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What are the common Blackjack dealer mistakes to watch for?

The majority of Blackjack players are preoccupied with ensuring that they utilize proper strategies on how to deal with Blackjack. They are busy trying to ensure that they do not break any casino etiquette guidelines. However, they are also the same players who may not even notice the common Blackjack dealer mistakes.

On the other hand, live Blackjack dealers are also prone to make a mistake. Thus, they can and will make mistakes while dealing with hundreds of hands in a single shift. Moreover, identifying these blunders is also crucial. This is because it can increase your chances of winning.

So, what kind of dealer’s mistakes can make it easier for you to win?

You’ll discover out as we go over some of the most common dealer blunders to avoid. In addition, we will also tell you how to spot shady dealers while learning how to deal with Blackjack.

Common Blackjack Dealer Mistakes #1: Exposing a Card

Did you know that some dealers may occasionally reveal one of their hole cards?

Yes, some of them do. Truth is, they may even show a card from the deck by elevating the deck too high when offering a cut. By doing so, you may spot the bottom card during the process.

This isn’t usually favorable to you. However, if you’re a competent player who can predict where this card will be in the deck after a cut, it can be an advantage for you.

If the dealer displays their hole card by accident, it is unquestionably favorable. When this happens, you and the other players are still free to play out your hand normally. Yes, you can, despite the fact that you now have a 10% advantage.

The possibilities for gaining an advantage with an exposed dealer hole card seem limitless.

For instance, you are using the basic Blackjack strategy. Here, you are never advised to hit on hard 18. However, if the dealer has a 19 or 20 in front of them, you’ll almost certainly hit despite the significant risk of busting.

Another example is if you have 15 points and the dealer’s two hole cards are 2 and 9. In this case, you would normally stand because the dealer only has a 2 showing. However, since their total is now 11, you should hit according to standard Blackjack strategy.

blackjack dealer mistakes
What are the common Blackjack dealer mistakes?

Blackjack Dealer Blunders #2: A Misdeal

Dealers are still human, therefore, they will occasionally misdeal the cards, too. For example, your Blackjack dealer can give you only one card or skip you totally. On this occasion, what would you feel?

Should you feel betrayed or excluded?

Certainly not, especially if the dealer misses one of your cards. Rather, the pit boss will be summoned if this happens. Then, you’ll have the option of staying in the hand and receiving your extra card.

Also, you can drop out on the game completely. Because you can compare your sole card to the dealer’s upcard and decide whether or not it’s good enough to continue, this effectively becomes a free surrender chance.

For example, you have a 5 and the dealer’s upcard is a 10. In this case, you should absolutely leave the hand. On the other hand, you have a 9 and the dealer’s upcard is a 2, it’s in your favor to ask for the following card.

Although it is uncommon to receive any cards while the dealer’s upcard has been dealt with, you can select what to do again. For example, the dealer’s upcard is a 10 or an ace, then you should fold.

Blackjack Dealer Mistakes #3: Even though the player signals to stand, the dealer still hands them a card.

This is another Blackjack dealer mistake that you should keep an eye on. The dealer still offers you or another player an extra card even after signaling to stand. Any player at the Blackjack table can benefit from this mistake made by the dealer.

After the dealer makes this error, each player is obligated to receive a hit card in turn. Thus, anyone who can use the card to complete a better hand will benefit greatly.

Even if no one requires the card, it can be valuable because the dealer is meant to utilize it as a hit card if one is required.

For example, the dealer has a 5 upcard and the extra card is a 10. It could mean a win-win situation for everyone. When playing the 10 as a hit card, they have a high chance of busting unless their hole card is a 6 or lower.

Dealer’s Mistakes #4: The dealer hands two cards to each player and himself after the players placed their bets.

If this happens, one of the players should inform the dealer that he only receives one card before any player takes action with his hand.

Also, the player should be able to choose between obtaining another card and continuing the game or folding his hand. Due to the “out-of-order” nature of the cards, each player should be offered the option of staying or folding.

Furthermore, the dealer should also reshuffle the cards when each hand is finished if the game is played with a single or double deck.

Common Blackjack Dealer Blunders #5: The dealer forgot to deal himself a downcard while all of the players’ hands are complete.

If this happens, the dealer should take an additional card. In addition, if a player expresses dissatisfaction, he should be given the option of remaining in the game or folding.

Casino Dealer Mistakes #6: The dealer mistakenly removes the player’s bet and card assuming the player has busted. After the round is over, the player claims that he didn’t bust rather believes that he beats the dealer.

