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How to Do Sportsbook Betting on an Online Casino Singapore?

Sportsbook betting is just one of the new things that you could do on an online casino Singapore. Before you could do betting on individual bookies. Now, with the online casino Singapore in place, you could conveniently put bets on sports events as they happen, or even before they take place.

The strength of the sportbooks on the online casino Singapore encourages everyone to have a bet. As a result, they should be able to select any sports event and select sports odds for winning on them. As long as you have the funds, betting on a sports event is easy and convenient.

However, choosing which sportsbook you want to place your bets on might be difficult given the abundance of options. We have put up a guide to help you bet on sports at the best online casino Singapore in order to assist you with that.

When Did Sportsbook Betting Begin?

It is really hard to know when sportsbetting came about. It was known in Ancient Rome wherein bets could be made on chariot races. The legality did not stop people from placing their bets.

Recently, gambling was regulated as it provided a door to organized crime. But, people argued that it was a way to improve tax revenue. Thus, helping countries give more services to their citizens.

Nevertheless, bookies took sports bets and capitalized on punters’ willingness to stake luck.

Most sports betting originated from horse racing. In Britain, betting became in demand in the 18th century with the entry of two horse racing. The rest of the world caught up by the end of the 19th century, as laws were established to govern gambling. This is similar to Singapore Pools being in charge of the online casino Singapore laws today.

More recently, the Internet provided a venue for betting. As betting sites were made available, betting on online casino Singapore took off. It also provided more convenience for the bettors. Also, through many sportsbooks, players could look for the best odds.

Find The Best Odds Available For Sportsbetting

Sportsbooks offer odds in many different ways. They are denoted either in fractional, American or decimal form. The fractional form is popular in the UK, wherein it is displayed as the ratio of the amount or profit won to the stake. The American style, meanwhile, is denoted as whole numbers either having a negative (-) or positive (+) sign before them, and stating the bet accordingly. Meanwhile, the decimal form of betting is most used in Asia, and is easy to understand. You just have to multiply the bet by the decimal number to get the actual winning number.

What are the different sports bets available in a Singapore online casino?
What are the different sports bets available in a Singapore online casino?

Sportsbetting Types Available At Top Online Casino Singapore

There are many different types of bets you could encounter in a sportsbook of online casino Singapore. Usually, these betting types pertain to football or soccer odds. Here are the bets you may encounter:

1×2 Bet At Online Casino Singapore

Here you have to decided whether the home team (1) or away team (2) will win, or it will be a draw (x). Here, you can win in any three circumstances that come out.


In this betting type, the total number of goals scored by each team is counted. With over/under betting, there is a base number assigned. Then, the bettor picks whether the final number of goals exceeds or falls below that amount. Here it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, as long as you get the over/under bet right on the online casino Singapore.

Asian Handicap

This is a type of betting wherein two sides are put on level terms by adding or subtracting a point from them. The points are denoted as either quarter, half or whole. These are then handed a negative prefix if the team is the favoured one. On the other hand, the underdog will get a positive if they are the weaker side. Also, a win, draw or loss does not necessarily mean you win outright. A point spread must be covered on the online casino Singapore for the bet to win.

Both Teams To Score At Online Casino Singapore

In this type sport odds, the bettors predict if the opposing teams are scoring a goal or not. It is just important to know if both teams will be able to score. So, if you are placing a BTTS bet, you know that the scoreline could possibly end 1-1, 2-1 ,3-1, or 2-2. It makes the match even more exciting.

Team To Score Xth Goal

In this type of betting, the selections are the Home Team, Away Team and No Xth Goal. In an online casino Singapore, the term “Xth Goal” refers to the sequence of the next legitimate goal to be scored, where “X” is a whole number starting at 1. The winning wager is “No Xth Goal” if there is never a goal scored or if the goal doesn’t reach the number X. This also is true for “Team to score 1st goal” and “Team to score last goal” types of betting types.

Which Half More Goals

Here in this online casino Singapore bet, you have to select which half will have more goals, regardless who wins or loses. The selections in this betting type include first half, second half, and both halves same. The “both halves same” wager wins if the score at halftime is 2-1 and the final score is 3-3 since three goals were scored in each half.

Enjoy Sportsbook Betting At The Best And Most Trusted Online Casino Singapore

As you are aware, football-related wagers are the most common in Singapore’s online casinos. The most popular leagues to bet on include the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. However, other sports are popular for betting too, like basketball, horse racing, cricket, tennis, and even eSports. The most comprehensive Singapore online sportsbooks contain all the events, and the odds are scientifically based on criteria such as recent performance, injuries, etc.

Thus, if you are betting on these events, or considering betting on multiple events for a profit, it is important to study what you are betting on so your money does not go to waste. Catch up on all the teams and players, think twice before placing your bet, and set a ceiling so that you don’t lose money. By following these, you will have a hassle-free experience when betting on your favourite games at the online casino Singapore.

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