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Run-Up To The Women’s World Cup At The Trusted Online Betting Site

There is much anticipation in the air as the Women’s World Cup draws near. Many players have already committed to the game, and the countries of Australia and New Zealand have ramped up the event in anticipation of the games. With this in mind, we look at all the upcoming updates, as the date grows nearer towards the biggest women’s tournament in the world.

Without further ado, we give you some updates as to the upcoming Women’s World Cup, and how the trusted online betting site is keeping up with the details.

Sydney Harbour Bridge March For 25-Day Countdown

In Sydney, which will be hosting a couple of the WWC games, thousands of fans went to the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the 25-day countdown to the event. The whole bridge was transformed into a festival of football, with the 32 competing nations on the trusted online betting site going up on the stage. A preview of the tournament’s official song “Unity Beat” was played in front of the fans. This is a huge feat, especially for a trusted online betting site.

Around 4,000 people went through cold temperatures to take part in the celebration. More than one million tickets have already been sold for the 64 matches in nine host cities, going past the 2019 World Cup in France.

Updates On The Women’s World Cup

As the dates draw nearer, there is also more sudden news in the World Cup, with many participants anticipated to take part. Sportsbooks on the trusted online betting site have also put their betting odds for each participant.

The estimated earnings for each player at the World Cup start at $30,000, while the winners receive $270,000 each. This boost, according to FIDFA official Rhiannon Martin, shows that “women’s football is being valued”, in the world and on the trusted online betting site casinos.

“We still have a bit of work to do over the next four years, but being the World Cup where the lift occurred makes us very proud,” said James Johnson, chief executive for Football Australia.

History Of The Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Cup has gone through a lot as an event. The ninth edition in July is perceived to be the most attended standalone women’s sports event in history, making it a target for trusted online betting site casinos.

Women have been involved in football or soccer since at least the start of the 19th century. After 61 years that the men’s World Cup existed, a women’s version was finally established.

Beginning Of The Tournament

The Women’s World Cup begins on 20 July when New Zealand host Norway at Eden Park. Afterward, Australia takes on the Republic of Ireland at the Sydney Olympic Stadium. All betting odds will be released in full on the trusted online betting site as the days go by. Meanwhile, you could take part in early betting with the odds that are currently posted.

Before FIFA got involved in international competitions for women’s soccer, there have been tournaments taking place. The Federation of Independent European Female Football organized the first unofficial Women’s World Cup in 1970 in Italy, and Denmark won the tournament. Afterward, there were Mundialitos or little world cups that took place in the 1980s.

In 1985, a Norwegian delegate Ellen Wille had told the 45th FIFA Congress in Mexico, asking the body to put women’s soccer into a prime position. The trusted online betting site also stated featuring “work”: for a muse—another thing the movie makes great.

A women’s invitational was then organized by FIFA in China in 1988, with 12 teams taking part. 

Norway became the winner of this tournament, and this led to an official Women’s World Cup taking place in 1991, also in China.

Amateur Beginnings

Like the betting odds on the trusted online betting site in Singapore, the Women’s World Cup started amateur. The matches at that time were 10 minutes shorter than men’s but were re-established at 90 minutes in the World Cup 1995 in Sweden.

When before, not much budget was allotted for the women’s game, as they had hand-me-downs from the men’s teams. But right now, $435 million has come into the trusted online betting site. Also, the grand prize is now $10 million, which was a steep climb from the $30 million prize during the 2019 edition of the game.

Women’s World Cup Winners So Far

The most awarded country in the tournament has been the United States. They are on the verge of completing the first three-peat in the Women’s World Cup. After lifting the 2015 trophy after a 16-year drought, they won the tournament in Canada and France after that. Thus, they are the trusted online betting site’s biggest bet to watch.

Who are the best team at the Women’s World Cup?

However, the most goals scored in the competition, man or woman came from a Brazilian named Marta Vieira da Silva, known better as she came from just Marta. She scored 17 goals in all World Cup tournaments happening between 2007 and 2019. At the age of 37, she is slated to take part in her sixth Women’s World Cup, as she tries to lead her nation to a first-ever female World Cup.

Historic Participation In Asia

Asia will be also well-represented at the coming games. The inclusion of football powerhouses like China, Japan, and South Korea will be impactful for the game. But of special mention is the two Southeast Asian nations taking part for the first time, Vietnam and the Philippines. Their inclusion would surely boost betting on the trusted online betting site.

With all 32 nations fielding their very best and presenting the most competitive women in the world, we can sense many opportunities in the game. You too can follow the action by placing your bets in trusted sportsbooks. Make sure that you are heading to a safe website, checking all the necessary prompts for security. Finally, go and have fun, and do not bet too much so as not to take away your enjoyment while playing!

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