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How Do Online Legends Baccarat Players Play Live Baccarat At SG88WIN Online Casino?

When it comes to online gambling, most people think of card games such as baccarat, blackjack, and poker games. However, these games at SG88WIN Casino typically require a certain level of skill that can influence your chances of becoming a winner. While slots are purely based on chance and cannot be influenced by players, poker and baccarat games online rely on the skill of reading other players at the table. This is also the reason why the poker term “poker face” has become synonymous with the ability to control your facial expressions to prevent revealing info about the cards you are holding.

Of course, reading your opponent’s expression is not enough but you also need to have a solid understanding of how the game works. However, that might not be enough to win the game, and to actually boost your chance, you need to learn how legendary Baccarat players actually play the game at SG88WIN Online Casino. You need to learn their strategies that can give you an edge over your opponents in a live baccarat game. Fortunately, there are some strategies available that you can use when playing baccarat games at SGWIN88 Online Casino.

Avoiding Tie Bets

As a regular baccarat player, you are aware that placing a tie bet in baccarat is highly risky. Furthermore, you are more likely to deplete your SGWIN88 Casino wallet than gain a profit.

Even though a tie bet offers the highest payouts with an 8:1 ratio, it is highly improbable to win with this type of wager. Additionally, the house holds a huge advantage in tie bets, with a house edge of 14.36%.

Therefore, it is wiser for you to wager on the banker’s hand each time you play at SGWIN88 Casino. While the house has a 1.06% advantage, winning your bet on the banker’s hand offers you a 1:1 payout. This means that if you make 100 $1 bets on the Banker’s hand, you can expect to lose $1 on average.

It is important to note that there is a 5% commission that you need to pay to the house if you win on the Banker’s hand. But if you are concerned about the commission, you can still try your luck by betting on the player’s hand. Although the house advantage is slightly higher (1.24%) compared to Bankers, it is still significantly lower when compared to tie bets.

The Martingale Strategy

If betting on the banker is not appealing to you and follows the legends’ advice of not betting on ties, then you may explore a more advanced betting system like the Martingale.

This advanced betting system is widely used in many casino gambling games not just only in Baccarat, and it may even offer money payouts. Additionally, the Martingale system is commonly used for outside bets in online roulette. In this strategy, you need to double your bet after a loss. And when you win, you can return your stake to your initial bet amount. This way, you would not only recover the previous losses in baccarat but also gain a profit. 

However, it is important to remember that using this advanced betting system may require you to have a significant bankroll. That is why SGWIN88 Casino Online always recommends you start with a bet that equals 2% of your bankroll for the session. Aside from that, many legendary Baccarat players believe that starting small ensures that you have enough money left to cover any potential losing streaks in Baccarat.

Meanwhile, if you are aiming to join a baccarat tournament, then you may want to first learn the baccarat tournament strategy and rules.

Enjoy The Best Baccarat Games At SG88WIN Casino

If you’re looking for ways to win at Baccarat online, you can consider following the betting strategies above that many online legends used to win the game. At SG88WIN Online Casino, our professional and sexy baccarat dealers promise you an enjoyable experience while aiming to win huge prizes. Join the fun and bet with SGWIN88 Casino today.


Why You Should Not Go For All-In Bets When Playing Baccarat At SG88WIN Casino?

Deciding to go all in is probably one of the common mistakes of a baccarat player, especially when experiencing a winning or losing streak. Unfortunately, this strategy rarely works in your favor because your chances of losing everything are much higher than winning everything.

What Is The Best Betting System That You Can Use When Playing Online Baccarat?

The Martingale system is considered one of the simplest-to-use betting strategies for games with even money payouts such as baccarat. In this strategy, you need to double your bet after experiencing a loss, then go back to the initial stake amount after a win.

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