To confirm that the player had busted, the discards should be backed up to re-create the previous round. This is why, according to Kallos, dealers must scoop up the player’s cards in the precise order in which they were played. So, the cards can be backed up in the event of a dispute.

How to deal with Blackjack mistakes?

Blackjack Mistake #7: After all the players place their bets, the dealer failed to deal one player with his first two cards. On the other hand, all the other players at the table received their cards.

In this case, if no cards were dealt, the player should sit out the hand. Meanwhile, the remaining players should be given the opportunity to stay or fold.

Blackjack Mistakes #8: When the dealer accidentally exposes both of his cards before the players act on their hand, how do you deal with Blackjack?

If this happens, all Blackjack players should be allowed to finish their hands. Despite the fact that they have seen both of the dealer’s cards. Besides, it is not their fault that the Blackjack dealer exposed his cards. Therefore, the casino takes the hit as well as gives the players a huge advantage on this round. As a result, players are free to play their hand knowing the value of both of the dealer’s cards.

Dealer’s Mistakes in Blackjack #9: Instead of asking the third base player what he wants to do with his hand, the dealer turns up his downcard. The third base player points out to the dealer that he didn’t offer him the opportunity to hit while the dealer’s cards are up.

How do you deal with Blackjack in this scenario?

In this case, the third base player should be handed a hit card regardless of the fact that the dealer’s two cards are being exposed.

Mistake-Prone Dealers #10: The dealer flips over his downcard and adds up his hand total incorrectly. Then, takes another hit card by accident.

This Blackjack dealer mistake often occurs when the dealer has an Ace. In a single-deck or double-deck game, the exposed additional hit card should be burned. Moreover, the cards should be reshuffled before the following hand is dealt.

How to spot dealers who make mistakes?

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits you can get from Blackjack dealer mistakes, the next step is to discover dealers that are likely to offer you these opportunities.

The first thing to search for is newer casinos or casinos that have recently expanded. New dealers are more likely to work at these locations. It also implies that newbie dealers have a larger possibility of making mistakes.

How to spot dealers who make mistakes?

During a casino’s busiest times, such as the weekend or holidays, you can come across some unskilled dealers, too. Finally, any land-based casino that pays low wages is likely to attract dealers who are less skilled.

At casinos, you can even standoff on the side and look for dealers who might help you out. Those who appear uninterested or fatigued, for example, may make a mistake or two.

Dealers who engage in a lot of conversation with players, appear shaky with their dealings. It helps even more if you play at a particular casino on a frequent basis and have seen specific dealers make mistakes in the past.

If you are playing in an online casino, you are playing with software. It means that dealing with a shaky dealer is minimal to none. On the other hand, Live casino dealer in Singapore is highly trained and skilled. Thus, they are less likely to commit a mistake.

Have you heard about the Europa casino mistake?

Well, it appears that the Europa casino scam reports are all plain rumors. Online casinos in Singapore are like the Europa casino. They provide outstanding gambling experiences with top-notch features, casino games, and services. Furthermore, leading Singapore Live dealer casinos to provide a 100% fair, responsible, and secure gambling environment.


Given that the house edge in Blackjack is often between 0.5 and 2.0%, you can actually beat the casino by earning minor advantages here and there.

Card counting would seem to be the logical choice, as it is certain to offer competent counters an advantage. However, if you don’t want to devote this much time and/or risk being thrown out, looking for dealer errors is the next best thing.

So, be on the lookout for the above-mentioned potential blunders. In addition, keep an eye on dealers who aren’t fully immersed in their work at the time.

Blackjack Dealer Mistake FAQs:

Each casino is different, but if it is a mistake that helps the player, the house will usually overlook it. However, if it favors the dealer, the house will normally term it a dead hand. Thus, they will take no action with their dealer’s mistake. Some houses allow pit bosses a little more autonomy, and they will make the best decision they can.

If a dealer makes a mistake, whether it is in the player’s or the house’s favor, it may and should be corrected by the casino employees. This includes the dealer himself who commits the mistake, the pit boss, the surveillance. The other player can also correct it. This is common sense as well as a policy in most casino jurisdictions if not all.

In a nutshell, it’s extremely unlikely for dealers to cheat. On the other hand, cheating dealers, known as “Mechanics,” can manipulate the cards. They can “stack” the deck or modify it to produce or preserve a particular sequence of cards to be given.

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