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Tips And Tricks Of The Legendary Players Of Blackjack To Win At SG88WIN Online Casino?

Have you ever dreamed of winning a blackjack game online? At SG88WIN Online Casino, you can try your luck and skills in playing Blackjack and hope to walk away a winner. Although you cannot control the cards that will be given to you, you always have a way to improve your winning chances by playing online blackjack, just like what the legendary players do.

Try To Stick To The Blackjack Strategy Charts

Legendary blackjack players will always advise you to use the basic blackjack strategy charts if you are not sure what to do next. Because this blackjack strategy chart will help you when it is the best time to double down, stand, hit, and split. It’s like you have a handy blackjack advisor that will guide you on what moves to take depending on the cards you are holding and the dealer’s up card. Although these tricks won’t guarantee you will win since online blackjack games are run by RNGs, they may help you to greatly improve your gameplay.

Don’t Ever Play 6:5 Blackjack

If you are searching for winning strategies for online casino games like Blackjack, then try avoiding blackjack games that offer a payout of 6:5. Instead, look for online blackjack games that pay the full 3:2. In terms of odds, it is best that you look for 8-deck blackjack games at SGWIN88 Online Casino that pay the full 3:2 on blackjack. It’s because this type of game is way better to play than a single-deck blackjack game that only pays 6:5.

Never Take Blackjack Insurance

Another trick that legends do is avoid insurance bets in blackjack games online. The truth is that insurance is a bad bet from the start, it does not matter what your hand is or how much money you bet. The reason for this? It is because only four out of the thirteen possible cards under the Ace will give the dealer a chance to get a Blackjack. And that is only a 30.8% probability. Therefore, if you are only getting paid 2:1 on an insurance bet, it is evident that this is a losing bet. However, if you are more of an advanced blackjack player who uses a card-counting strategy, then you will know when to take a chance to wager on an insurance bet at SGWIN88 Casino.

Keep The Surrender Option In Moderation

Professional blackjack players often advise newbies not to overuse the surrender option when playing multi-deck games, and you are not card counting. Why is that? Because it is best that you only surrender your hand of 16 when the dealer’s up card is Ace, 9, or 10. At the same time, you may only opt to surrender your hand of 15 if the dealer’s up card is 10. On the other hand, you know when is the best time to surrender if you are using card counting in blackjack.

Avoid Side Bets

One of the best reasons for playing online blackjack at SGWIN88 Casino Online is that they offer a sheer variety of side bet options. But do take note that this blackjack side bet comes with higher house edges. And betting on side bets can actually lower your chances of winning.

Although there are some blackjack winning strategies that can slightly and possibly improve your chances, it won’t be easy. Aside from mastering the card counting system for each side bet, you also need to learn how to combine these systems with your basic blackjack strategy. So, if you are just starting out playing blackjack at SG88WIN Online Casino, this can be a lot of tasks for you to take.

Final Say

With some skills and basic knowledge in blackjack, you can possibly win some money playing blackjack at SG88WIN Casino, just like what legendary players do. Additionally, you can use all the tips and tricks we have mentioned above. Of course, do not forget to practice regularly at SGWIN88 Casino Online before you venture into playing high-stakes blackjack games. Visit SG88WIN Casino today!


Why Should You Never Split 10s In Blackjack?

In online blackjack, splitting tens is never a good idea because you essentially split your chances of winning. Additionally, this can be a risky move for you because if the dealer hits when his up card is 10, then they have a much better chance of winning than you.

Is It Possible To Beat Online Blackjack Games At SG88WIN Casino?

Yes, you can possibly beat and win in any online blackjack game by using a solid blackjack strategy. From having a solid bankroll management strategy to knowing when is the best time to hit, stand, split, or double down, you have a chance to beat blackjack.

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