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Blackjack Perfect Strategy: Play Perfect Blackjack For Real Money

Perfect Blackjack is one of the most popular and widely played of Playtech’s Blackjack variants. It combines basic Blackjack principles with excellent add-ons like multi-hand and sides bet options. Not only that, but it also has an unquestionable RTP of 99.58 percent.

Have you ever tried your hand at Perfect Blackjack?

Now is the ideal time to learn how to play and increase your chances of winning. Stay with us as we go deeper into the rules and tactics for winning at Perfect Blackjack online if you want to learn more.

What Is Perfect Blackjack And How Does It Work?

Perfect Blackjack is an easy-to-learn Blackjack game variation. In addition, Perfect Pairs is an optional side bet in this game.

Blackjack Classic Touch?

Notably, Perfect Blackjack has only one rule: if you draw a pair of cards, you win. Moreover, it also adheres to the same set of regulations as a traditional game of Blackjack.

Furthermore, this Blackjack variant follows the same flow and tempo as the standard version. Therefore, if you win in the first two cards, you will receive a payout at a 30:1 ratio.

How To Play Online Perfect Blackjack?

Usually, you can play this Blackjack variation using 2 to 8 decks of 52 cards. In addition, Soft 17 is where the dealer usually sits. A soft 17 is a hand consisting of an Ace and six additional cards – drawing to 16. Furthermore, standard Blackjack bets and Perfect Pairs side bets are available to the player. So, how to play online Blackjack for real money?

perfect blackjack
How to play Perfect Blackjack online and win?

Basic Gameplay Of Perfect Blackjack Real Money

  • In this Blackjack game, you can place your Perfect Pair bet on any box where the dealer places the standard bet.
  • After that, the dealer will give each player two cards facing up. In addition, the dealer will also deal with 2 cards for himself, one facing down and one facing up.
  • If you made a Perfect Pair side bet, you’ll win or lose if the dealt cards are a pair.
  • Moreover, your side bet wins if you gt a pair of identical cards. For example, a colored, mixed, or perfect pair. If this is not the case, then you lose your side bet.
  • After the outcome of the side bet was established, the dealer will collect all of the lost Perfect Pair bets. Then, he will pay the winners in both cases. Afterward, the regular game will resume.
  • When playing Perfect Blackjack, insurance bets are also available. Surrender, on the other hand, is not an option in this version of Blackjack. In addition, players can also use their hands to hit, stand, or split. Furthermore, depending on the game you’re playing, doubling down options may differ.
  • Certain Blackjack games, for example, may allow players to double down on any hand. While others may only allow it on hands 9-11. The purpose, though, remains the same. That is, to defeat the dealer with a hand totaling 21.
  • Also, Split 10s and Aces are not considered Blackjack; instead, they are referred to as 21. As a result, if the dealer has Blackjack and the player splits, he will not be able to defeat the dealer.

How To Win At Blackjack Using Optimal Strategy?

Are you looking for Blackjack perfect strategy?

To be honest, there is no one-size-fits-all Perfect Pairs Blackjack strategy. This is because various rules change from one game to the next. Nonetheless, you may boost your chances of winning by employing some fundamental Blackjack techniques. When playing Perfect Blackjack, always remember to take the following steps:

  1. Always double down whenever the dealers have a hard 9, 10, or 11. You can also double if the dealer has a pair of 5s or 2-9 hands.
  2. Do not double when you have a hard 9 and the dealer has a 7, 8, or 9 at the same time. Instead, a Perfect Blackjack strategy is to hit.
  3. Whatever the dealer’s hand is, you should stand once you reach a hard 17+; a soft 9 or 10; a pair of 10s.
  4. In addition, you should stand if the dealer has 2 to 6 and you have a hard 12 to 16. Also, stand if you have a soft 8 while the dealers have a 2-8.
  5. Meanwhile, if the dealer has 2 or 3 and you have a hard 12, then do not stand.
  6. In a Blackjack Perfect strategy, you should stand if you hold a 9-9 and the dealer has a 7, 10, or Ace upcard.
  7. Whatever the dealer’s card is, you should hit if you have a hard 5-16.
  8. Furthermore, you should hit whenever you have a pair of 2s to 8s.
  9. Whatever the dealer’s card is, if you have a soft 3-7, then you should hit.
  10. You should also split if you have a pair of 2s or 3s while the dealer’s hand is 4-7.
  11. Additionally, you can split when the dealer has a 10 or Ace facing up while you have a pair of 8s or 9s.
  12. In an optimal blackjack strategy, you should always split your Aces whenever possible. In addition, split a pair of 6s or 7s unless the dealer has a 7-10, or Ace.

How To Place Side Bets On A Perfect Blackjack Table?

perfect blackjack
How to place Perfect Pair side bets?

Normally, you can place up to five Blackjack wagers and five Perfect Pair side bets in Perfect Blackjack. Keep in mind that you must put your Perfect Pairs side bets before the dealers dealt the cards. After the first round of cards has been dealt, then you can put any insurance bets.

What Is The House Edge?

The potential house edge in Perfect Blackjack varies between 0.34 percent and 0.44 percent. Take note that the house edge varies depending on the game type and the provider who built it. In addition, the percentage also depends on the number of decks used. Plus, the Blackjack rules for doubling down and putting insurance bets can affect the house advantage, too.

Notably, the payout odds will always be stacked in favor of the house. Drawing a Perfect Pair from 8 or more decks is also simpler than from 4 or less.

Perfect Blackjack FAQs:

The inclusion of pair bets in this great multi-hand version sets Perfect Pair Blackjack apart from other variants. Top online casinos in Singapore love to offer this Blackjack version because of the higher house edge associated with its side bets. Furthermore, players may make a lot of money if they win a significant Perfect side bet.

The paired side bets in Perfect Blackjack are a lot of fun. They are also the main feature that set it apart from other types. However, bear in mind that Perfect Pair side bets have a high house edge. Thus, placing it regularly can be expensive on your part. Not unless you are one of the high rollers in Singapore, then side bets are perfect for you.

For example, you are playing an eight-deck game at the top live Blackjack casino in Singapore. Therefore, seven of the 415 cards in the dealer’s shoe can provide the player with a perfect pair. This means you have a one-in-59 chance of acquiring the card you need.

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