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Safe Accumulator Bets: How do football accumulators work?

Even though there are many types of bets, many punters are placing their stakes on ACCAs. Nowadays, football accumulator is increasingly becoming one of the most popular football betting markets. Moreover, ACCAs are more popular among casual gamblers who only hang only at the weekend. These safe accumulator bets offer a great opportunity to include more outcomes while boosting your overall odds of winning. But how do football accumulators work?

Multiple Bets Explained: What are Accumulator bets?

A football accumulator, otherwise known as ACCAs, is a type of bet that combines multiple selections. It may consist of four or more types of bets into a single bet. Therefore, all the selections that you will make should come in for the bet to win.

safe accumulator bets
What are Accumulator bets?

It is an accumulator because your chances increase as you make more bets to your football accumulator betting slip. However, you need to make thorough research through the markers. Therefore, you will be able to make an informed decision. Furthermore, you need to keep an eye on the number of your selections. Normally, it’ll be capped at around 14.

Different Types of Accumulator Bets:

Number of selections  

  Type of accumulator (Acca)






4-fold accumulator


5-fold accumulator


6-fold accumulator


7-fold accumulator


8-fold accumulator

Multiple Bets – Types of Accumulator

The beauty ACCAs is you are putting all your selections into a single bet to quickly increase your odds. Notably, you need to only place small amounts of bets. It is because the more money you wager, the greater the risks involved. Thus, when one of your selections fails then you will lose all your bets too.

Still, the rewards you will receive when you win is far greater than the one you will win on individual outcomes. To explain how football accumulators work, let’s take a look at an example.

How do football accumulators work?

In a nutshell, safe accumulator bets are bet that consists of two or more selections into one bet. Then, you only get a return when all your selections win. If not, then you will lose.

To place a football accumulator bet, you simply have to add two or more selections to your football accumulator betting slip. Before you can place a bet on the accumulators, and then the combined odds will first appear.

safe accumulator bets
How do football accumulators work?

For example, you like these four selections:

Man United to beat Arsenal – 2/1 (3 decimal odds)

Chelsea to beat Man City – 2/1 (3 decimal odds)

Tottenham to beat Man United – 3/1 (4 decimal odds)

Wolves to beat Everton – 4/1 (5 decimal odds)

By backing all these selections, you will then limit your returns. For instance, you are backing $10 on Man United to beat Arsenal at 2/1. Then, you will get a return profit of $20.

Thus, you are backing Chelsea to beat Man City at 2/1 and Man United to beat Arsenal at 2/1 at the same time. Then, you will see your odds will be raised to 5/1. Therefore, your stakes of $10 on these two would give you a profit of $50.

In short, when you back all these four selections in one football accumulator will give you 179/1 odds. Therefore, your $10 stake in these 4-fold ACCAs would yield you a profit of $1200.

Total returns = $10 * (3 * 3 * 4 * 5) = $1800

Then, the formula to get the total profit will be:

Total Profit = Total Returns – Initial Profit

Potential Total Profit  = $1800 – $10 = $1790

How to work out odds on the accumulator?

To calculate the accumulator returns, you need to convert the fraction into decimals. Then, multiply the odds from the five singles together.

safe accumulator bets
How to work out odds on safe accumulator bets?

How to place an accumulator bet?

Now that you understand how football accumulators work, then let’s start placing it on your bet slip.

  • First, you need to add all your selections on the betting slip.
  • Then, you will see the combined odds on these selections. Also, you will see an option to bet on each selection (defined as Singles). In addition, there is a straight accumulator line wherein the multiple betting options are located below.
  • After that, you need to click the button/arrow to expand the bet selections for you to see them.
  • Then, place your bet on the four-fold accumulator bet option. The betting slip will then automatically calculates your potential wins. If you are happy with the bet and potential winnings, then confirm it.

What is an each-way accumulator Bet?

This type of bet is normally placed in a horse-racing event wherein you are placing two bets in one. Your first bet is for all your selections to win the race. Then, the other one is for your horse to place in the race.

The each-way accumulator is a safe accumulator bet. Since not all your horses need to finish first for you to win the overall bet. 

What are 5-Fold Accumulators?

This is a type of accumulator bet wherein you are placing a bet on the five selections in one single bet. For you to win, then all these 5 selections must come true.

What is a rolling accumulator bet?

Rolling accumulators do not work the same way as other types. First, your will start with one stake, if you win then the full stake and profits will be put on the second selection. In short, a rolling accumulator bet is one bet. Then, your stakes and profits will then accumulate.

Safe Accumulator Bets: Advantages of taking the Increased Risk

Despite the high risk, punters are placing safe accumulator bets because of the potential for greater winnings. In addition, ACCAs are great for those who like to bet on sportsbooks in Singapore. It is because if you make multiple bets and these bets are going well, then the bookmaker will offer a decent withdrawal amount. Thus, it enables you to make a profit before finishing your parlay bets.

safe accumulator bets
What are the advantages of taking the risk of ACCAs bet? Is it a safe accumulator bet?

Sportsbook betting in Singapore also allow many choices of proposition bets alongside ACCAs. Thus, you can add a prop bet to your football accumulator betting slip. So, it’ll help to boost your winnings.

With such versatility in your betting options, you can then speculate about those aspects you are most confident to win. However, if you do not want to try other tactics, then you can fill your betting slip with 1X2 Predictions. Altogether, safe accumulator bets are such a great idea.

Safe Accumulator Bets FAQs:

The odds of football accumulators are usually high. It means that you also have a higher potential of winning. Also, the bookmakers are providing a large amount of money on the ACCAs. In addition, safe accumulator bets are more interesting rather than individual bets.

The accumulator’s insurance gives players an option to win the accumulators bet even if one of the singles is lost.

It is a type of multiple bet consist of one 4-folds, 4 trebles, 6 doubles, and 4 singles. Thus, it needs four selections to make a Lucky 15 bet. Furthermore, your initial bet will be the value of each leg and will be multiplied by 15 to create the final amount of your stake.

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