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Sports Betting Guide: How To Pick Winning Sports Bets?

While sports betting can be a fun and entertaining activity, making money from it can be pretty rough. Truth is, many people desire to make a living from sports betting. However, they don’t realize how much effort is involved. Have you ever had any idea how tough it is to place a wager? Do you know how to pick winning sports bets? But before that let’s tackle first why punters always lose in sports betting.

Why Do Punters Always Lose In Sports Betting?

The majority of gamblers and bettors make the same mistakes over and over. As a result, it leads them to long-term financial losses.

Bettors who do not follow a smart betting strategy based on mathematics will always end up losing. Although they may occasionally win, they always lose in the long run.

In sports betting, you should learn how to pick winning sports bets using a proper staking system. The truth is, punters who use effective betting strategies will always win and make money on their stakes.

Why Are Sports Betting So Hard?

Betting on sports is hard because the markets we wager on are stacked in favor of the bookmaker. No matter how many sports you claim to know and how many hours of effort you put into refining your art, you still end up losing. And when the chances are somewhat tilted, only a few players can profit from them.

how to pick winning sports bets
Why sports betting is so difficult?

What Makes Football Betting So Difficult?

When it comes to football, betting on the point spread can be the most difficult sport to handicap. Sure, anyone can identify a straight-up winner. Then, win more than half of the time by betting on the favorite. However, losses on high-priced favorites will put you in the red.

Furthermore, the point spread in football is the ultimate equalizer for bookmakers. Truth is, many meaningless touchdowns damage bettors’ chances of covering the spread or going over the total.

Because football is a matchup sport, you could believe one team is superior to the other. However, if they come across a team that employs a certain strategy, they may lack the troops required to battle them.

Due to this, you are eager to learn how to pick winners in sports betting, right? Well, that’s why we are here. We want to guide you on how to pick winning sports bets and win consistently.

How To Pick Winning Sports Bets?

1. Use The Right Database And Statistics For Predictions.

With the help of the right football database with reliable statistics, you can make smarter betting decisions. Moreover, you can defeat the bookies in the long term if you have a smart betting and staking plan.

2. Finding And Following The Right Betting Tipster.

If you want to learn how to win consistently in sports betting, you should use a skilled tipster.

However, it might take a long time to find betting tipsters who have a successful and extended betting history. The good news is that many bettors have an incredible amount of information, data, and expertise in many sports, teams, and players.

Some of them are willing to share their recommendations for a fee. Many experienced bettors, on the other hand, have set up individual tipster accounts on the best tipster sites. Alternatively, you can also check out football tips and prediction sites such as Tipsportal and Anything Football. These sites provide credible tips to help bettors decide on which team to bet.

There’s no guarantee that everyone can win in sports betting. Still, they can help you make more money than you lose as they thoroughly examine every element of the team to come up with the best and most accurate free football prediction every day.

With The Best Tippers, You Can’t Go Wrong.

The key benefit of this service is that each tipster is incentivized to provide long-term profitable selections. Besides, this is the only way they can acquire repeat subscribers.

3. Use A Mathematically-Based Betting Strategy

How to win in sports betting?

Bookmakers evaluate teams, players, and events. So, they can determine the true likelihood of each occurrence.

Their algorithms are based on previous data as well as new information that may influence the outcome such as:

  • Players information
  • Teams information
  • Any other elements

The better they can determine the true probability of a winning result, the more likely they are to make a profit. Moreover, odds represent the decimal version of the likelihood of an outcome.

It also includes the profit margin of the sportsbook, which is usually between 3% and 8%.

Meanwhile, if a gambler constantly takes the lower odds, they will eventually lose their whole bankroll.

True odds, genuine probability are best explained by smart betting strategies than by certain bookies. This way, many sports bettors can get an advantage over bookies, ensuring a profit.

4. How To Pick Winning Sports Bets: Develop A Profitable Betting Strategy

A bad bankroll management strategy may wreck even the strongest and most profitable betting strategy.

It doesn’t matter how well you manage your money if you can’t choose winners. If you mismanage your money, you’ll lose even if you’re an overall winner.

You need enough money to wager on every game that provides you an advantage. Even so, you should not be putting too much money into any particular event.

how to pick winning sports bets
How to develop a strong staking strategy?

A strong staking strategy may reduce the risk of losing too much money in a losing streak. At the same time, it also increases the amount you earn overtime. Most punters will see a significant improvement in their long-term profitability if they adjust their staking approach.

5. Chasing Winning Bets: How To Win In Sports Betting?

Every gambler will encounter losing streaks, regardless of how strong a betting technique is. This phenomenon is known as variance.

Regular bettors who lose bets after bets might rapidly get upset.

In these cases, the first step is to try to recoup damages. A bettor’s sensible response would be to stick to the plan without altering anything or even cut stakes to reduce potential losses.

Why are sports betting so hard? And, how do pick winning sports bets?

Unfortunately, most sports bettors are attempting to recoup their losses by increasing their stakes.

