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Weird Casino Superstitions That Most Gamblers Believe

Casino superstitions have been around for as long as the game of chance has been around. Gamblers all over the world have established a weird set of rituals that they believe will aid them in the long term. This could range from wearing lucky gambling colors to only betting on slots on a Tuesday.

We all know that it all comes down to chance when it comes to both offline and online gambling. On some days, you reap the benefits of your profits, while on others, you suffer substantial losses. Certain signs and symbols are lucky. And, there are colors, actions, and etiquette that you need to follow to attract luck. At the same time, to keep bad luck away.

Gambling on Good Friday?

All gamblers have their own set of betting and gambling superstitions that they firmly believe in. This may involve putting all of your money on the number 36 Red slot on Roulette and crossing your fingers. Then again, changing one’s behaviors may bring good or bad luck. Here are some of the weird casino superstitions that most gamblers believe in.

Casino Superstitions That Bring Bad Luck

Let’s start our list with some casino superstitions that are said to bring ill-luck to the table. Not all of these ideas are held in every country and local culture can play a significant role.

Do you ever have itching hands? Does it bother you?

Gambling Superstitions #1: Unlucky numbers 4 and 13

There are unlucky numbers in every country across the globe. To name a few, Friday the 13th is often linked with disaster and death in Western culture. As well as the fact that certain airlines do not have a 13th row on their plane. What’s more, many buildings do not have a 13th floor.

Do you believe in casino superstitions?
Do you believe in casino superstitions?

Likewise, 13 is said to bring bad luck on the casino floor. Rather than placing their chips on 14, 15, or 14, Roulette players will avoid this option.

While the number 4 is considered unfortunate in China, it is also regarded as auspicious in the United States. This is also the reason why the Chinese avoided the presence of the fourth story in some office buildings.

So, you may wonder what’s the big deal with number four.

The word for “four” in Mandarin is “Si”. This sounds similar to the word for death – “Siwang”.

Weird Gambling Beliefs #2: Crossing your legs while gambling

Gamblers who wish to bring luck to the table frequently engage in physical impulses and rituals. One of the weirdest casino superstitions that we have heard is crossing your legs may bring bad luck while gambling. In addition, some Singaporean players believe that when they are crossing their legs, they are also crossing away their winning streak.

Unless one especially unfortunate gambler lost a fortune while reclining at the table, the reasons for this odd faux pas being bad luck remain unknown. Truth is, the player is more aware and focused on the task at hand when doesn’t cross his legs.

Bad Luck Gamblers Belief #3: Counting your money at the table

This is probably one of the most common gambling superstitions that you may hear. Its origins may be traced back to early road gamblers who never counter their chip stacks until the completion of a poker match.

These superstitions spread across the casino, when counting casino chips during a huge Blackjack session is believed to bring bad luck. Some gamblers who enjoy playing at Live Casino in Singapore also believe in these gambling superstitions.

Casino Superstitions #4: Using the casino front entrance

This weird gambling superstition is pretty much popular with Asian gamblers. Asian punters prefer to enter by the rear door. This belief dates back to the 1990s when the MGM Grand revamped its famed lion’s mouth entry.

Similarly, the Hippodrome Casino in London, England needs to redesign their new VIP hall. This is because its arrangement does not meet the requirements for “feng shui”. They reinvented it for the benefit of their very superstitious customers.

What are your gambling good luck charms?
What are your gambling good luck charms?

Casino Gambling Belief #5: Itchy hands

Itchy hands are known to bring ill luck in different European countries. Either that or the gambler is sweating profusely following a long and tiring game at the Craps tables. Other nations, such as Serbia, consider itching hands to be a good sign.

An old casino superstition believed that an itching left palm signaled you were about to lose money may have inspired this notion. However, keep an eye out for an itching right palm. Because it might be a sign that you’re going to make it big.

Casino Superstitions #6: Using $50 Bills

Some gamblers consider receiving $50 bills to be unlucky. The original reason that most gamblers avoid $50 bills, on the other hand, may have roots in the United States. With $50 bills in their jackpot pockets, the Mob would bury their victims in Nevada’s deserts with their victims’ bodies.

For any unlucky gambler, that has to be one of the most dreadful endings that you wouldn’t want to happen to you.

Bad Luck Casino Superstitions #7: Lending money to another player

If you wish to deliver terrible gambling luck to another player, lend money to them. In addition to the financial implications, lending money to other gamblers is said to harm your games.

Gambling Belief That Brings Bad Luck #8: Whistle while playing

One of the more bizarre casino superstitions is whistling. Making sounds at the table is said to bring bad luck to the gambler. However, crossing your fingers or touching wood gives good luck.

The origin of this belief is still unknown. However, it is also linked to British sailors who whistle to summon strong winds.

The origins are unknown, however, they might be linked to British sailors who whistled to summon strong winds.

Nowadays, the only thing that whistling can bring to you is a few harsh stares from your fellow gamblers at the table. Besides, it is not proper casino etiquette to whistle while playing poker. Because you may disturb the other players from concentrating on their gameplay.

