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How to Understand and Beat Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Do you want to beat the online casino wagering requirements?

So, you’ve finally sign-up in an online live casino in Singapore. And you finally get that lucrative casino welcome bonus that they offered. But the thing here is, you cannot figure out how to withdraw it. Most of the time, online casino wagering requirements are hard to understand. It has a tricky concept that often confuses a first-time casino player. As we said, online casino gives a welcome bonus and free spins to their customer upon sign-up. But these rewards cannot be instantly converted into cash. And can only claim, if you have completed their online casino wagering requirements.

How to Understand and Beat Online Casino Wagering Requirements?
How to Understand and Beat Online Casino Wagering Requirements?

What is wagering?

Before we delve into details on how to beat the wagering requirement, you must know first what the wager is. A wager is the amount of money or bets that you need to spend in any casino table game. Simply put, a wager is simply a bet.

What are online casino wagering requirements?

Singapore online casino wagering requirements refers to how many time you need to bet the bonus.

Simply put, it implies that you need to spend a certain amount of money to play in the Singapore online casino. By then, it now becomes real money that you can withdraw.

Also, most casino bonus comes with several conditions that you must fulfill. And if you are not able to meet these wagering conditions, the bonus will never be converted into real money.

Online casino wagering requirements differ from the bonus type that you get.

For Cash Bonus:

You need to wager through a specified multiplier before you can redeem any bonus funds. And for you to get the other related winnings that come with it.

Let’s say you get a cash bonus with a 40x wagering requirement. It only means that you need to bet your bonus amount forty times over before you can withdraw it.

For Free Spins:

Free spins are not convertible to money, the multiplier will apply only to the winnings. And the cash that you can withdraw here is the price you will get from the free spins or a Singapore online casino free credit.

For Free Bets:

The different casino has different wagering requirements for free bets. There are times when you need to deposit a certain amount of money before you can collect the bonus. Or you may need to bet on sports with certain odds for you to withdraw the reward.

How to calculate the online casino wagering requirement bonus?

Calculating the Singapore online casino wagering requirement might be a boring thing for you. But this will certainly help you with how to better pick casino bonuses that fit best for your bankroll. Here is a simple formula to calculate your wagering requirements:

(Bonus Amount) X (Wagering Requirement) = Total Bet

Let’s say that you will get a £50 casino bonus when you deposit £30 with 5x wagering requirements.

£50 casino bonus X 5 wagering requirements = £250

And for you to make a cash withdrawal, you must wager a total of £250. In some cases, some casinos may require including the bonus money AND deposit money to meet the wagering requirement. To illustrate, here is a sample computation of this condition:

£30 deposit money + £50 casino bonus X 5 wagering requirements = £400

And this online casino wagering requirement has a huge impact on you. As it doubles the amount that you need to bet on this case. That is why it is important to always check the terms and conditions of the wagering requirement. It is very vital to always check if you are required to wager the bonus only. As well as you need to add the deposit money to the welcome bonus.

However, some of the trusted online casino Singapore uses a different name for their wagering requirements. And a good example of this is:

– Play through Requirements
Rollover Requirements
– Obligations

Even so, no matter what types of terms the casino use. It all refers to the same online casino wagering meaning and is almost written in the same way as “x30”.

How to beat wagering requirements?

After you have learned how to calculate the wagering requirements, you are now set to get the most out of your first online casino journey.

1. Searching and picking the licensed casino.

There are a lot of online casinos in Singapore that offer a lucrative welcome bonus. But before you sign-up, ensure that the online casino is licensed by the reputable gaming industry. Also, the casino must adhere to the laws and regulations and has high level of security and trustworthiness.

2. Reading the terms and conditions of the Singapore online casino wagering requirements.

And for you to fully understand how to claim the welcome bonus, you need to carefully read the terms and conditions. Besides, TOC will inform you about all the strings attached to the bonus. It also includes what the wagering requirements are as well as how to beat them.

3. Choosing the best Singapore online casino game.

Aside from understanding the online casino wagering requirements, you must make sure that you choose the right game. Moreover, a lot of online casino offers different weights to different types of games to fulfill the wagering requirements. Besides, upon reading the terms and conditions of the wagering requirements, you will be able to find how much a game contributes to the wagering requirement weighting.

Here is an example:

While these games give 0% and do not contribute to the weighting:

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em – 0%
  • All kinds of Baccarat – 0%
  • Punto Banco – 0%
  • All kinds of Roulette – 0%
  • All kinds of Blackjack including Pontoon and Double Exposure – 0%

4. Playing the right way.

Slot games are the best choice to complete the online casino wagering requirements. And because most casinos have a 100% weighting on these games.

Moreover, this means that you only need to wager all the money on slots to complete the wagering requirement.

Slot games with lower RTP have a higher variance. Simply put, playing on a slot with lower variances means that you need to play longer to complete the online casino wagering requirements.

We advise that you choose low to medium-volatility slots rather than high-volatility slot. This is to avoid losing your funds quickly. And because it will allow you to increase your bankroll while fulfilling the wagering requirements. Also, select a slot with an average RTP. Because online casino tends to restrict high Return-to-Player Percentage (RTP) slots from the list.

Poker Games
Poker Games

5. Opting out of the welcome bonus.

Some casinos have an option to opt-out of the bonus entirely. While for other online casinos in Singapore, you can contact customer support to convey your wish to skip the deposit bonus. So, this is perfect for those people who don’t want to worry about fulfilling the wagering requirements.

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