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Why Does Craps Favor the Craps Dark Side Strategies?

Did you know that only about 15% of all Craps players are using Craps’ dark side strategies? Yes, these can be shocking statistics, most especially if you are just started playing Craps. You may wonder what the dark side of the Craps game is. Well, it isn’t a casino scheme to harm you. Although, sometimes it may seem that way especially when the dice are cold.

What Is The Dark Side Of Craps?

In Craps, the term “dark side” represents a set of bets that have a win-loss ratio that is opposite of the pass-type bets. Craps dark side strategies can also be used to define those who bet on the Craps don’t pass or don’t come strategy.

Quite simply, it’s known as the dark side for a very good reason. Take a closer look at the Craps table. You may notice that the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet normally has a darker working on the felt. Because of this, a dark side bettor knows he is betting on the “Don’t Pass” or “Don’t Come” bet. They are written in darker lettering so that players do not misinterpret the odds.

craps dark side strategies
What are the craps’ dark side strategies?

What Are The Terms Used In Craps Dark Side Strategies?

The gambling term “dark side” is a catchword for all the Craps terms like:

  • Don’t Pass Bet
  • Lay Against buy bets
  • Don’t Pass Odds
  • Place-to-Lose bets
  • Don’t Come Odds

In addition, the dark side also refers to Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bettor. So, when you hear someone says that he is a dark side bettor, don’t think of something evil.

Most of the time, you will hear a dark side action called “Don’t”. This is also another catch-all term Craps’ players use.

The initials “DC” are used to refer to the “Don’t Come” bet. This is arguably the most widely used dark side word at a Craps table. Yet, this is not a one-size-fits-all word in Craps.

What Are The Craps Dark Side Strategies?

Craps Don’t Pass Strategy

craps dark side strategies
Do you use any craps dark side strategies?

The Pass Line bet is one of the two most common bets in Craps, while the Don’t Pass bet is the other. When one of the two bets wins, the other loses, and vice versa. The two bets can be considered opposing sides of the same coin. When the dice roll 7 or 11, players who put the Pass Line win, and when they roll 2, 3, or 12, they lose. The Don’t Pass bet is the exact opposite of the Don’t Pass bet, with a come-out of 7 or 11 losing and a come-out of 2 or 3 winning. When you roll 12, though, it’s considered a push. Then, the bet doesn’t lose or win.

Craps Dark Side Strategies: How Does It Work?

The Don’t Pass bet, like the Pass Bet, is placed at the start of a new round before the come-out roll. It’s a multi-roll bet, so it’ll take a lot of dice rolls to get it right. However, because the dice can show any number between 2 and 12, a win (with 2 or 3) or a loss (with 7 or 11) aren’t the only options for winning or losing.

In the case that any of the other numbers are thrown before the point, the Don’t Pass bet wins when 7 arrives before the point. The stake loses if the point number — any of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 – is thrown before that.

What Are The Popular Don’t Pass Bet Patterns?

Because the most basic bets, the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass, are essentially identical, using “wrong” and “right” techniques in Craps is not that different. Patterns that include the Don’t Pass wager, on the other hand, have a significantly slower rate of winnings. Unless the method is aggressive and the stakes are large, the winnings remain consistent. Do you want to use Craps dark side strategies at live casinos in Singapore?

Craps dark side strategy should follow the well-known 3 Percent Rule to achieve long-term success. No bets with a house edge of more than 3% shall be made, according to the rules. Many players, of course, are prone to placing such high-risk, high-reward bets, but they should be avoided at all costs.

craps dark side strategies
Are you a dark side bettor?

1. Don’t Pass Bet With 1 Don’t Come Bet – Craps Dark Side Strategies

This is a somewhat conservative strategy, limiting the risk exposure of the players while ensuring tiny but consistent payouts. Both bets are on the “wrong” side of the betting spectrum. Because of that, it combines two of the simplest and most profitable bets in Craps. Players start with a Don’t Pass bet. Then, lay Full Double Odds against the point once the point is established to use this strategy. The house edge drops to 0.431 percent with this side bet.

2. Don’t Pass Bet With 2 Don’t Come Bets

These Craps’ dark side pattern appears to be more aggressive because it involves three different wagers. Wherein, each with Free Odds backing them up. As a result, the quantity of money that must be wagered increases dramatically. Simultaneously, half of all point numbers would be put with odds against them. The risk might be quite substantial depending on when the 7 comes.

3. Don’t Pass Bet With 2 Don’t Come Bets Plus A Field And Lay Bets On 4 And 10

That is just another dangerous pattern that has a lot of potential benefits for gamers. Before the come-out roll, you must place a Don’t Pass and a Field bet. All of the Craps numbers plus a few extras are included in the field bet – 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Also, this is a one-roll bet. The players should only utilize it for the first roll of the dice because it has a greater house edge of 5.56 percent. Most online casinos, on the other hand, payout more if a 2 or 12 is rolled. The Craps dark side pattern payout of 2:1 for 2 and 3:1 for 3, bringing the house edge down to 2.78 percent.

Craps Dark Side Strategies: The Don’t Come Bet

The Don’t Come bet is a continuation of the Don’t Pass bet, which is the best way to put it. The sole difference between the two is that Don’t Come bets are only allowed on the shooter’s come-out roll if a Point for the Pass Line has been set. Also, they are never accepted when a Point for the Pass Line has been established.

It’s a good idea to take a closer look at the Craps table before placing a Don’t Come bet. In the spot where Come bets are placed, you’ll notice a little plastic disk on the side.

Does the top of the disk is colored white and displays “On”? If so, it means the shooter has already emerged and a Point has been established. You’ll have to wait for the shooter to come out if it’s the other way around and the disk has “Off” printed on it.

Why Do Players Love The Dark Side Of Craps?

Place bets that have the best chance of winning are the foundation of every gambling strategy. Also, avoiding high-edge bets is crucial to any successful casino craps strategy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s blackjack, roulette, Craps, or even slot machines. In the case of Craps, there are no lower-risk bets than the “Don’t” bet.

craps dark side strategies
Why does gamblers loves the dark side of craps?

This is a bet that the shooter will not crap out; that he/she will set a point and then roll it again before the 7 is rolled. The Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets are bets against the shooter, implying that he or she will fail to make a point or that the point would be missed.

The following is the house edge on these bets:

  • Pass/Come Bets = 1.41% house edge
  • Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Bets = 1.36%

At the Craps table, the “Don’t” bets have the lowest odds. The only option to achieve a smaller edge is to play a game that allows you to take odds on your Pass/Come and Don’t Pass/Come bets, in which case you’ll still be receiving a lower edge by betting with the “dark side”.

Craps Dark Side Strategies FAQs:

If the point is 6 or 8, dark side bettors frequently use two techniques that are costly in the long run. First, ensuring the dark side bet with Any 7. Second, pick up the Don’t Come or Don’t Pass if the point is 6 or 8.

Players frequently ask if a shooter can shoot from the dark side and bet against himself. The answer is yes. On the dark side, a player can shoot. When a player chooses to fire from the dark side (which is rare), the stick person will frequently say, SHOOTING FROM THE DON’T as a matter of custom.

The free odds bets are the most profitable wagers in Craps. Because they are paid out at real odds. You must first make a pass or don’t pass bet before you may make these bets. Overall, this combination will provide you the best possible chance of winning.

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