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Paid VS Free Tipster: Which one is the best tipster?

In online sports betting, especially the Sportsbook Betting in Singapore it is important to know the stakes when you bet on a team. And this is where sports analyst comes to the scene. Whether it is a paid or free sports analyst, the importance is you use the one who will help you win the bet. In this article, we will tackle which is the best tipster: Is it a paid tipster or a free tipster?

Best Tipster: What is a tipster?

A professional sports analyst or tipster is a person who gives expert tips and advice to other punters. And they help a lot of gamblers and sports bettors to win over the years. Tipsters use their knowledge, and expertise to give tips on what to bet on football. And they earn their livings by making recommendations and advice.

Getting tips from sports analysts is the only way to get any sort of advantage over the bookmaker. And getting a hold of information from them is very important. The best tipster can help increase your chances of winning. But do keep in mind, that they can still be wrong.

What is a tipster?
What is a tipster?

Can’t decide which one to choose?

So, if you are looking for a way to get ahead with the bookies, you can try matched betting. Matched betting can help you determine who is going to win before the game begins. And this can be possible through mathematical-based strategies.

Having said that, a lot of sports bettor still prepares to use sport analyst. Although, there is still a problem here. You may find excellent and the best tipster in the market as well as scammers. So, you need to know how to get the best tipsters in the market today.

Paid or free tipster: Which one should I use?

In any sporting event, you may encounter various types of football tipsters. And, some of them are working hand in hand with bookmakers. They do this to earn commissions while others are doing it independently.

Back in the day, betting tips can get for free. But as sports betting become popular at Singapore online casino, a lot of the best tipster are charging for their services.

Paid Tipster VS Free Tipster

  1. Paid sports analyst offers tips that may produce better results. Whereas, free sports analyst, as the name indicates, offers punters and bettors free tips. And this individual gives bettors confidence to fortify their betting opportunity.
  2. Paying tipsters focus on one goal. And that is to give you the tips that you are paying for. That is why they are continuously searching for opportunities to make profits. Whereas, the free tipster can have ulterior motives also. You might not notice this but they are influencing you to gamble with certain bookies. And you can spot this on their website if they are working with affiliate ads. This is the main reason why other bettors consider paying for betting tips.
  3. With paid sports analyst, each football betting tip that you get can dig a big chunk into your account. It can be costly and a lot of punters get annoyed with them. They are aiming to maximize your income. So if you don’t have a big bankroll, you might want to reconsider using one. On the other side, if are placing winning football bets, then their tips are worth the cost. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about the cost that you need to pay with a free sports analyst. You can get betting tips – absolutely FREE of charge.When you choose paid sports analyst, you can rest assured that you will get what you are paying for. They made a well-researched bet that can increase your chances of winning.
  4. While a free sports analyst, you still have a doubt. So, if you decided to use a free one, make sure that they have a good winning percentage. Not to mention look for someone with a good track record. It is equally important to do a background check on them. And test out their tips and see how they are performing.
Paid Tipster VS Free Tipster: Which one should I use?
Paid Tipster VS Free Tipster: Which one should I use?

Criteria for spotting the best tipster:

  • Winning percentage– when choosing between a paid or free sports analyst, weigh their winning percentage. If you see someone who has a higher winning percentage, choose them. They are the ones who give better results for bettors like you.
  • Profits– Although, this is hard to spot on because a lot of tipsters do not share their profits. But do keep in mind, the sports analyst who got bigger profits, the more likely they are to win on their bets.
  • Longevity– The experience of the sports analyst in the field of sports betting also does tell a lot. Look for someone who exists in the field for so long. Not to mention that you need to consider their numbers of winnings.
  • Knowledge– One characteristic that you should look for in the best tipster is their adequate knowledge of which teams they are betting on.


We cannot simply say who the best tipster is in this sporting industry. With a wide selection in the market, you may encounter paid or free tipsters. What you need to do is spot the one that will give you the best service. For newbie bettors, choosing between paid or free sports analysts can be a daunting task. That is why we recommend that you research first before you choose.

Best Tipsters FAQs:

The best online tipster gives expert advice on what to bet on. They use their knowledge, opinion, and instinct to help you win the bet.

You can spot the best tipster while considering the following criteria. Research about their winning percentage, profit, longevity, and knowledge. Most of the time, a good tipster charges their service.

It depends. If this is your first time to bet on sport and don’t have enough knowledge, it is best to use paid tipster. But if you are the type of player who does research and knows how to read analysis, then you must pay for betting tips.

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