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Online Poker: How to avoid common poker cheats?

When it comes to playing online poker, there is still a misconception that you can cheat the system. Although cheating in poker exists as old as the game itself, playing poker online is safe. Thanks to technology, poker cheats are hard to do. Yet, there are still cheaters that able to make their way to cheating.

So, before you get carried away will the hype of playing in a live casino in Singapore, learn how to spot poker cheats. In this article, we will guide you are the different ways that you can be cheated in online poker.

Common poker cheats and how to avoid them

Cheats in poker are not something you have to deal with daily. A lot of players do not recognize that they are already being cheated on.

Even so, this is the world of gambling. Also, a lot of people make their way to win money in any way possible. They will use whatever methods are available when money involves. Whether you are going to gamble in a live or Singapore online casino, keep your eyes open to common poker cheats. And as much as possible avoid them.

What are the common poker cheats in live casino?
What are the common poker cheats in live casino?

Common poker cheats in live casino

1. Colluding in tournaments

In live poker, this involves 2 or more players who work together to beat the other gamblers on the table. Oftentimes, it happens in tournaments most especially at final tables. Likewise, they do this to keep each other alive.

Oftentimes, they refuse to call a short stack as well as make crazy folds for a tiny river bet. They also conceded a big pot to their partners. But the problem here is that it is hard to prove when you spot one. Furthermore, the best that you can do is to try and break their cooperation. Besides, you should not let them play pots with each other. Also, avoid getting squeezed between them.

2. Signaling cards

Poker cheaters try to signal the strength of their hand or exact cards to their partner. Aside from signaling cards, they also do some sort of chip signaling. Hand positioning and card placement on the table are also poker cheats to keep an eye on. Additionally, you can address them and call out for their actions and they probably stop doing it.

3. Card marking

This must be the oldest trick in poker history. In addition, be aware of this, if you are going to play a home game with strangers. Also, others use invisible ink and special glasses to leave marks on the cards. How to avoid card marking? You can request a deck change if you notice something is not right. Or, you can try to argue with the host. Besides, you can always walk away to avoid being cheated on.

Online poker cheats that you should be aware of

What are the online poker cheats that you should be aware of?
What are the online poker cheats that you should be aware of?

1. Collusion in online poker

Collusion can happen both in live and online casinos in Singapore. In online casinos, players share their cards through Skype, telephone, and other means of communication.

2. Ghosting in online poker

This type of cheat in poker happens when a player advises another player during the game. In online poker tournaments, it is hard to avoid this. Like collusion, they can use other communications like Skype and TeamViewer. And it oftentimes occurs during the late stages with high prizes.

3. Poker bots in online poker games

These types of poker cheats are a bit techy on the side. Not to mention, cheaters use computer programs to play the game. To spot poker bots, the players took longer playing without any breaks. Aside from that, if they are playing a perfect hand all the time.

4. Multi-accounting

Other poker cheaters use many real-money accounts on one casino website. That is why a lot of online casino sites make thorough account verification. Moreover, this is to prove the identity of the player and avoid them from making multi-account.

5. Viewing hole cards

In an online casino, the operator shows only your hole cards to you. And other players cannot usually access it. Yet, the famous scandal in 2007 proves that this type of cheating is possible. The employee uses his super-user account to access the server. He uses this opportunity to take a peek at the hole cards of all the players.

How to avoid poker cheats – The final say

Being cheated on in a live poker or online game is unavoidable. A cheating player will always find a way to cheat. But, you can still enjoy playing your favorite casino games online. You just have to look for a trusted poker site. Ensure that the online casino in Singapore is licensed by a reputable gambling authority. This is to avoid falling victim to cheating.

Online Poker Cheats FAQs:

Definitely, yes. There are a lot of ways that cheaters can do it online. Aside from that, it is more difficult to spot if the players are cheating.

As we have said earlier, various ways cheat in poker can occur. The best that you can do is look for a trusted and license online casino.

If you notice that you being a victim of cheating, you can always report the player at the online casino website. Online casinos value greatly value their reputation. And they will not tolerate this bad act.

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