qualities that make a successful Online Live Casino Academy candidate?

If you want to become an OLCA student, then you must be over 18 years old. Since you are going to deal with the gambling world, you must be at least over the gambling age, too. You must not have any criminal record. Here are some of the qualities that you must possess

  1. To become a casino dealer, you must be well groomed and have a smart appearance.
  2. You must possess English language skills since you are going to deal with different players around the globe.
  3. Aside from speaking skills, you must have good mental arithmetic skills.
  4. Also, you must be able to discern between differing colors. Casino dealers must be able to distinguish colors clearly.
  5. Moreover, you must have effective interpersonal and communication skills. As a dealer, you must possess a professional yet friendly personality. You need to keep your players engage in the game so they will continue playing. As a casino dealer, you should be a perfect host on your table. In addition, you need to possess excellent observation skills.
  6. A successful casino dealer must have a calm and tactful personality as well. You must be able to stay calm while being under pressure.
  7. More importantly, you must have nimble hand movements since you are going to shuffle cards. In addition, you must have great hand and eye coordination. Aside from that, you must also acquire technical gambling skills. It means that you should know the game rules, betting rules, and more. 
  8. Casinos are livelier at night. Therefore, most casinos are operating at night although some casinos are open in the daytime, too. Of course, you should be flexible to work in unsociable hours.

Is being a dealer in a casino right for you?

Working at a casino may sound and look like a glamorous occupation. However, being on the other side of the table is a completely different experience when you visit the casino as a player. As a dealer, you are there to do your job. Moreover, to become a qualified applicant you must have these important skills and attributes.

online live casino academy
What are the qualities of a successful casino dealer?

Notably, you are going to be in charge of your table. It means you are responsible for calling bets and announcing results. Aside from that, you will also need to deal with the occasional drunk gambler.

Online Live Casino Academy: How to practice dealing?

After undergoing training and workshops in an Online Live Casino Academy, you should be perfecting your dealer’s skills. You need to keep on practicing dealing so it’ll become flawless. It is because casinos are looking for qualified applicants that possess flawlessly dealing skills.

During the interview, one mistake can cost you a lot. So, don’t ever come to an interview unprepared. Here are the ways you can gain great hands-on casino dealer experience:

Do not underestimate the YouTube Academy.

YouTube is a great source of tutorials wherein you can learn almost anything. You can find shorts and easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials. These video guides will teach you how to deal flawlessly and perfectly.

Read “How To Become A Casino Dealer” Books.

You can read a wide range of reference books on how to become a dealer in a casino. From dummies guides to professional handbooks, you can do a lot of things.

Role-Play With Your Friends.

After watching video tutorials and reading how-to books, it is time that you practice your skills.

To test out your dealing skills, you can host poker night games with your friends. It is great to practice your casino dealer skills. It also helps you to become familiar with the actual dealer etiquette and behavior. By doing so, you can practice under real-life conditions with actual players.

It is also great if your friends are regular casino players. You can ask them to role play with you. They can test you with different scenarios that a dealer will most likely encounter in real-life situations.

Online Live Casino Academy: If possible, look for a mentor.

online live casino academy
Do you want to enroll in an online live casino academy?

Aside from enrolling in an Online Live Casino Academy and undergoing different casino dealer training SG, you can find a mentor. A mentor or coach can help you learn how to deal with professional and industry standards. However, you may need to pay for lessons with this professional coach. Unlike online training and workshop, this coach can help you in the real world. They will help get you up to speed up your knowledge and skills.

Online Live Casino Academy FAQs:

As a casino dealer, you are responsible for managing your table. Typically, you are involved in dealing cards in table games like Poker, Baccarat, or Blackjack. You also will operate the Roulette wheel or manage the Craps table. Moreover, you will also assist players on the slot machine floor. Aside from that, make sure that your players are treated fairly. So, all the patrons will have a great casino experience.

There is no formal education needed to become a dealer in casinos. However, most casinos today prefer to hire applicants with high school diplomas or GED. It is due to the reason that the job requires math skills.

To become a casino live dealer, you must have technical gaming skills. Aside from that, make sure you have relational and personal skills too. It includes communication and customer service skills. Analytical Reasoning Ability. Physical Stamina. Outgoing Personality.

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