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SG Casino Slots: Play 5 Colossal Reel Slots Online

Because of the way the reels are designed, colossal reel slots are unique online slots that provide a dynamic gaming experience. With colossal slots, you can quickly identify a slot from the series because of the way it appears.

Slots with colossal reels are not very popular. Yet they are a lot of fun, lucrative, and an all-time favorite among seasoned gamblers in Singapore. Some of the most popular colossal reel slots can be found right here on SG88WIN. You will surely enjoy Gameplay Interactive’s Nation Double Play and Play n GO’s Cash Pump. But before that, check out the best Singaporean online casino bonuses and promotions.

What Is A Colossal Reel Slot Machine?

Colossal reel slot machines were initially launched in land-based casinos in Las Vegas. Then, it later spread throughout the United States. But now, you can enjoy slots with colossal reels in many online casinos, too. Williams Interactive (WMS) was the first game developer to include this feature in its games. So, it is no surprise that colossal reels are often associated with WMS.

In contrast to other slot games with unique features, gigantic reels are easily identifiable. The visual difference is that slots with colossal reels have two sets of reels:

  • First reel set– consist of 5×4 grid
  • Second reel set– consist of 5×12 grid

Oftentimes, WMS’ Giants Gold slot machine shows this type of pattern.

What is a colossal reel slots?
What is a colossal reel slots?

Features Of 5 Reel Slots Free Online

Transferring Wilds

Colossal reel slots have their unique slot feature, which is transferring wilds. Except for scatters, these features are like the standard wild symbols. Transferring wilds can transform into practically any other symbol on the reels. The only difference is how these wilds are spread across the gigantic reels. Also, transferring wilds move or duplicate to the colossal reels once they appear on the main reels.

Transferring wilds has the potential to result in large payouts. This is also the reason why they are normally designed to appear rarely. In any case, they offer value and excitement to any slot game. When you play 5 reel slots for free online, they can keep you spinning the reels for a long time.

Stacked Symbols

Colossal reel games are often packed with stacked and super-stacked symbols. So, they help in providing winnings over the multiple win lines.

Advantages Of Colossal Reels Games

The biggest advantage of colossal reel slots is the number of reels on the screen. Practically speaking, more reels equals more chances to win, at least for 100 paylines. Also, you have the transferring wilds, which may result in massive payouts. So it’s easy to understand why slots with massive reels are among the most enjoyable reel games to play. 5 Reel slots are exciting, exhilarating, and, most importantly, rewarding.

Colossal reel games may be a true game-changer for those who wish to take their gambling trip to a whole new level. A colossal Diamonds slot machine, for example, is incredibly lucrative. It provides a thrilling experience for many SG players who prefer playing on a larger scale.

Disadvantages Of The Colossal Reels Slot Machine

This type of slot may not be the ideal option for financially cautious gamers. Playing slots with colossal reels requires large-scale wagering. Thus, it can be financially exhausting for some players. Colossal slots are a high-maintenance type of online gaming. So, it is rather a special alternative to standard slots. Meanwhile, high rollers in Singapore can enjoy spinning the reels of these slot games.

How To Play Colossal Reels Slots At The Best Online Slots In Singapore?

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to get started with  5 reel games with top casino bonuses.

Choose Your Preferred Colossal Reel Slots Online

Colossal Reels slot machines are a famous online slot game series. This high-quality game with second set of reels provides dynamic gameplay. All thanks to its stacked symbols, free spins, and transferring wilds.

Not sure where to start?

Take a look at our top colossal reels in this article. Then, pick the one that is most appealing to you.

Try To Play 5 Reel Slots Free Online

Now that you’ve chosen your slot game, we encourage you test it for free. Each reel slots allows you to play its demo version. By playing for free, you can quickly determine if you like the game and how the special features function.

Look For The Best Casino Bonus From Top Online Casinos In Singapore

Examine the casino bonus from the best casino sites in Singapore. Then, chose the one that appeals to you the most. Keep in mind that each casino site offers unique deals and methods for obtaining their casino bonus. To receive your welcome bonus, free spins, and other deals, sometime, you must make your initial deposit. On the other hand, there are also casino bonus no deposit required offers. So, look for this kind of casino promotion.

Have fun with Colossal Reels Slots and enjoy your bonus!

Top Colossal Reel Slot Games

Lunaris – Play 5 Reel Slots Free Online

Are you fond of slot games with an odd, nightly look and feel to them? If so, Lunaris is a colossal reel slot game for you. Lunaris online slots take place in the moonlight, with caterpillars, moths, and stars as characters in some odd storylines. So, here’s the game for you.

Giants Gold Slot Machine

Are you looking for free 5-reel slots online?

Why not try playing Giant’s Gold slot machine for free or real money?

The idea of a giant’s treasure hidden in the skies is a popular slot game online. Giant’s Gold features some extremely beautiful-looking symbols and a new slot mechanic. All thanks to these features, you may add a bit of a spicy sensation here. These colossal reel slots deliver a bigger win possibility owing to 100 fixed paylines.

Where to play 5 reel slots free online?
Where to play 5 reel slots free online?

Epic Monopoly II – Play 5 Reel Slots Free online

We know there’s a lot of it in the world of online gaming, but hey! Everything is fantastic because of Epic Monopoly II. In this slot game, you can finally experience all of that Monopoly feeling in the new format of colossal reels. This game, like all Monopoly ones, is more complex than others. Epic Monopoly II includes additional special features not found in other colossal reels slot games.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Online Slots

WMS is not the only company that has created colossal reel slots. Another firm that has merged with SG Interactive is Barcrest. They produce amazing slot machine games, such as the Rainbow Riches series. This slot machine is the colossal reel version of this well-known gaming series.

As the leprechaun leads you to the pot of gold, you will enter a mystical realm. You can not only appreciate nature but there is a chance that a fairy will bestow one of the seven random features on you. More wilds, a fresh spin, or even the activation of the bonus game might be included.

Colossal Reel Slots FAQs:

Yes, you are free to play gigantic reel slots for as long as you like. Then, after mastering a certain game, we invite you to play real money slots in Singapore. So, you can level up your expertise!

All of the slot machines have been adjusted and are ready to play on any mobile device. Also, you can have a huge amount of fun while playing wherever you go.

Of course, yes. You can examine the offers of the best real money slots in Singapore. Then, choose which bonus is suitable for your gaming style. We propose that you join a casino that provides significant match bonuses on real money play for your: Initial Deposit. Free Spins Bonuses. Cashback Bonus.

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