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How To Play Bull Bull On The Top Online Betting Site?

While there are tons of familiar games on Singapore online casinos such as roulette, baccarat, video poker, blackjack, craps, and Sic Bo, there are also a couple of new ones that traditionalists have yet to hear of. Bull Bull may sound relatively new to people playing on the top online betting site, especially for non-Asians. However, playing it could open up a new world for bettors, especially those who are looking for a thrill in their betting. So that we can get to know more about this distinctly Asian game, let us discuss it in detail.

What Is Bull Bull?

Bull Bull, which is also known as Bullfight or Niu Niu, is a game that is known as a Chinese type of poker, and played on live dealer table casinos that adjust with the Asian market. It is played using 6 standard card decks, and the people compete against the casino instead of against each other. This game developed in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hunan, and Zhejiang provinces. One great thing about Niu Niu is that its rules can be easily understood, even on the top online betting site.

Casino Rules Of Bull Bull

Every Niu Niu round begins when the dealer draws the initial card from the shoe and gives it to the table players. The card will show the order in which the succeeding cards will be dealt, plus the dealer will go on with drawing hands of 5 cards more, for the player’s 1-2-3 and the banker’s 1-2-3. Prior to any of these, the bets are already put on the betting options, with two side bets known as Equal or Double on the top online betting site.

Once every card is dealt in Niu Niu on the top online betting site, the banker then shows the cards in the similar order they were dealt, and the hands are to be compared and ranked. The bet that has the highest ranked hand will win and get a settlement according to the payout table. There are also versions that will allow the dealer to draw the cards facing up. However, dealing the cards face down is more popular on the top online betting site.

How To Play Bullfight At Singapore Online Casino?

For Niu Niu casino on the top online betting site, there is one dealer and three players. Alternatively, this means there are three seats and 3 potential betting options. Before the dealing of the cards, betting could be done initially. Those playing could put in two side bets: Equal or Double. As the round begins on the top online betting site, the dealers distribute 5 cards to each of the 3 players and the banker. The five card needs to be ranked and compared so that the payouts could be thought out.

Playing Niu Niu casino goes down to making hand values. These are No Bull, Bull 1, Bull 2, Bull 3, Bull 4, Bull 5, Bull 6, Bull 7, Bull 8, Bull Bull, and 5 Flower Bull. The odds of the wins and losses of the players are shown in the tables, as displayed in the game rules. The cards dealt will show at the table, but there will also be a digital shows for the players who find it more convenient to track gameplay in the said manner. Under the video feed on the top online betting site, there is also a little table that display the results of the previous rounds, and a small window with chat which is disabled when placing bets.

How to play Bull Bull At Singapore online casino?
How to play Bull Bull At Singapore online casino?

Odds Of Bull Bull

The odds of player losses and wins in the game of Niu Niu are shown in the tables, as stated in the game rules on the top online betting site.

Also, the Bullfight game makes use of 52 cards (not including the joker). Five cards are dealt to each player in every game round on the top online betting site. Locate 3 cards that may add up to 10, the total needs to minus 10, then the points compares them with the dealer.

Bet Types of Bull Bull

There are many bet types that you could select from the Niu Niu game on the top online betting site in Singapore, including those below:

  • Player 1: Equal, Double
  • Player 2: Equal, Double
  • Player 3: Equal, Double

Also remember, when you bet on double in Bullfight on the top online betting site, the credit needs to be higher than five times of the bet amount (bet amount x odds of 5P).

How Niu Niu Can Benefit Payers?

Niu Niu is referred to a card which you play on at green tables, giving you a true casino atmosphere. Hosted through Asian dealers on the top online betting site in Singapore, it helps you achieve an Asian-casino like setting. Thus, if you are into it, you won’t have to go on to Asia to play Bullfight casino. Since the cards are shown immediately once dealt, one of the good features of the game is the speedy rhythm. Here are just some of the unique features that makes Bullfight a great addition to the top online betting site.

  1. One-of-a-kind card game that needs technical and tactical thinking
  2. Awesome live feed that covers the screen on the top online betting site
  3. The digital make up of the cards on the title help to make them seen always.
  4. Players could make their choice among several languages for the setup of the interface.
  5. Speedy rounds and skilled dealers increase the game play on the top online betting site.

Join The Game That Is Taking The Top Online Betting Site By Storm!

If you want to try something new and exciting on the top online betting site in the country, Niu Niu or Bullfight may just be the game for you. Join the community that is trying to make tons of money over this casino game that has over a century of tradition behind it. Create your account now at your favorite Singapore online casino like SG88WIN and start playing today.

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