Another typical method is to place bets that aren’t worth anything. Pursuing a winning bet in this manner will almost certainly result in significant losses.

To be honest, a lot of punters made these mistakes several times and only succeeded a few times. It might finish with a winning wager that covers your prior losses, leaving you happy and satisfied.

However, most gamblers who are looking for a winning bet will lose their whole bankroll before recognizing it. Following a long-term betting plan will always outperform attempting to recoup quickly from losses.

6. How To Win Consistently In Sports Betting? Be Patient.

Some sports betting strategies may not provide a lot of opportunities daily.

Oftentimes, some gamblers lose their patience after sitting in front of their computer without taking any action.

To be honest, fewer matches means less opportunity to identify solid value bets.

Thus, waiting hours for a suitable match may be unpleasant. As a result, you might make poor judgments in these situations. Placing stakes outside of your plan can quickly result in the loss of a significant portion of your wins.

Therefore, it is prudent to take breaks in sports betting. Rather, you should focus more on weekend activities to freshen up your mind.

7. How To Pick Winning Sports Bets? Avoid Greedy Tactics.

Most bettors are looking for winning bets all of the time, not only when they’re on a losing streak. A winning run might make us believe that we are unstoppable. Moreover, we think we will win all of our wagers. Thus, gambling may lead to false self-esteem, which can be quite hazardous.

how to pick winning sports bets
How to win consistently in sports betting?

Also, profits on some bets may lead bettors to think that increasing their stakes can result in more money. The truth is, a lot of punters lose while taking more bets in the hope of winning more quickly.

Sadly, this opportunistic strategy will increase the chances of hitting a big losing streak. When most gamblers lose in this frame of mind, they are prone to pursue winning bets. Moreover, it can also increase your losses.

So, the best way to maintain long-term earnings is to adhere to your staking plan, even if you’re on a winning streak.

8. How To Pick Winners In Sports Betting? Avoid Parlay Bets.

Individual selections have a high danger of being lost. Only choosing outcomes with overpriced odds may make value bettors successful in the long run.

With this in mind, the only way to make money on parlay bets is to take every pick that has a value attached to it.

Parlay bets are a grouping of single bets that, if successful, significantly boost the reward.

Yet, the more picks you add to parlays, the chances of winning decrease significantly.

9. Why Do Punters Always Lose? They Consistently Make The Same Mistake.

As said before, a betting history might be quite useful. It can greatly help you improve your sports betting strategy. Furthermore, it is also important to prevent making the same mistakes.

Do you want to be a professional sports bettor, or at the very least, profitable in sports betting?

We believe the first step should be to leave the obvious mistakes behind. These mistakes can sometimes be small, such as putting 1-2 bets on incorrect odds of 100.

However, selecting a market with low profitability and large fluctuations might be problematic in the long run.

You won’t be able to scale up your balance if you make the same error again.

10. Have Realistic Expectations.

Do you want to know how to pick winning sports bets?

Even for the most seasoned gambler, having unreasonable expectations about a strategy might be detrimental.

Knowing your bookmaker’s restrictions, as well as your balance, staking plan, and betting strategy, is critical.

If you push one or more of them too far, you risk being restricted by the bookmaker. Moreover, you are losing a significant portion of your balance.

How To Be A Smart Bettor?

After reading the points above, you presumably already know that even whether on a losing or winning run, a savvy punter always follows a betting strategy based on mathematics.

The following are the best betting tactics for becoming a savvy and profitable gambler:

Arbitrage Betting: How To Pick Winning Sports Bets?

how to pick winning sports bets
How to pick winning sports bets?

Also known as “matched betting”, this method is the most reliable way to quit losing your bets all of the time. It is focused on identifying overvalued odds.

Frequently, sportsbooks are missing information about teams or players. As a result, they sometimes provide incorrect odds.

Professional sports bettors exploit these possibilities as they recognize that the odds do not accurately reflect the real odds of a given match.

Therefore, placing bets on these sports betting odds will give you a leg up on the bookies. Also, smart gamblers can profitably cover the alternative outcomes on these markets at different bookies.

Arbitrage bets will ensure that you win on every bet you put, regardless of which outcome wins. This betting strategy may be utilized to meet the conditions for bookmaker incentives, boosting your income.

Value Betting: How to Pick Winners in Sports Betting

The primary reason why gamblers usually lose is that they take odds that are lower than their actual chances of winning.

Value bettors are gamblers who start making bets exclusively on overpriced outcomes. This betting method is the most profitable in the long run.

If done correctly, punters will not win every time. So, they will make a respectable profit based on mathematics.

You may profit between 3% and 7% on your entire stakes with value betting. As a result, for every 100 units wagered, you will benefit from 3-7 units in the long term.

Top Sportsbooks Betting in Singapore: Where to Bet on Sports?

Where should you be placing your bets now that you have learned how to pick winning sports bets? The short answer is to choose the bookmaker with the best odds.

Look for the most reliable and best sportsbook in Singapore. Check out the most popular sports betting sites. Choose the best sportsbook for your wagering needs, whether you want to bet on the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, or other leagues.

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