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Gambling: A Brief History of Gambling in Asian Culture

Gambling exists in some form or another, for almost hundreds of years, if not thousands. Moreover, believe to be inseparably linked to the history of humankind. From Ancient China to Egypt, up to the scenes on Greek and Roman, there are indications that our ancestors love to gamble. They take every chance and opportunity to gamble most especially in gatherings. Likewise, when people gather, gambling will surely have been taking place as well. 

History of Gambling In Asia

They say that Asian Culture is as vast as its civilization. Moreover, the continent consists of many ethnicity and heritage. Apart from that, the evolution of history, tradition, and culture of the societies also differs. As a result, it gives a distinction to the unique nationalities of Asian people. Aside from the differences in their belief and knowledge, they also share a unique form of entertainment. This includes gambling, betting, and other forms of gaming. 

The Earliest Evidence of Wagering (2300bc)

The earliest concrete evidence that Asian loves betting was found in Ancient China. It said to believed that the found tiles were unearthed and appeared to have been used in the lottery. In the Chinese’ “Book of Songs” refers to “The drawing of wood”. Also, it suggests that discovered the unearthed tiles found might have been used for an early type of lottery (a rudimentary game of chance).

What is the history of gambling in Asia?
What is the history of gambling in Asia?

People also believe that Keno’s origins are based on the Chinese game called “Baige Piao”. This means “White Pigeon Ticket”. And relates to the connection of tickets with homing pigeons. The discovered “Keno slips” presume to be used as some sort of lottery to fund the country’s state works. This possibly includes the construction of the Great Wall of China. Moreover, lotteries are said to use for civic purposes up until today. 

Playing Your Cards Right In China (C.800ad)

Many historians agreed that the first-ever playing cards came from China in the 9th century. Alongside this are the exact rules of the games they used in playing. Sadly, these rules are lost to history. 

Other scholars suggest that the cards are used for the game as well as the stake. Wherein, the concept of the game is like the trading card games played by kids today. While other historians believe that, the first packs of cards are made out of paper and in the form of a Chinese domino. Whatever it is, the cards we used today are undoubtedly not like the cards at that time. The game of playing cards spread throughout Europe. Moreover, wagering spread and evolve throughout the world. The rules became more regulated and organized. 

The history of gambling in Asia mostly evolves in China. Gambling started ever since 4,000 years ago. Popular modern games like pai gow, fan tan, mahjong, and lottery originate in this country. Besides, ancient Chinese games like shi pai, liubo, and gu pai lays the foundation of Chinese betting today. 

Shanghai, China – Magnet For Many Gamblers

From the middle of the 1800s up to the early 1900s, Chinese gamblers played a wide variety of local and international games. And this includes the game of chance – roulette. In 1847, Macau’s Portuguese government has legalized betting in the country. Thus began the blooming of gambling dens in China. Yet, eventually, the civil war in China ends all commercial gaming when the communist’s ruled. Even so, the Portuguese ran Macau as the permanent region in the year 1961.

History Of Casino Wagering 

Back in the day, gambling is organized in private houses. Moreover, in the year 1638, the first gambling was established legally in Venice. Besides, this is where the real casino starts. Il Ridotto is the name of the first real casino in history. Likewise, it is designed to entertain people while gambling. During that time, only privileged people are allowed to enter the Il Ridotto. Thus, the bets are huge.

Alongside this, there are certain rules that the visitors need to follow.

  1. Visitors need to follow the dress code.
  2. Behavior patterns or etiquette to follow.
  3. Gamblers need to order some specific dishes on the menu. 

Il Ridotto contributes high taxes to the government. But, with the negative opinion of the church, Il Ridotto was closed. 

History Of Gambling In Thailand

The country has a very long history relating to gambling. Thailand people love to gamble as a form of pastime and entertainment. In this brief history of gambling in Thailand, gambling became legal before 1917. During that time, almost everything is subjected to gambling. They bet on many things including bullfights and cockfights. Besides, they enjoy playing other staking games that are introduced by foreign traders. 

Even so, in 1917, gambling become illegal in curbing crime. Besides, it becomes illegal again between the years 1930-1935. But then again because of public opinion, it becomes illegal again after the following years.

Brief History of Gambling in Japan 

In the 8th century, gambling originated in Japan. They love playing a game that is very like backgammon these days. Yet, during the 13th century, any staking activities become prohibited in the country. 

Yet, this does not mean that there are no wagering activities in the country. There is a lot of legal gambling in Japan. From sports betting to horse betting, betting is widely accepted in the country. Aside from that, Pachinko, like slots, is the biggest legal gambling game in Japan.

The Start of Modern-Day Gambling 

In 1994, the first software is developed that puts gambling online. Moreover, Barbuda in the Caribbean and Antigua are the first nations that enact free trade agreements for online casinos. This year, the first-ever online casino is launched as well. 

When does modern day gambling starts?
When does modern day gambling starts?

The Arrival of Mobile Gaming and Wagering

Moreover, today the top gambling sites are embracing the advancement of technology. They shift their platform in the usage of mobile devices. Furthermore, it opens more opportunities for mobile wagering.

Final Say:

This brief history of gambling in Asia only proves that Asian people love wagering. Moreover, there is no doubt, why there is a large demand for gambling today. If you are wondering what is next to come in the history of gaming. Well, it is difficult to predict. Virtual reality technology will level up the gambling experience of the players. Who knows what technology and gambling bring to us, right? 

History of Gambling FAQs:

Gambling exists longer than we think it is. It is inseparably related to the history of humanity. From Ancient China, Egypt, up to the scenes on Greek and Roman, there are indications that our ancestors love to gamble. They take every chance and opportunity to gamble most especially in gatherings. Likewise, when people gather, gambling will surely have been taking place as well.

With the popularity of online casinos, online sports betting also followed the trends. And in 1996, the first-ever website about sports betting is launched. Alongside this, existing bookmakers also follow the trend and create their websites. In the year 2002, live sports betting is introduced to the people. Here, gamblers can place a wager as the sports event is happening.

Gambling will always be a part of humankind. Moreover, in 1638, Casino di Venezia is the first casino that opened its doors and established gambling, as we know it today.

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