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Bet On UEFA Champions League Final At The Best Online Casino Singapore

The UEFA Champions League is fast approaching, and people are keen on placing their bets on the best online casino Singapore for the event. Millions around the world will be tuning into this final which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the things people will be looking forward to is the clash between two of the best teams in the world: Manchester City and Inter Milan. So how could you get in on the action for this upcoming match.

Best Online Casino Singapore Preview Of The Teams At The Final

Manchester City are the favourites to win as they have already won the Premier League and FA Cup. Many other punters on the best casino Singapore also feel that they are overdue. They finally took a step closer when they defeated reigning champions Real Madrid, also one of the most successful sides in the competition. You could play them for many sports bets, such as handicap and over-under.

Inter Milan meanwhile have been also bet on at the best online casino Singapore, but mostly as underdogs. They were surprise entries into the final, when they were put in the semi-finals bracket along with fellow Serie A powerhouses Napoli and AC Milan. The Nerazzurri also defeated the best of Portugal, Benfica and Porto, in the knockout rounds. It isn’t impossible though, that Inter can squeak in a win against the Citizens, so a bet on this could be lucrative.

Type Of Bets Available On The Champions League

There are many betting odds that the best online casino Singapore have prepared for this match. While millions will be tuned in to the match, a large percentage of them will also be  betting on the teams involved. Here are the betting types on the platform so far:

Outright Win Bet At The Best Online Casino Singapore

The UEFA Champions League winner bet give Man City odds of 1.15, while Inter Milan are far behind on the best online casino Singapore with 5.00. Since the lower numbered odds indicate that it is the likeliest the Citizens the overwhelming favourites to win the competition.

Also, bettors on City who wager $100 will win 1.15*$100 or $115. Thus, their total payout is $100+$115= $215. However, if bettors wager on Inter Milan, and they have the higher score at full time, they will win 5.00*$100 = $600.

Thus, they can take home $100 plus $500, or $600. But while you get a higher payout with an Inter win, the odds are against it happening. SO the best online casino Singapore bettor has to choose between a higher likelihood of taking home $215, or losing $100 on a hundred-dollar bet.

Also, please not best online casino Singapore bet is only valid for full time. If there is a draw at full time, right before extra time to determine the winner, the bet will be refunded to the bettor. Meanwhile, you can read our previous article on how to read bet odds. So, you can understand which betting odds is profitable.

Asian Handicap Bet (Full Time)

As for the score, the highest ranked bet is that Manchester City has 2.29 odds with -1.5 handicap, or two goals or more lead over Inter Milan in full time. If that best online casino Singapore bet wins, the bettor wins $229 on a $100 bet.  Meanwhile, the highest payout for an Inter Milan is at +1.5 with odds of 2.19.  In this bet, even if Inter loses by one goal to City in full time.

Take note that these best online casino Singapore bets do not count the whole extra time of 30 minutes, plus the penalty shootout in the equation. This will only apply to the score after the 90 minutes regulation period, plus stoppage time.

How does Asian handicap bet works at Singapore online casino?
How does Asian handicap bet works at Singapore online casino?

Asian Handicap Bet (Half Time)

But what about the score at half time? The trusted Singapore online casino also has odds for results at half time.

For example, let’s take a look at the handicap of 0.5 with Man City being the favoured team. For this handicap, the winning bet means that City need to be at least up a goal in half time, while Inter need at least a draw.

Now for this odds type, City have 1.97 odds while Inter have 1.91 odds. This means there is a huge possibility that the score at the half (including stoppage time) would be a draw, with only a margin of 0.06. It means this best online casino Singapore bet is a tricky bet, so you may decide against betting here if you are a beginner because it could go either way.

1×2 Bet

The 1×2 Bet on the best online casino Singapore is a wager that factors in a possibility of a draw (represented by X).

Aside from betting on either Man City (1) or Inter Milan (2), you can bet on a draw, either happening in full time or half time. Right now, a Man City win on a 1×2 bet at full time has odds of 1.45, while an Inter Milan bet has 4.45 odds and a draw is at 6.00.

Among these bets, the Man City bet has the highest likelihood of happening, while an Inter win in full time is the next likeliest outcome. And while the best online casino Singapore bet of a draw at full time promises a way higher payout, it also gives you the highest option of losing.

Other Bets Available At The Best Online Casino Singapore

As the UCL final gets close, there are also other bets that are available to wager on the best online casino Singapore. These include the following:

  • 1st Substitution/ Last Substitution
  • 1st Goal Kick/ 2nd Half 1st Goal Kick/ Last Goal Kick
  • 1st Offside/ 2nd Half 1st Offside/ Last Offside
  • 1st Throw in/2nd Half 1st Throw in/ Last Throw in
  • 1st Free Kick/ 2nd Half 1st Free Kick/Last Free Kick

Bets applicable to both teams:

  • Red Card: Yes or No
  • Own Goal: Yes or No
  • Penalty: Yes or No

All these best online casino Singapore bets have corresponding odds that are mathematically computed. Just like with other bets, the higher the odds value, the less likely it will happen, while those of lower values will happen more, but you have a comparatively lesser payout.

So make sure to choose wisely before betting, and keep updated about the teams’ conditions (injuries, lineups) etc. plus the weather at the stadium. Whether you place your best online casino Singapore bets before or during the game, it is up to you. Good luck and enjoy this final for the ages!

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