Casino Superstitions For Good Luck

After discussing what may bring a superstitious gambler terrible luck in the casino, we’ll proceed to good luck. What may a superstitious player bring with him when he visits a casino? Should he bring casino gambling good luck charms or wear lucky gambling colors?

Casino Good Luck Belief #9: Blowing on Craps dice

Do you blow the dice before you throw them?
Do you blow the dice before you throw them?

Since Marlon Brando made the advice in “Guys and Dolls,” blowing on craps dice to bring good fortune became popular.

However, with COVID-19 concerns, that’s not such a hot proposition in 2020. If you wish to influence the virtual roll of the dice in Craps, you need to tap into this superstitious notion. Then, give your monitors a tiny blow when playing at online casinos in Singapore.

In casino gambling, players treat dice very seriously. For example, casinos in the United States locked their dice until they need them at the table. In addition, checking for marks or defects that might impact the throw of the dice is part of their regular testing. Moreover, the casino uses special micrometers to guarantee that the dimensions are consistent.

On one side of the die, certain dice cheats are used to distribute adhesive. So, when a player blow on it, it would dampen/moisten the adhesive. By doing so, the adhesive may affect where the dice may land. Cheating, on the other hand, is considerably easier to detect since the dice are subjected to such rigorous tests.

Good Luck Charm #10: Wearing a red outfit at a casino

Red is considered a lucky color, particularly in Asia. This is the reason why a lot of Asian woman wears it on their wedding day. Moreover, red is also said to bring prosperity and fortune.

Because of this superstitious belief, Chinese gamblers frequently wear red shoes, shirts, and even red underwear to tap into it.

On the other hand, one of the most well-known gambling superstitions is betting on red in a Roulette game. Even though the statistical possibilities of striking either color are the same, Roulette Singaporean players will wager more on red numbers than black ones.

Do you believe that wearing red brings good luck?
Do you believe that wearing red brings good luck?

Casino Superstitions #11: Wearing casino gambling good luck charms

When it comes to gambling, poker players are popular for their good luck charms. Oftentimes, they are seen wearing their favorite cap. They also bring a card protector that reminds them of a huge tournament they’ve won.

Long-time pro poker player Johnny Chan, who is a WSOP champion, is often seen with a Jappa orange alongside his casino chips on the poker table. On the other hand, Andy Black, an Irish player, wears bronze card protection every time he plays.

A gambling lucky charm at the casino can be anything. Gamblers wear lucky charms such as a ring or piece of jewelry, a lucky rabbit’s foot, or a four-leaf clover necklace, depending on the situation. If the player wins large while they have it, it’s proof enough that it does bring good luck.

Casino superstitions aren’t limited to casino games, though. According to a recent UK survey, roughly 30% of bingo players also have a lucky dauber. On the other, 4% of bingo players bring a lucky friend with them to their gambling sessions.

Casino Belief #12: Standing or sitting while playing

Some Singaporean players believe that crossing your legs brings bad luck. While others believe that sitting or standing brings good luck. Although your physical appearance has little effect on whether you win or lose, it can have a significant psychological impact on gamblers.

Typically, how you sit or stand can be linked back to a significant win. While sitting down, you may have hit a 20-spin winning streak at roulette. As a result, you adopt the notion that to maintain winning, you must always sit down.

One of the most common gambler’s fallacies is the assumption that your activities have an impact on whether you go on a hot or cold streak. Why stop the practice if you were winning while standing up at a slot machine?

Casino Superstitions #13: Crossing fingers and other weird rituals

In addition to sitting or standing, gamblers develop casino superstitions through various physical activities. One of examples of these weird rituals are:

  • Closing your eyes before the Roulette wheel stops
  • Yelling out the numbers
  • Hitting the slot machine as the reels spin
  • Stacking casino chips in a particular order
  • Knocking on wood or table
What are the gambling superstitions that you believe in?
What are the gambling superstitions that you believe in?

Online casino players, on the other hand, may build their lucky routines. It can be as simple as covering the monitor while playing Roulette. Or, you can repeat a good luck mantra as the reels spin in online slots.

Casino superstitions, such as crossing fingers or tapping the displays, are based on players’ belief that the games and their actions are linked. They are hesitant to recognize that casino games are purely random. Moreover, they can better cope with the idea that every casino game is random if they have routines.

Weird Casino Superstitions #14: Lucky Coins

Some slot machine players believe that heating, chilling, or blowing on the coins will boost their chances of winning the following spin. When it comes to handling the dice, Craps players have a lot of the same superstitions. They’re frequently observed blowing on them or even saying a phrase of good luck before tossing them.

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Superstitions can have a significant psychological impact on gamblers. Regardless of whether you win or lose, your physical mood does not influence your outcome. It’s worth noting that winning casino games has nothing to do with superstition. Instead, the majority of players win by chance.

What are some of your favorite gambling superstitions?

We’re confident that this technique will work for you, whether it’s wearing red or blowing on dice. SGD live casinos offer a wide choice of casino games that will pique your interest. In addition, they deliver the ultimate online casino experience. From slots and classic table games to live casino games with live dealers, you will surely enjoy every minute. Play Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, and more! Furthermore, be one of the lucky players who receive their massive casino bonuses.

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