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Outrageous casino superstitious habits around the world

Despite the advancement of technology, people still believe in outrageous superstitious beliefs, bad luck, and ritual. Oftentimes, we hold special rituals before big moments or scary situations happening in our life. Whether we are going to make decisions, waiting for test results, or gambling we all believe in luck. We all have superstitious habits in every aspect of our lives.

Why do gamblers believe in casino superstitions?

Gamblers have a bunch of superstitious habits. From wearing lucky underwear, shirt, or shoes, gamblers developed their own strange set of rituals. They believe that if they do or avoid doing things, it will influence their fate when gambling.

Of course, not all modern gamblers believe in this bunch of casino superstitions. Instead, they believe in their skills and decision that determines the outcome of the game.

superstitious habits
What are the superstitious habits you do?

Despite that, you will still see the majority of gamblers exhibiting their rituals before, during, or after gambling. They make weird superstitious habits when a crucial moment comes up while they are playing. Moreover, they strongly believe that these casino superstitions can swing the karma in their favor. Hence, it could result in a big payday. Whether it works or not, still, there is no proof behind these claims.

Superstitious Habits #1: Not going through the main entrance door

This superstitious habit is most observed in Asian gamblers. However, it is observed in some American gamblers, too. Presumably, they must have acquired it from Asian players.

Asian gamblers believe that entering the main entrance of a casino causes bad luck. Likewise, they don’t like walking into a casino wherein the front entrance looks like the jaw of an animal.

Furthermore, these superstitious habits of Asian gamblers have caused real change in MGM Las Vegas casino. This world-famous casino modified its entrance door. So, their establishment will be more welcoming to their Asian players. Before, the entrance of the MGM Las Vegas casino is built in a lion’s mouth design.

Casino Superstitions #2 Playing craps? Then, you should blow on dice.

superstitious habits
Why do gamblers blow their dice?

If you often spent time on Craps table, then you most probably observe that most players do this ritual. You must have seen players doing these superstitious habits before they throw the dice.

They believe that by blowing on the dice, they are also rubbing some luck to it. Although it may seem a silly habit there is a practical reason behind it. Some people believe that some Craps players are covering some sticky substance on one side of the dice. Then, it will be activated from the moisture when you have blown it. By doing so, would increases your chance that it would show up the face you intended. 

However, this tricky way is something that can be easily detected by the dealer. So, perhaps the people doing these superstitious habits only believes in these dice superstitions.

Gambling Superstitions #3: Wearing some good luck charms

Since ancient history, carrying good luck charms has long been practiced by our ancestors. But when it comes to gambling in the casino, gamblers believed that carrying some lucky charms can positively influence the outcome of their evening.

Have you ever heard about the amulet of “Rabbit’s left foot”?

Most gamblers know about these lucky charms. They often carry it in their pocket when they walked into the casino. Let’s say you are playing at a Roulette table and you bet on black. Gamblers believe that this charm will help the ball bounce to the spot of black.

Aside from the famous Rabbit’s left foot, there are other lucky charms that gamblers carry. This includes:

  • Acorns
  • Figurines
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes

Are you one of the people that wearing red to work is lucky?

Well, gamblers also believe in that superstitions. Many cultures widely believe that this color represents luck and good fortune. That is why wearing a red gambling outfit is the best choice for gamblers when visiting the casino.

Superstitious Habits #4: Crossing your legs

Are you want of those people who cross their fingers when wishing?

However, it looks like it is not the same when you cross your legs. If you want to bring some luck to the table, then avoid crossing your legs. This may be one of the oldest casino superstitions you may have heard. Gamblers believe that it will only bring bad fortune when you cross your legs.

The reason behind this peculiar casino superstitious is still unknown. We may say that crossing your legs will make you more relax. However, if you are playing poker, you should be alert, right? Therefore, playing with your legs uncrossed will help you be more focused on the game.

superstitious habits
Is it bad luck to cross your legs while gambling?

Superstitious Habits #5: Standing or sitting while gambling brings some luck

While crossing your legs brings bad luck, gamblers believe that standing or sittings bring good luck. Although, this superstitious habit has no relevance whether you win or lose. However, psychologically, this habit means a lot for most players.

Oftentimes, gamblers associated their big winnings based on how they stand or sit. For instance, you always hit some winning combos in a 5-reel slot while sitting down. Therefore, you believe that you must always sit down for you to keep on winning.

However, this is one of the biggest fallacies in gambling. Thus, it is linked to the casino superstitions that your actions affect your winning or losing streak. Still, why break this superstitious habit while playing an online slot in Singapore, when you are winning doing it.

Bad Luck Gamblers #6: Loaning money to other players

Most gamblers believe that lending some money to other players brings bad luck. As it was believed that, the other player’s bad luck rubs on you. Thus, it is believed that it harms your games as well.

Bad Luck Gamblers Superstitious Belief #7: Counting money at the table

Perhaps, this is one of the most famous casino superstitions. This belief started from the early generation of gamblers that never count their chips stacks. This superstition widely spread to a casino where gamblers considered it bad luck to count the chips they have won while playing.

Aside from being unlucky, this is just bad casino etiquette. In addition, it is inappropriate to flash the money you have won around another player. Instead, look for some more private spot where you can count the money you have won or lost. Under no circumstances, avoid counting money/chips at the table.

Is it a superstitious habits to not count your money while gambling?

Superstitious Habits #8: Do not whistle while playing

This can be one of the most outrageous and unusual casino superstitious beliefs. While crossing fingers bring good luck, whistling while playing is believed to bring bad luck to the person. 

The origin of this gambling superstition is not 100% known. However, this could be associated with the British sailors bring strong winds while whistling. Well, this may sound true because I proved that when I whistle during a hot day, it does brings wind. Nowadays, when you whistle, it will only bring you some stern glances from your fellow gamblers.

Bad Luck Gamblers #9: Itchy hands – Is it bad luck or good luck

European gamblers often believe that having an itchy hand can be so unlucky. However, in Serbia, gamblers believe that having an itchy hand signifies a good omen.

Some believe that having an itchy left palm means that you are going to lose money. Alternatively, an itchy right palm means that you are about to hit the jackpot.

superstitious habits
Why do itchy hands mean bad luck in casino superstitions?

Bad Luck Gamblers #10: Unlucky numbers – 4 and 13

Everyone believes in a lucky and unlucky number most especially the number 13. In western countries, they believe that Friday the 13th is a day for death or misfortune.

The truth is many buildings do not have a 13th floor. The same goes for a casino; they do not have a 13th floor, as they believe it brings bad luck. When playing at a Roulette table, gamblers also avoid betting on the 13th. Instead, they place their bets on number 14 or number 15.

Meanwhile, Chinese gamblers believe that four is an unlucky number. That is why some of their building does not have the fourth floor.

Superstitious Habits FAQs:

Gamblers believe that the Rabbit’s left foot brings good luck to them. In addition, it is believed that the Buddha of Happiness is also one of the luckiest charms that you should carry.

Chinese gamblers do believe that this superstitious habit brings bad luck to them. However, a tap on a shoulder while playing Blackjack can turn the tables. It is because your opponent may predict your moves.

These casino superstitions believe to bring back luck. That is why some gamblers refuse to take invoices worth $50.

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