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Playing Sic Bo On The Trusted Online Betting Site Singapore

Sic Bo is one of the trusted online betting site Singapore games that has garnered recent attention. First of all, its oriental origins has made it a very new betting outlet for regular online bettors. Next, the concept behind it is similar to established Vegas favourites such as craps and roulette.

What Is Sic Bo?

First of all, what is Sic Bo? It is a simple dice game that has a basis on chance. This depends on the outcome of three dice. It was brought to the west by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century, and can be now since in Vegas. Meanwhile, the game caught on in UK this century, where it appears in licensed casinos.

It is simple to play Sic Bo on the trusted online casino Singapore. First you need to place chips on a bet box located on the table. The dice are then shook, and the roll outcome has to match your bet. Sic Bo gives you many several bets, each having separate payout odds.

Objects In Sic Bo

Another thing we have to keep in mind in the trusted online betting site Singapore are the elements of the game. They include the following:

  • Table: Here you could see the different dice combinations players could bet on. The bets are written along with payout odds, which make it easy for new bettors to learn the game.
  • Dice: This game uses three dice and players betting on the outcome of every roll.
  • Shaker: This is used to roll the Sic Bo dice for play in the trusted online betting site Singapore.
  • Digital Board: On this board, you are show the outcomes of the recent play rounds. The rolls of the dice are done randomly.
  • Dealer: On the Sic Bo, there are dealers who swap chips, check the bests and keep the game going on.

Steps To Playing Sic Bo

Here are the steps to play the trusted online betting site Singapore game of Sic Bo. While it’s simple, it is a gamble which you should play well with money.

  • Buy chips using the money in your account and exchange this for chips.
  • Put bets on the bet squares on the table using the combinations that you envision will come up on the dice.
  • Wait for the dealer to press the button next to the shaker to activate the dice.
  • Check the dice. The dice shaker is started using a pushing button on the table.
  • See if any bets on your trusted online betting site Singapore matches the results.
  • Get the payout from the game once you win.
How to play Sic Bo At Singapore Online Casino and win?
How to play Sic Bo At Singapore Online Casino and win?

Available Bets on the Sic Bo Table

On the trusted online betting site Singapore, there are 6 main categories of bets one could make. These include the following:

Single Number Bets

The first row from the bottom displays the single number bets. Here you bet on any of the numbers 1 to 6 to come on the next roll of the dice.

Two Number Combination Bets

On the second row from the bottom, you see the two number combo bets. Here you place bets on the chance of two particular numbers on the three dice.

Three Number Total Bets

The third row on the trusted online betting site Singapore on the game shows three numbered total bets. For such bets, the players wager on the whole roll.

Triple Bets, Pair Bets, Big Bets, Small Bets

On the top row, you have the triple and pair bets, and also the big and small bets.

  • Triple and Pair bets: You may bet on any particular set of triples (i.e. the three dice have the same specific three numbers), any particular set of pairs (two of the three dice display the same number) or that any triple comes up (three dice show any three numbers)
  • Big and small bets: These trusted online betting site Singapore bets could be put in the left and right corners of the table. The player could then bet on the total sum of the next dice roll between 4 and 10 (small bet) or 11 and 17 (a larger bet).

The objective here is to select as many bets as you can that you think is correct to get a good payday. However, you also face a risk of losing all of those bets if you throw all your money on them. So make sure you bet wisely when placing your chips on the Sic Bo board.

Things To Remember When Playing Sic Bo

While Sic Bo seemingly offers many chances to win, players have the tendency to put bets on many areas on the board. This is why you need to be careful when playing the game on the trusted online betting site Singapore.

And while there is no single strategy that would help you win each time, there are things you could do to be able to win more in Sic Bo

1. Do Not Bet On Many Areas

When you play Sic Bo on the trusted online betting site in Singapore, check all the betting options available. Ask yourself: What chances do you have of winning them? Are the payouts worth it.

2. Put The Bets On The Big Or Small Areas

Placing bets on big and small bets have ideal odds and the smallest house edge. There is a tendency to bet only on “big” and “small” bets, but that takes the excitement away on the best online betting site Singapore. Also having fun is more important than winning prizes. So don’t forget to check other betting possibilities.

3. Don’t Believe In New Patterns

This is related to the belief of gambler’s fallacy, wherein if something has been happening frequently in the past (big sums being rolled), it decreases as the game goes on. However, the roll of the dice on the trusted online betting site Singapore is not dependent on prior events.

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