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Sports Betting 101: How Do Bookies Set Odds?

Sportsbooks’ methods for creating their odds and betting lines have seen significant changes throughout time. Old-school oddsmakers used to control the sports betting market. However, a lot has changed since the introduction of internet sportsbooks and the development of betting software and algorithms. So, exactly how do bookies set odds? Today, we will cover all the information you need to know about the process. In addition, we will also discuss the people involved in the development of oddsmaking.

The Goal Of Bookmakers Will Always Remain The Same

Ever since the beginning of sports gambling, the main objective set by bookmakers hasn’t changed. That is to balance the action on both sides of a wager.

You can determine the implied chance of an event occurring by making a few straightforward calculations. Check out our Guide On How Sports Betting Odds Works. Unfortunately, betting lines aren’t made to accurately and realistically represent the likelihood of either outcome.

Do you want to get an advantage over your sportsbook betting in Singapore? After all, the best way is to make a wager when you believe there is a mismatch between the actual chance of an occurrence and the expected chance. Also, the implied probability obtained from a betting line is another way of beating the bookies. But exactly how does a bookmaker set odds?

how do bookies set odds
How do bookies set odds?

How Are Sports Betting Lines Created?

The odds aims to generate the same amount of action on both sides of a betting line. Win or lose, a sportsbook would profit 5-10% on the juice (“vig”) if there was equal betting activity on both sides of a wager.

How do bookies set odds these days?

It is important to know that oddsmakers’ primary aim is to decrease the risk faced by your sportsbook, not to paint an accurate (and likely) image of reality. Aside from seasoned sports forecasters, think of today’s oddsmakers as risk management experts as well.

How Are Sports Betting Odds Set In The Old Days?

Although bookmakers’ goals have not changed since sportsbooks first appeared, their strategies undoubtedly have.

Oddsmakers used to gather around chalkboards in the messy board rooms of Las Vegas. So, they can brainstorm the proper numbers long before the spread of computers and the dominance of payphones in communication.

Many of the most renowned and famous oddsmakers were born in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas since sports betting has been permitted in Nevada for such a long time.

In addition, many consulting companies for oddsmaking still have their headquarters in Las Vegas.

How Do Bookies Set Odds Today?

In oddsmaking nowadays, there are more people and more responsibilities required of them. Although bookmakers still use their “gut feeling,” it isn’t as prevalent as it previously was. However, the “horse sense” that handicappers used to build odds is still used in the process.

For instance, it may be as easy as comparing the form of the away team to the prior outcomes of the home club. Odds compilers can swiftly set odds in real time by putting the numbers through mathematical models.

In the era of in-play betting, this is extremely helpful. You may put bets on the football or basketball game that night while it is still in progress. Then, watch as the odds change based on what happens in the game.

So, How Are Betting Odds Calculated?

Modern oddsmaking heavily relies on statistics and mathematicians. How are betting odds set takes facts, analytics, and a thorough grasp of the market to create odds, as oddsmaker Todd Furhman puts it.

With the aid of modern processing power, mathematicians and statisticians sift over decades of data. This includes trends in their odds and ties that oddsmakers from the past wouldn’t have been able to detect in a few minutes.

The majority of odds compilation in 2020 is outsourced. For in-play or pregame markets, specialist companies compile the odds. As a result, some sportsbooks could provide odds that are nearly comparable to those of competitor betting websites. You must research the game and look for the value as a gambler.

How Do Bookmakers Set Their Odds?

First, the bookmaker will be established what they consider to be the true odds of any result occurring in a certain event. Then, they will then lower those odds before making them available to bettors.

In reality, there are many different and intricate ways that bookies accomplish this. But for our discussion, we’ll concentrate on the most straightforward one, proportional decreasing.

How are sports betting lines created?

How Do Bookies Set Odds: What is Proportional Decreasing?

In keeping with the previous example of a football game, the genuine odds may be as follows:

  • Home victory is even money
  • Draw is 2/1
  • Away win is 5/1

With such odds, there is a 50% likelihood of a home victory. And there is a 33.3% chance of a tie and a 16.67% chance of an away victory.

For example, the proportional relationship between the likelihood that each of the outcomes will occur is 3:2:1. As a result, a bookmaker may decide to present to bettors a different set of three odds numbers with the same connection but all shorter.

Such odds may be 4/6, 6/4, and 4/1, which correspond to relative probabilities of 60%, 40%, and 20%, respectively.

The total of these odds’ percentages is 120 percent rather than 100 percent, despite the proportional connection between them is the same. Therefore, the bookmaker will always make 20% more money than they take in. That is if the bettors follow the same pattern (3:2:1) as the genuine odds they have calculated.

The bookmaker’s “margin“, “overround“, or “vigorish/vig” is the 20 percent amount.

Oddsmaking FAQs:

In principle, the method described above is an accurate but simplified description of how odds are determined. but in fact, a bookmaker may need to adjust odds for a variety of reasons. The most famous instance of something that may force a bookmaker to make such adjustments is us, the bettors.

Every bookmaker wants to be profitable. To generate long-term gains, they must accurately evaluate the odds.

A game’s pricing will always be inflated by the bookmaker to give them a clear advantage over you. The term for this is also known as vigorish, sometimes known as vig, juice, or margin. It’s how these bookmakers balance their bets and ultimately make money, regardless of the result.

When examining how sports betting sites in Singapore generate revenue, you need to be aware of two numbers. That is the vig and overround. The overround is the entire book that a site has covered over 100 percent. And the vig is the profit that a site will gain as a proportion of the bets

The term true odds refers to the actual probability of a result based on a variety of variables. This includes play history, form, the environment, statistics, and others. As a result of the considerable risk involved and the uncertainty surrounding their ability to make a profit, bookmakers avoid using the true odds.

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